You gotta understand, I’ve always loved Bob Seger. When I hear “Night Moves,” or “Against the Wind,” or “Horizontal Bop” among the many others, I am transported to specific times, exciting times, romantic, sensual times and it makes me so happy. He hasn’t been touring for a long time so when he got his manager to invite me to come to the Staples Canter for his concert last night Richard and I jumped at the chance.

I met him years ago at the L.A. Forum and have a picture of us together then but here we are now…none the worse for wear. His voice was strong as ever, his band extraordinary and, one of the women back-up singers said Bob may be starting to work on a new album. Fingers crossed.

My partiality for him pre-existed my discovery—during a radio interview he did in 1981– that his song, “Her Strut,” was motivated by moi!!!! He confirmed it last night. I am flattered, to say the least and you’ll know why when you hear the lyrics. Bob sang it last night and did a shout out to me in front of a packed stadium.

With Bob Seger

with Bob Seger and Priscilla Presley

Nigel Lythgoe, Seger and Priscilla Presley

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  1. Well Hello Jane,

    You do enjoy all things form Michigan, enjoy Bob Seger’s music myself. I even met Priscilla Presley a some years ago, she set a impression on my mind, what a Beauty, very rare that I would keep that memory of her in my mind for so many years, her eyes…., anyways.
    Close to the new year, I you know of any good Literay Agents, that would like to read my book based on my screenplay, that I wrote for you and Marlee Matlin give me a private tweet or anyway would be nice.

    happy new year Jane,

  2. I just read somebody wrote that they loved you in Klute, I hated that movie! You’re such a great actress, you totally become the person you play. I was brutally raped when I was 14 and your screams on the tape recorder just put me right back in that dark place. If I hadn’t vowed to see every one of your movies when I was 11 years old, I probably wouldn’t have watched Klute.

    I loved you in, “On Golden Pond”, “Nine-to-Five” and in “Monster In Law”, as well as most of your other films, I think you’re amazing, but I hated Klute!

    I can’t wait to get your book and dvd, boy do I need it. I am going to lose at least 52 pounds in 2012 and I am going to keep a photo journal so people can see how I did it using your workout video for seniors:) I’ll keep you posted.

    God Bless you real good,


    Tutu Kat

  3. Jane, my apologies for contacting you in this manner, but I do not know of another way to get the following information to you. We would like to invite you as our honored guest to a fundraiser at Ledson Winery (Sonoma County) in September 2012. We are planning on presenting “Coming Home” to benefit UCLA’s Operation Mend, dedicated to reconstructive surgery for military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and the Ledson Children’s Fund. This could also be an opportunity for you to visit the Oakmont Fitness Center, a state of the art fitness resource for active adults featured in the BBC reality series “Are you as fit as a pensioner?” a few years ago. I hope you can fit this into your busy schedule. Please contact me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to provide you with more details.
    Respectfully, Pam Poinsett

    • Pam, thanks for this but alas, I will be working next fall and cannot make any committments for then. Best Wishes, Jane

  4. I heard that your Masterclass on Oprah’s OWN would be airing, but I didn’t catch the date. Do you know what day and time? Do you focus on aging, exercise, health, or a variety of topics?

    • Susan, haven’t heard yet when “Master Class” will air. In it I cover everything–non-stop for one hour.

      • I was coming back on your blog to remove my question, but you already responded! You’re quick! I was asking when the “Master Class” would be airing with you, but I found the answer. It will be airing on Oprah’s OWN network this Sunday, January 8, at 10 EST, 9 CST. Now I just have to figure out if it is 10:00 in the morning or evening. 😉 By the way, you are the 2nd Season premiere! Not bad! Can’t wait to watch it!

  5. Jane, I just watched Jimmy Kimmel and wanted you to know YOU LOOK AMAZING! I just started working out a few years ago and hope to keep it up~ you are a true inspiration!

    Best, Kymberlee

  6. Love to comment on my own comments. I belive in the informal use of communications in blog, in general like Twitter, as well. I have my views on the subject, I have taught graduate courses in communication technology and Credentialed in that subject area at the college level for life. In my last comment there was some visual, type 0’s ,” I you know of any good Literay Agents ” this could read ” If you know of any good Literary Agents..” as a question. Being a part blinded person,lost the sight in one eye due to a stroke, and being dyslexic, I don’t want to give these problems as Excuses. I do write, with problem just mean I work harder at it, when the need calls for it.
    Excuses change nothing, but make everyone feel better. My main comment was about, finishing my Book, based on my screenplay that was sent to you at CAA. I put that in Manuscript Format. No asking for anything from you, just a remark to let you know about this. Great concern or pressure set on you in my mind. You own me nothing, I have never felt in that way. I am a professal with three college degrees and credentials, I taught graduate courses to teacher. I understand on a international level, don’t take me wrong. With love and care

  7. Dear Jane,

    Hello again from Michigan in March. I enjoy your website and blog very much. We were supposed to meet at Florine Mark’s event in Dearborn, MI last year but that is a long story for another day. We did not meet.

    My dear friend has an item that belongs to you; her only request is that she puts it into your hands alone; if you wish to have it back. How she received it is another long story but when you parted with it was around the time in Ann Arbor when her then-husband was John Sinclair and she, Leni Sinclair, had you as a guest in their commune in Ann Arbor called the Hill Street House. John may have been in prison at the time. Or maybe you stayed next door at the MC5 house…? Around this time you traveled with some friends from France to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    The next time you are in Ann Arbor or Detroit let me know if you would like to have the item back.

    At any rate, about a half-dozen years ago Leni was hired to organize and make sense of the FBI’s Red Squad Files in Detroit. While doing so she came across documents that pertained to you and those friends from France, during your travel in Ann Arbor. The item that she has that was with the file is an address book; it appears it is a personal book with a few French contacts and little else in it. Remember, Leni has not had it and held on to it all this time. Until a short while ago it sat in a government file.

    I think just the fact that you know where this book is after so long and where it was for so long… so much happening in the meanwhile… is a very interesting story in of itself.

    Leni of course could write a whole book about the Red Squad Files. The whole group of people from that place and time each have a file of their own. That’s why the government hired Leni to sort it all out; she is one of very few who would know the significance of the contents. I believe they took up a whole office suite in a Detroit high-rise; she worked at sorting it all out for many months.

    My connection to Leni is that my current husband of 22 years is friends with Leni and also lived in the commune at that time; his name is Gary Grimshaw. Leni has grown to be like a sister to me as well. She said it was okay that I tell you this; not having a private manner to do so I apologize if what I say is stepping into a grey zone. I apologize for intruding but could not resist such a cool story.

    Oh, and I want to add that Leni took a photo of you speaking in Ann Arbor at some rally and it is being printed in a book of music and art history that Gary and Leni are just finishing up production of. It is mostly their own work. It is called “Detroit Rocks! A Pictorial History of Motor City Rock and Roll 1965 – 1975”. Leni’s photo of you will show in the Ann Arbor Years chapter, around the White Panther days.

    Hope the new projects on your horizon have much success!

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks, Laura. I remember being in Ann Arbor. I went to a fundraiser for the Rainbow Party on one occasion

  8. Jane,
    I grew up in Ann Arbor/Detroit and spent many weekends traveling to local night clubs to see Bob Seger.
    As well. I sat next to you during dinner at the White Panther house in 1971 when you came to Ann Arbor, You also did a press conference there for the movie Klute
    I was pregnant at the time, and at dinner you patted my stomach. My daughter often tells folks that she almost did a high five with Jane Fonda.
    Best to you.

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