Jane Fonda is back in the Emmy derby — and this time she’s ‘stoned’ (and nice)


Jane Fonda is back in the Emmy derby competing for Best Guest Drama Actress for her role in “The Newsroom” as eccentric media tycoon Leona Lansing – and this time she’s got several strong plusses: she’s nice, she’s stoned (more on that in a moment) and she gives a rousing speech in the episode she submitted to judges (“Red Team III”).

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  1. Hi dear Jane! Now that the Brazilian World Cup is gonne, so was my Job as one of many Hostess for some VIP guests. But I watched the Jane Fonda’s AFI award ceremony, a few times and was sooo amazed to see you being honored as you so much deserved!! And that you looks lovelier and younger with your hair longer, mostly because I know I was, maybe, the first one to tell that you in your bolg´s comments, last year, that you should let you hair grow a litle more….More success for you always!I follow you at the Daily Mail, and because I defend you soo much, and always write a lot of beautiful thing about you, one woman asked me if “I was stalking you”! So funny ..Best regars from Rio de Janeiro..

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