I flew to Rio with Fred Pereira with TV One and Juliana Vettore with my Brazilian publisher. It’s only a 40 minute flight. I stayed at the Fasano Hotel which looks out onto Ipanema Beach. Here are the views from my room.

The hotel is designed by Phillip Stark. This is what I saw when I got off the elevator on my floor! It felt rather Kafkaesque. The walls are all dark wood and the walls narrow in toward the end like a funnel. In the middle there is only this one chair which looks like a Botera woman!

I didn’t realize the bare wooden walls were actually lined with doors to the rooms until I looked down and saw my room number lit up.

I had a delicious breakfast the next morning—poached eggs and papaya, overlooking Ipanema beach.

Then Fred took me sightseeing.

We went first onto the tram that takes you up to the top of the famous Sugar Loaf. This is an enormous rock upthrust that was granite which solidified into the rock called gneiss (pronounced ‘nice.’) Gneiss is also the bedrock upon which Manhattan is built. These rock formations remind me very much of the huge, glacier-formed cliffs in Yosemite National Park. Think ‘El Capitan,’ for instance.

Here is the tram that took us up.

The videos show you the panoramic view from Sugar Loaf starting from the mountains just above the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches to the cities and harbor on the other side of the mountains. The towns that you see up on the hillsides are favelas, the slum communities.

We then took the 2nd tram to the very top

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  1. Dearest Jane,
    I am a great admirer of your work and so love and share the way you see the world.
    I never miss a post on your blog, and I am so grateful for your always generous devotion to your readers, for you always have something valuable and interesting to share with us.

    On that note, I was wondering if I could ask you a personal question, can you share the name of your dentist, I noticed the fabulous work he (she) did on your teeth. I had an awful car accident this past summer, and I broke my two front teeth, (an arm and my left collarbone), I had my local dentist here in SB do immediate repair, but he suggested to look for a great cosmetic dentist, he gave me the names of a couple of Dentists here in Santa Barbara, but I am not so convinced, and I kept telling everyone, I want the set of pearly teeth that Jane (you) has, so finally my mother suggested, why don’t you write to her and ask her, so here I am,
    hoping you won’t find my request out of line and hoping to get your dentist’s name as a referral.

    Thank you again y te mando un abrazo fuertisimo.

    Montecito, CA.

    • For sure, Isobel. He is Dr Larry Rivkin 310 273 0200 414 N Camden Dr #1280

  2. Bonjour Jane,
    ce fut un vrai plaisir de vous voir en vitesse à Paris le jour de la dédicace, malgré je n’aime pas ce genre de rencontres très, très rapide. Le fait de vous voir un court instant a été suffisant pour vous dire le plaisir d’avoir été à la Master class il y a 2 ans et demi dans le petit cinéma du quartier latin. Et le fait que vous vous souveniez du fait que je vous avais posé des questions, ça m’a touché beaucoup.
    Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation et je vous remercie de votre talent immense.
    Giacomo 🙂

    ps: je vous ai envoyé le message aussi sur facebook et j’ai mis 6 belles photos que j’ai pris de vous.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us! I love how you give us a tour of the cities you visit. It looks beautiful and interesting.

  4. Dear Jane:CARIOCAS(pronounce:kah-ree-oh-kahs)is how are called those who are born in RIO!Cariocas are,by temperament,very diferent from others Brazilians.They say that the “beach”put everybody on the lame level,cause is where everybody goes every day to swim,relax,get tanned, play games,chat etc.and makes everybody part of a big family!Cariocas “hate rainy days,red lights(while driving)are very friendly and funny”,so says one popular song!”Corcovado” where you went to see the Satue of Crist,is also a name of another beautifull song by Jobin,and Gilberto.But Brazilians in general are a very diferent people,who even on a Bank line,while waiting,can make a friend for life:exange recipes,givin advice,teaching the “new” miracle diet,talking about family, football and Carnival:the braziians n.1 passion!For 34 years while living in Manhattan,I was the best friend of Pele,the best Soccer player ever,called “The King”!We could not walk 1 block without him huggin and kissing everybody.That´s it: we love to hug and kiss a person we like!And I am sure, trough me, you know it by now!Up in the hills of Rio, where the restaurant Aprazivel is located,is where my best friend for life and his family lives,in a Mansion who will became a Foundation some day,and it is were they wanted to offer you a lunch:there is even a private Botanical Garden.Your father and your step mother, were their guest in early seveties at their Villa in Cap Ferrat,France.But you told me you would not have free time in Rio.Next time, I hope!It is trough them,that I am “working” on bring you to visit Bahia some day!In the nane of all CARIOCAS, I thank you again, for showing a litlle part of our beloved City,in a very good way,even the Favela, and the kind words.Pitty that a lot of people I know, and others who wrote to pappers,and on the Internet,were working that day,and could not attend your book signing.For a forever fan like me and my sister, who had to fleed our Country in late seventies, leaving behind great Jobs, family,friends, because of our involvement in groups fighting against the Militar Government,it was my GLORY DAY,to met you in person and to show it,trough pappers and Columns,to everyody who knows me and my past!!Thank yous so much again.God bless you always with health,so we can have you forever here writing to us and ‘making our day’.Hope you enjoy the Bossa Nova Cds,that I gave you,and the only I could find,so you know a little about our wonderfull music.Send me the adress of your Office,so I can send you more.xo

  5. Hello again, i am sending you here this blog that has some pictures of you signing the book in Rio de Janeiro.

    Best regards from Rio.

  6. Great that you had a fantastic time in Rio.
    I was so sad because I missed your visit here.I was out working in the field! Next time we will meet I hope! All the best

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