Meanwhile, back at the ranch….the clan and friends have gathered. The weather has been super. The house is filled with love and fun. Only a few nose bleeds due to the 7,000 foot altitude. There’s been horseback riding and 4-wheel drive riding and kids building on their tree house which Malcolm started awhile back….and fishing. I haven’t gone yet cause I’ve been writing but am going Saturday afternoon, weather permitting. The food has been scrumptious.

I hope all my social media friends have had a blessed Thanksgiving as well.

Viva turned 9 the day before Thanksgiving. She requested a mint and chocolate ice cream cake.

Vanessa serving and Malcolm helping out

Here we are (some of us) waiting for the cake. Richard's brother, Roger Perry and his partner, Caroline, in foreground. In pink Judy Keenan, mother of Eddie, Katie and William. Katie is Malcolm's best friend. I like that, at 12, Malcolm's best friend is a girl.

Viva opening my card. There's a young horse on the front and inside it said, "I'd have shouted 'Happy Birthday' but I'm a little hoarse."

Viva's just realized it's an iPad. She's wanted one for a long time.

Viva hugging her iPad

This is the bag for the iPad that Vanessa made for Viva. A moustache on the back, banana yellow straps and…

…on the other side, a kitty. It's lined with shag rug that's like fur. Very cool.

Vanessa, Paul, Viva, Katie and Eddie. William holding Tulea in the background.

Viva has really gotten into moustaches.

Sandra McDonald starting to carve the turkey which she brined for 3 days. Yummy!

Our table


Me and Richard

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