By Bebeto Matthews, AP

Sidney’s first film, “12 Angry Men“, was the only film my father ever produced. I saw it again fairly recently and realized what a brilliant film it is. I also worked with Sidney in ” The Morning After” in which I played a drunk. I loved working with him. He was a master. Such control of his craft. He had strong, progressive values and never betrayed them. Alongside that, he loved to laugh. I remember when I first met him…way back in the late 50s when he was working with my Dad, I was struck by his laughter. He taught me to appreciate bagels…good New York bagels. He was always very kind and generous with me and I am very sad he has died.

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  1. Yeah Jane, a real New Yorker like Sidney would be obliged to let us in on the true beauty of the New York bagel. One of my favorite Directors. He will be missed.

    I always loved the grouping of ‘The Morning After’. I mean, you and Sidney, Bridges, and Julia…lightning in a bottle for sure.

  2. Hello Jane,
    Happy you commented on SIDNEY LUMET passing, nice insight. It is often sad that are mind is set in ways that seem only open to see someone as they depart from this life. As a film maker Sidney Lument did give us some good examples of what story could be told with film. Another Fonda/Lumet film to note was Fail Safe (1964)”American planes are sent to deliver a nuclear attack on Moscow, but it’s a mistake due to an electrical malfunction.” Made us all think about Nuclear war.
    I was lucky to go to a preview of Network at the MGM studios in Culver City, must have been one of the last before the studio was sold Sony Pictures.
    That was another film that opened my eyes to social comment and media, and how it could hold up the mirror. Nice to know that he laughed and enjoyed life, that is nice.

    with love and care,

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