I’m glad I don’t live in DC where’d I’d have to hear the rumbling of tanks down the hot Washington pavement and fighter planes overhead and narcissistic ramblings from the Lincoln Memorial. Imagine what Lincoln would think! What I mind most about what the president is doing is that our day of national independence is being politicized and weaponized. 4th of July isn’t about weapons and war. Most of us, including many folks who voted for D.T. don’t want any more war. We’re right. In today’s world, war is truly not the answer.

That said, I hope that wherever you are, you have enough to eat, have loving family and/or friends, a roof over your heads and that you take a moment to be grateful for the day this country was no longer a colony but free and independent to pursue it’s dream of Democracy and freedom. We should also ask ourselves if we are doing all we can to make that dream a reality today because we aren’t there yet. But we can be. We must be. The stakes are too high now.

Here’s what I believe is the best way forward: Regardless of where we come from and what our color is or how we worship, every family wants the best for themselves and their children. But today, certain politicians and their greedy lobbyists are putting all our families at risk. They rig the rules to enrich themselves and avoid paying their fair share of taxes, while they defund our schools and threaten seniors with cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Then they turn around and point the finger for our hard times at people of color and new immigrants . . . even tearing families apart and losing children. When we reject their scapegoating and come together across racial differences we can make this a nation we’re proud to leave all of our children . . . Whether we are Democrat or Republican, white, black or brown from down the street or across the globe.

We need to recognize our linked fate across race and class in order to sweep away the politicians’ dog-whistling on behalf of rule and for the rich. The best response to ‘divide and conquer’ is ‘unite and build’.

I think I’ll make a bumper sticker of that!

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  1. I very much agree with your points about education and care for the older generation. As a teacher in a public school, I find it heartbreaking that politicians continue to move funds away from the school, choosing to invest in vouchers and private schools. I teach in a rural area where a private school is not an option, so we very much depend on support at the state and national level. Also as a mother of two young children, I want my kids to grow up in a beautiful America and feel empowered and cared for.

    Likewise to older generations whom have devoted their lives to molding and shaping what we have today. We must make sure we keep our compassion and take care of our own.

    Have a wonderful 4th and get plenty of rest. Can’t wait to meet you in Dallas on Monday!

  2. i agree with most points you have made here, i hope you have a nice 4th of july, with love xx

  3. Jane, you are absolutely right, you have a great country, with wonderful people, I have great friends there, you are number one, happy July 4th.

  4. Hi, idmire yourcourage my name is Ms.Raja Abu Ghazaleh and i born in Palestine where are suffering from president Trump foolish mistakes. We agreed on a two state soluation and since he won the election he didnt leave a chance to reuin all peace talks done before and agreed by previous administration. I run an organisation to empower youth and make a diffrence in seiged and unemployed Palestinians refugees and poor families. You touched me deeply by your opininons and activism in various fields.your TV series Grace and frankie gave mehooe,good laughter and an escape of our daily struggling fight to get better chances to free ouselves from hatred occupation by Israilei who dominated our lives. I would love to get to know you better as i feel we have few things to talk about, wish you success in all your efforts for a better world.please one thing if read my comment please reply to me to give me apositive vib to continue, and never give up inspite of all obstacilies in middle east.
    Best wishes

  5. Wow, Jane, I’m speechless! I’m not even from the USA but I totally feel you! In Brazil people are asking for free weapons and it scares me. How can people think that war is the answer? How did the human beings become this “thing”? But people like you give me hope for a better future. You made me stronger and a dreamer! Thank you, Jane! Love you xx

  6. Hi Jane,
    Beautifully put. No country is perfect, but over here we’re watching with incredulity at what is happening in your beautiful country. And the whole world is being affected by decisions being made in DC. Sadly. I hope that will all change in 2020.
    I hope, however, you had a great 4th July with your family and friends and didn’t suffer too much from the earthquake.
    Love Jason

  7. Ms. Fonda. I’m the nephew of the late playwright, Preston Jones, who wrote the play your father starred in live on NBC television in 1980: The Oldest Living Graduate. I would like for The plate to be digitized and available to the general public. May we please meet to talk about it while you are in Dallas?

    I appreciate even just a few minutes.

    Thank you, and break-a-leg!

    Trey Birkhead

    • Sorry I didn’t get this pre Dallas, Trey. I left soon after so there wouldn’t have been time. I;m afraid I can’t/haven’t the time to raise the funds it would take to digitize your dad’s play. I saw my dad perform it at a small theatre in Hollywood. I believe Ron Howard was in it.

  8. Thank you for all that you do! You are such an inspiration! I was at your talk in Minnesota on Saturday night (and you were fabulous!). I am the teacher who asked you the question about what you tell immigrants. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I really appreciate your advice and will use it to continue advocating for my students. I am so thankful for people like you who work to make a difference!

    • Mikki, I saw you nodding your hgead when I answered your question. Thanks for your concern for the vulnerable. xxoo

  9. Mrs. Jane, I just went to your event In Dallas and I am empowered and motivated to make a change in this world. I really wanted to get a backstage back to meet you, but couldnt afford it. Thanks for all u do and for how u care about people less fortunate and fortunate in our country.

    Love, Lauren Pye.

  10. …a belated Happy 4th to Jane! Unfortunately i missed yr appearance in Madison( on the 7th), one-time radical anti-Viet War capital of the Western world…,byw, I just found an old greeting (Xmas) card to me from you & late former husb Tom Hayden–him pictured in a LA Dodgers uniform. ( …when as a child, once saw Brooklyn Dodgers play the old Milwaukee Braves…). Would like to send a copy of the greeting card but don’t know if can do attachments here.

    • re your reply: I don’t believe a previous comment on the above aforementioned, though similar ,was exactly the same. If so, nonetheless, I had forgotten that it was brought out once before…

  11. …a belated Happy 4th to Jane! Unfortunately i missed yr appearance in Madison( on the 7th), one-time radical anti-Viet War capital of the Western world…

  12. Ms. Fonda, You always have something so insightful and eloquent to say! You’re an inspiration to me because you don’t just preach about causes, you take action as well, and always have! I completely agree with every word you said. I often wonder how Independence Day fits in with recognition of the massacres of indigenous people… Thank you for always using your platform to bring up these important topics! Love you!


  13. Hi Jane. This is Sonja (former GCAPP) You got a chance to meet my daughter. I am in Los Angeles for a couple of days for training and would love to meet with you if you are nearby.

    • Hi Sonja. Thanks for wrtiting. Unfortunately I am traveling too much to meet. xxoo

  14. Thank you Jane for so beautifully articulating what I believe most Americans want and need! I live in the DC area, but was out of town for the “festivities”, and I’m grateful that I didn’t have to see and hear the military posturing. I worry so much about the things that this administration is doing and what kind of a world my son is about to go out into, but I take heart when I hear such inspirational words from people with influence. Keep on speaking for us Jane – we need you!

  15. I am so thankful for you; your many talents, your heart, your writings, your creativity, enthusiasm and activism! You make me think and laugh. A lot! (on Grace and Frankie) I think you’re one of the most amazing and influential women in our country! I agree with your views 100% and it infuriates me that such greed and corruption exists in our government. The 1% is all about money over people. And our earth. God help us all. I love your passion Jane Fonda!! Keep up the good work!

  16. First let me just say I agree with your views. I recently joined your website to become more interested in what the world was about. In about 3 months I will be 18 and a senior in high school. I want a chance to express my views to the world and I feel be either acting or writing I have accomplished just that. This particular article just explains how we as a country should come together not just for The 4th but everyday. I thank you as a follower for letting us read your view points. You have inspired me along with your friend Lily Tomlin in my preforming (theatre) acting. Thank you!

  17. Jane, I keep praying every day for your surgery, God bless you 💕💕💕💕

    • My surgeon says my knee has a few more years still in it! Thanks for your prayers. xxx

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