Saturday night post play guests: Stacey Keach

These are the sons of Stuart Karl who gave me the idea of turning my workouts into videos when there was no video industry yet.

I was beyond happy to see Joey Heatherton who played my sister in my first (short-lived) Broadway play 'There Was a little Girl.'

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  1. Stacy Keach looks wonderful, as do you, of course. Joey Heatherton! You know everyone, don’t you? Stuart Karl has cutie patootie sons. What a visionary. xx

  2. I’m glad your friends came to see you! Ps. I love your hat! πŸ™‚

  3. Jane, you look incredible!

  4. i love me some Joey Heatherton, i got to dance with her awesome! and Stacy, I have done 3 filsm with this man! love him and love you!

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  6. The incomparable Joey Heatherton anchor text

  7. The incomparable Joey Heatherton A Tribute To Joey

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