So the clan gathered at Catherine Schneider’s home. She married Vadim after me and had Vania. Before me, Vadim was with Catherine Deneuve and had Christian whom I spent much time with when he was a very young child. Helene is Vadim’s sister and Nathalie is her daughter. Nathalie and I also spent much time together when she was a young teenager. We had a wonderful, merry, dinner and all drank a toast to the complicated, half Russian, half French Vadim. I have to say I totally understand why Vadim loved Catherine Schneider. She has a joie de vivre and generosity of spirit that is heart warming. She goes Tuesday to St Tropez to prepare her home for the marriage of my daughter to whom she is also a mother, and Helene, Nathalie, Nathalie’s daughter Victoria, and I will all go to see the comedy that Christian is currently playing in which is a huge hit and then, afterwards we’re all going to party at the club that was Vadim’s and my favorite and is still the hot club, Chez Castel.

Catherine and Christian

Christian, Vania

Christian and Olivia

Christian, Julia, Catherine, Vania, Olivia

Helene, Vadim's sister, who is a film editor

Helen's daughter, Nathalie with baby Lou in her arms

Me with baby Lou

me and Lou

Nathalie, vadim's niece

vania and olivia

Julia, Christine, Their daughter, Lou, Vanya, olivia

tulea sleeping through it all next to Nathalie

Olivia, Christian, Lou, Vanya and Olivia

Stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics and the Toast for Vadim…

  2. ms. fonda,will you please read me.

    MY FAT LIFE http://www.lindagallagher.wordpress.com/

    a funny fat sometimes sad adopted girl from brooklyn, ny with issues, still!


  3. oh, by the way, your pics of the get together are wonderful. i have followed your career during the time of vadim and your young children. just lovely!

  4. These are lovely photos of a family enjoying the love that surrounds them. Congratulations to all of you for appreciating each other’s gifts.

  5. wonderful snaps


  6. Jane, what a life-affirming group in these photos–and Vadim obviously had wonderful taste in wives
    –and this was your memorial day weekend family gathering after all!
    was touched by and can relate to your earlier account of getting familiar with the faces in your temporary neighborhood–I understand completely
    –having just moved from your longtime Atlanta home, then on the road overseas away from family–I admire your commitment to your craft
    –but your own dear children will be in your zone soon–how wonderful

    stay well–you are a force of nature and a fine example to the rest of us!

  7. You look quite perky with that cute hat.

  8. Jane, thank you for sharing your life with us. You have so many beautiful people in it.

    Jen in TX

  9. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about your blogs and the way you write them that is so fascinating. Perhaps it is the sincerity, openness, and honesty; the willingness to share your family and friends with us all, and the way you do it, that makes us somehow want to be a part of the family.

  10. I find this whole part of your life interesting. The unambiguous worlds and real people talking real issues of importance. You seems as I been writing on the subjects of social media and a virtuality of augmented truths or projection of a truths in social media.
    Many people are sold a fantasy, and then get no support in the reality,Myths and Realities as myths. What is Real our myths we live bye ,Vadim is a real myth. A reality to the family,for sure and you.
    Pro-jecton of self ideas and our view of realities, our reality, of course, is far more complex.
    I mean the expression of the self, not the image or Identity ,that I think that one can go past the general concept of corporate identities, online identities, and identity redesign projects and see more. The idea of not to view yourself as some deconstructed person, that some how must be redsigned identity , as if a ID card was human some how. Very real Jane,when I express the word Art I mean the expression of the self, not the image or Identity I want you to think I would be or could be.

  11. Perhaps are not “hamacas” what I’m seeing? Hahahaha, pretty Family, pretty Family.

  12. Dear cheri~good golly jane! From a near only child to a family of choice that grows like a beautiful garden! Look at you all! And baby lou – and tulea too – inherit all the love we see swirling amongst all hearts. Memorial day becomes this afternoon in america. Hearts and minds pray for and honour these young kids who chose to protect. Good luck w your film day. Xoxm&lb

  13. Salut Jane

    It was tricky working out who everyone was, but I have to say you and your family are terrific examples of staying close and loving each other even though things didn’t originally work out as planned.

    All the best

  14. Jane: I am rather concerned .. you look like you have lost a lot of weight. ???

  15. nice , fine convivial pictures! thanks! keeping the clan together!! if i dare i’d say Christian looks like Catherine Deneuve and vadim, perfect blend, as vanessa looks like Vadim with your expression!

  16. You gotta give vadim credit! He certainly married beautiful, extraoridinary women! And conceived some good lookin’ kids!

  17. It looks like you lost alot of weight. Eat more. You’re too skinny!

    • I had them removed 5 months ago surgically. Couldn;t find another way.

  18. Hi Jane,
    Have been a fan for a long time.
    Found your blog by accident. It’s great keeping up with you especially now that you’re in France where I lived in the 70s.
    A bientot,

  19. Thanks so much for sharing the family pictures Jane.Its lovely to see the Vadim clan together.
    I went to see Christian’s play ‘Boire fumer et conduire vite’ at le Théatre de la Grand Comédie a few months ago(I think its moved theatre since) and it was hilarious.I’ve seen Christian a few times on TV and he seems such a likable person and down to earth.
    Ihave a feeling after that wondeful Vadim reunion you’re more than ever anxious to meet up with your children very soon.Take care jane!


  20. Wheew — that’s complicated, but it looks like everyone gets along together!

  21. Hi Jane, since you said you were feeling a little homesick the other day, I thought I’d say “hello” from the good old USA and wish you a happy Memorial Day. Come back soon.

  22. Jane, you say that Nathalie is Helene’s daughter but Wikipedia lists her as Vadim’s and Annette Stroyberg’s….so much for info from Wikipedia!!

  23. It’s great that you all can enjoy being with each other! What an interesting family! Love the pics with you and Lou…lovely baby!! Sounds like you all planned a fun evening together! Hope you had a great time!

  24. Vadim ex hubby of Jane and director of film still makes Jane unforgattable charactor.And this the way it should be.Jane cares and shares values which bind people togather though differences apart.

  25. Great pics! That’s wonderful that you stay close with you’re ex-husband’s family. What a good looking group of people.

  26. Like it or not Jane, Vadim made the film that you will be best remembered for. BARBARELLA. That’s the one that will endure the longest and create interest in you and your other films for future generations.


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