So the clan gathered at Catherine Schneider’s home. She married Vadim after me and had Vania. Before me, Vadim was with Catherine Deneuve and had Christian whom I spent much time with when he was a very young child. Helene is Vadim’s sister and Nathalie is her daughter. Nathalie and I also spent much time together when she was a young teenager. We had a wonderful, merry, dinner and all drank a toast to the complicated, half Russian, half French Vadim. I have to say I totally understand why Vadim loved Catherine Schneider. She has a joie de vivre and generosity of spirit that is heart warming. She goes Tuesday to St Tropez to prepare her home for the marriage of my daughter to whom she is also a mother, and Helene, Nathalie, Nathalie’s daughter Victoria, and I will all go to see the comedy that Christian is currently playing in which is a huge hit and then, afterwards we’re all going to party at the club that was Vadim’s and my favorite and is still the hot club, Chez Castel.

Catherine and Christian

Christian, Vania

Christian and Olivia

Christian, Julia, Catherine, Vania, Olivia

Helene, Vadim’s sister, who is a film editor

Helen’s daughter, Nathalie with baby Lou in her arms

Me with baby Lou

me and Lou

Nathalie, vadim’s niece

vania and olivia

Julia, Christine, Their daughter, Lou, Vanya, olivia

tulea sleeping through it all next to Nathalie

Olivia, Christian, Lou, Vanya and Olivia

Stay tuned.

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