I feel badly because I have not done my blog in what feels like eons. So much has been going on and, for most of it, I have been sick.

I flew back from Cannes to Atlanta. A very nice couple is renting my gorgeous loft and so I stayed in a hotel. That is so weird: being in a hotel in a city that was your home for almost 20 years. But when I walked out the front of the hotel to walk Tulea (who I was reunited with the moment I got off the plane 🙂 the first morning, I heard someone call, “Hi Jane!” and I looked up and there was a dear friend in a passing car. See, that’s one thing I love bout Atlanta: it is a big-ish city with all the culture and goings-on of a really big city, but you run into friends all the time. It’s manageable. You can wrap your heart and mind around it. I got a little home sick there for a few days. I also got real sick. Maybe it started with the pollen and turned into a major upper respiratory deal. Who knows. I was pretty tired and run down after Cannes and it is harder to get over jet lag at my age (wish I could remember that when I accept to fly places) so I was vulnerable. By the time I got back to L.A. I as feeling really rotten but I had these interviews and photo shoots and stuff to catch up on. I got onto antibiotics and got well and then I flew to San Francisco for a fundraiser for the First Annual Food Day in DC next Oct (more about that coming up!) and it was 50 degrees there and I got sick again. Then I had an amazing, high fashion photo shoot for Harpers Bazaar that will come out this fall, I think. OMG the clothes were spectacular. Especially a Stella McCartney dress, all black but with a wide, sheer panel up one side with large black polka dots on it. Wait till you see!

Speaking of McCartney, I can’t forget to tell you something truly special: Paul McCartney and his fiance, Nancy, came for dinner at Richard’s and we had the best time!!! The evening ended with Paul playing Richard’s Art Deco piano (from the Queen Mary Cruise ship in the 1930s). Richard fortunately had it tuned that very afternoon. It (and Paul) sounded terrific. In spite of being sick, I had a really great time and thoroughly enjoyed talking to Nancy.

The next day, I taped Oprah’s program, Master Class, for OWN which will air sometime this fall, I’m told. I so wanted it to be good. (You’ll tell me if it was good when the time comes!) The producer and director told me it was good. As you may (or may not) know, Master Class, is a program in which someone chosen by Oprah, who she feels has life lessons to pass on, talks for an hour, straight into the camera, in close-up. The conversation is interspersed with photos, film, home movies, things that illuminate what the person is saying. I watched a number of them to prepare myself. I was especially moved and illuminated by the ones done by Maya Angelou and Sidney Poitier. Needless to say, I felt honored that Oprah asked me. I did my best although I was not feeling well and then, straight from there, I went to the Beverly Hilton to receive the UCLA ICON Award. Jennifer Lopez presented it to me which really moved me as I know how busy that woman is. It meant the world to me that she took time to do that. At my table were (besides Richard) my BFF Paula Weinstein, her daughter, Hannah Rosenberg (my goddaughter), my brother Peter and his fiance, my step-mother, Shirlee Fonda, Jason Alexander (who was MC), George Segal and his wife (we did “Fun with Dick and Jane” together), a wonderful retrospective of my film clips was shown and a lot of money was raised for UCLA’s Longevity Center.

“Entertainment Tonight” Video Clip: Jennifer Lopez presented Jane Fonda with the UCLA Longevity Center Icon Award (click to play)

“Extra” video clip: Jane Fonda honored at UCLA’s Longevity Center event (click to play)

I was supposed to fly to New York today for Eve Ensler’s birthday party and a big V-Day event. Eve is one of my closest and fiercest friends and I am on the board of V-Day and the last thing I wanted to do was miss this. And the board meeting tomorrow. But I knew, and my doctor told me, I must not fly for awhile till I am all well. Well—that’s all for now. Sorry about my absence.

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  1. I’m sorry you’re under the weather, but glad you’re still able to find some enjoyment as well as a bit of work.
    I just missed “Fun With Dick and Jane” on TV the other day, It reminded me how much I enjoyed your performance.
    I also read a very nice review (I guess that’s what you call it) of a beautiful green dress you wore and the reporter was gushing about how HOT (my interpretation) you are.
    I like reading your blog. It’s a nice mix of your personal content and business content. Get well soon, In the meantime follow the docs advice and cool out. 🙂

  2. I thought because you were the ‘It’ girl at Cannes this year, it had gone to your head and you didn’t want anything to do with us anymore! 😉 Glad you’re busy. Not too good to hear about you being sick. But you’re resilient. You’ll bounce back.

    Whenever I have a nightstop here in my hometown Hamburg I always stay with the crew at the crew hotel. I never go home. It’s like being on vacation in your own town! I love it. I don’t think it’s weird at all. I only live about 4 subway stops away, but if I came home there’d be so much to do – washing, cleaning, calls to make etc.

    I order the room service with airliner special rates and drink some wine overlooking the beautiful city of Hamburg. 🙂 Perfect.

    Take care and get well soon.

  3. Get back on top soon, Jane. Your blog entries have been missed.

  4. I hope you get better !!… you travel a lot and time differences. in the south of France we had a lot of pollen, more than in other years
    Temperature differences also are common (fréquents ?)it’s not very good for the body.
    I love Paul Mc Cartney ! an excellent musicien and he looks so natural ! I’m not surprised that you had a great time.
    Take care of

  5. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. It’s no wonder you’re not feeling well the way you run around everywhere the way you do. On a plane here, on a plane there. That would get to anybody.

  7. Jane, so sorry that you’ve been sick. You certainly lead a whirlwind life! Loved your comments about Atlanta. My daughter and her family just moved from there to NJ! (Yuck!) I lived in NJ so I can comment on it! I so loved visiting her in Atlanta…it’s got it all… except maybe the beach. Maybe you should keep your place so you can return there without feeling “weird.”

  8. Hi Jane, just out of curiosity, can you walk the streets in Atlanta like a regular person?Do people can aproach and talk to you? Get well soon!Good you are back to Blog. I think here in Brazil we will not see Master Class!At least, not for now OWN will not be in our TV,and I am very sad that Oprah´s Show ended!I lived in NYC, for 34 years,and with her Show, I improved my english and many others thing in my life.

  9. Hello Jane, \
    Always interesting, your life experiences and friendships. Wonder bit of work on that Art Deco piano (from the Queen Mary Cruise ship in the 1930s). I went on the Queen Mary when it first come in to Long Beach, the railing had names carved on the woodrails dated back to the 30’s-40’s and they sanded them down to to restore the finish, not sure how I feel about that one. I hope your feeling better and on that well road to recovery. As far as the film script,sent to your Agent at CAA, no one can make him sent it to anyone. I would like to see Marlee Matlin have a good film role, she in the process of looseing her home due to income tax, sounds like she could use some cash and a good film roll. She work hard for others as well, so that would be a great loss not just for you and the screenplay.

    With my Love and Care,

  10. No wonder you are sick! You are one extremely busy person! You can’t run around doing a million things without it all catching up to you. You can only run so fast! Please take care of yourself. Maybe a little bit of rest and relaxation at your ranch or another private destination is needed.
    As for Atlanta, I have always driven past it on I-75, but never actually took the time to stop. It sounds like a city that is worth taking more time to explore.
    Thanks for taking the time to blog. I enjoy reading your entries so much.

  11. Jane, hope you feel better soon. You’ve been fighting this crud since the play. Too, too long!


  12. Hello Ms. Fonda. I am a big fan of yours, I love the movie “Cat Ballou”. I watch the DVD all the time, one of my favorites. Did you know they closed Buckskin Joe’s, the town where they shot some scenes.

    I would like to hear from you if possiable.

  13. I really appreciate your blog and the things you do in the creative world but please take care of your physical self. The world needs your voice and insights. Nobody has unlimited energy at any age.

  14. Since reading this post I have meant to send get well wishes. I hope you are feeling much better now.

    This has to be one of the most interesting posts I have read in anyone’s blog! I love your intimate and casual style of writing that makes your readers feel that you cared we were here. Very special.

    My Fit & Strong dvd arrived in the mail and I am anxious to get moving with it after a family reunion in Minneapolis!

    Also, have been meaning to say how much I enjoyed your short interview on “the whole truth” page in the March issue of Whole Living. So interesting and what a marvelous shot of you!

    (My blog is Writerquake. May I list your blog in my blogroll?

  15. Not sure if the link worked for my blog. Here’s the address –

  16. Jane, your Master Class wasn’t good — it was FANTASTIC!!!

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