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  • Hey Jane, Happy New Year, 🥳 its almost Jan 20, big day

    You know i watched ‘My Octopus Teacher’ again and thought the price of the Octopus meat, per pound, should be more expensive…maybe 2 or 3 million USD per pound,

    Here in Canada its about 25 CND for a pound, lots of the Octopus we have at the grocery come from Portugal,

    In India and…[Read more]

  • Hello Jane!
    hope you are doing well, what a lovely 🌲 you’ve put together, the decorations are beautiful, 🤙

    The decorations from the old days, like the wooden ones may be the best because they seem to be indestructible, ive seen many back in Europe and you can glue or tape them up fairly quickly and easily if they are damaged,

    They are a…[Read more]

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