It was bittersweet. We have had a glorious run and much fun. We became a sort of family, and the wonderful audiences some of whom came back to see it again and again—it can take several viewings cause there is so much to absorb. I will miss all this.

It is hard for me to think I will never play Dr Katharine Brandt again…then again, I’ve learned never to say never.

I was very moved by friends who came backstage and the others who then joined me at the party to benefit The Women’s Media Center which we held in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. There will be more photos from that event but I wanted to get this posted tonight.

We partied till late at the Brasserie next to the theatre (the best Hot Toddy—for my throat!) and today I am a zombie wandering aimless it feels—no theatre to go to. No pre-play nap to take. No rush of preparing to go on stage and take people on the fascinating trip with me

And yet..and yet…I can take a vacation; begin my next books about adolescent sexuality and gender and start preparing and rehearsing the next 2 Prime Time workouts I’m going to do. I am very excited about how these are shaping up.

My dear friend from the anti-Vietnam War days , Ron Kovac, who inspired 'Coming Home' and was played by Tom Cruise in 'Born on the fourth of July,' based on Ron’s autobiography

Catherine Keener really made a huge effort to come cause she had to take a red eye to Miami to care for her ill father. She just finished a film with Philip Seymour Hoffman in which they play a Beethoven quartet. Next to her is Kathy Najimy, me and Forest

Forest talking with David Binder, the play's producer.

Marisa, my dresser for the play, holding Tulea for a goodbye after we'd packed p all the dressing room

So happy that Forest Whitaker came to closing night

And my favorite actor of all..Annette Bening...she came!!!

The post party was a fundraiser for the Women's Media Center that Gloria (Steinem) and I co-founded in 2004.

Annette talking with Caitlin, my understudy, who was in regional theatre with Annette years ago.

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  1. Congratulations on concluding your run of 33 Variations! Seeing you in the show was one of the highlights of my theatrical life. I don’t see nearly as many straight plays as I do musicals, but after seeing your performance (and that of your cast) I was reminded how satisfying straight plays are. 33 Variations was probably one of the top 3 best theatrical experiences I’ve had in my life and I was so moved by Moises’s beautiful story which was so beautiful and heartbreaking. Thank you for bringing the show to LA, we loved having you!

  2. Hello Jane,
    Must be a great mixed feeling of change as you move on to what some people say a new state of action interest. Ron Kovac, I believe you said in your book you first met Ron Kovac in Long Beach VA, well working on the film project “Coming Home (1978)” he has been a very impressive person to many people. Moving on to new projects,then one door closes another door opens. There are always unlimited numbers of new opportunities for a open mind like yours. I hope than my script, was sent to you va CAA, as requested , I’m sure that there are move than just a few scripts out there. Maybe my script is crap or not, sometimes crap makes good films and great scripts crap films. The nature of the business is a base of factors of Variable, and like all logical set of attributes, good films sometimes just happens. I do push for the social content film, in case of my project writen with you in mind and Marlee Matlin , in concern of good roles for older women and people with lifes Qualify for Disability. Hope your not just giving up on this film Jane ? Isolating variables in life is a matter of separating and simplifying.

    with love and care,

  3. Such a shame I wasn’t able to fly to LA for your play. Thankfully I saw it in NY.
    Annette Bening: just saw Kids are Alright. She is just phenomenal. A real actor’s actor. So often I think ‘how did she just do that?’
    Take care

  4. Would love to hear more about these books on teenage sexuality and gender- sources of inspiration, research, theory. These are definite interests of mine – I’m a clinical psychologist in the NYC area. There is a great talk coming up at the Karen Horney institute on sexuality in the internet age (cruising /hookups). May have relevance for your books?

  5. Congratulations on your second phenomenal success of this play! Wow! All of these celebrities coming to see you! I can totally understand, of course. You are absolutely amazing! (I love Annette Bening too! Such talent!) Was there anyone in particular in the audience that made you nervous or are you simply past that point in your career, where nobody makes you nervous anymore?

  6. Asked for a trim and got the shortest pixie cut that I hated. Wore hats everyday. But now I see we have the same haircut and I don’t feel so bad. So happy to see both you and Annette looking like real people of the greatest age.

  7. Forest Whittaker is so absolutely hot.

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