Whew, tech rehearsing is slow and tiring. We stop and start and then do it all over again in little bits and pieces, especially the technically complicated transitions between scenes. Things have to be a little different than in NY staging-wise because the stage is different. The set and lighting is so spectacular…and complicated…it didn’t win a Tony Award for nothing!

Out in the audience there are planks of wood stretched across the seats where computers and technicians work. From the stage we actors can see the glow of computers but that is all. We will get into a new position and be told to stand there while lights are changed…sometimes for 10 min at a stretch. We can’t hear anything, so don’t know what exactly anyone is doing. For all we know, they may have left the theater for a smoke or some such. We just stand there like good soldiers till we’re told to continue. I took off and put back on a costume 3-4 times cause we had to practice a quick change. I have 12 seconds to make the change and it is in the dark and Beethoven is exiting the stage with loads of props at the same time and we have to learn to do it without bumping into each other, tripping over the clothes I have to simply take off and drop on the floor.

This morning, a photographer from the L.A. Times took pictures that will appear when the paper does it’s review.

I am making a home away from home in my dressing room and that’s fun. Tulea likes it too and she really seems to like Lisa,the young woman who stays with her while I’m on stage and takes her out from time to time.

So far, we’ve been here for 8 hours and have 4 more to go. I am not complaining. Whenever I feel a ‘poor me’ coming on, I think about coal miners, assembly line workers and others who have far harder and less comfortable jobs and just feel grateful that I have a job.

When I read some of the stories that the commenters to “ASK JANE” send me, I feel very very grateful.

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  1. I hope this helps you pass the time while they make adjustments. Although I admit, it is kind of meaningless.
    I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I am recovering from a heart attack and exercising regularly.

  2. Dear jane ~ I don’t mean to get to ‘laurel canyon’ on you BUT! From one sage to another, maybe you are feeling the energy of yet another fellow traveller. As you know, Beethoven was born December 16, 1770.Listen. The music out there in the darken theatre. On another note, I thank *you* for the ever needed reminder of gratitude when I get the “poor me’s.” There is so much to be grateful for. Lady B is glad to know Mlle Tulsa has made herself nicely at home backstage. She doesn’t bark when she hears your voice!?? Luck, that! xox m&lb

  3. Jane, thank you again for giving us a peek into the process of creating marvelous theater. Your insight is informational but also entertaining. Good luck as you continue the adventure. Sure wish I could make it out to see this wonderful production.

  4. Ps: you know “Variations” in your sleep. Maybe your restlessness now is something you still need to know. Discover abt your character. Learn abt yourself. You never know. It’s there. You have it. You just need to get it. For your self. Exciting. Frustrating. Miracle. Clarity. Ah~ha moment. Simple. xoxm&lb

  5. Hello,

    I am new into this Blog and found it so intersting and so lively!
    I have a question, or I just take the excuse of a question to write into it. Here the question:
    Is there the opportunity to see you performing in the “old” Europe ? That would be fantastic….!

    Sorry my poor written english ๐Ÿ™‚ (

    Tina from Geneva

  6. Thinking about you Jane,
    Your so right Stage lighting allows for artistic effects that in the past just could not be done. The simple ability to see what is occurring on stage is of high concern. The stage Arts and Technology make thing very interesting ,just the perception of shapes onstage becomes key elements. Directing the audience’s attention to an area of the stage or distracting them from another is part of the magic. While Lighting Design is an art form the new technology makes the stage new environment essential. I hope there is no concern about you working on and on. I do hope your looking at my script and seeing a pivotal position ahead in the film, I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas on the project ,your experience and input is of concern.
    with love and care,

  7. Old friend of Holly Near here, I am so excited to see the play, got tickets yesterday. Have enjoyed your movies for more years that I care to now count. Time, Marches on!

  8. Wow talk about treading the boards. What a difference from having a stand-in on a movie set.

  9. Wow, this is very interesting…would love to see the LA version…just for the comparison between it and the NYC production…Break a leg Jane!

  10. Won’t be long until it the experience of the show is all an unbroken flow. Amazing how the “poor me” still yearns to become the main perception, no matter how well we are doing. Thanks for this wonderful blog, Ms. Fonda. Glad to see you are still adding to your amazing body of excellent work. Keep going! Break a leg!

  11. Miss Fonda….I wish you the best of luck on opening night. I hope you are as triumphant in California as you were triumphant and magical on Broadway. I saw Miss Redgrave the other night in “Driving Miss Daisy”. Brilliant. Now I ask you, a guy of thiry five, a year old when “Julia” was released, getting to see Julia and Lillian live. I love my life…..

  12. I believe I will be in the LA area on the weekend of February 26. I know it is the weekend of the Academy Awards and didn’t know if you will have any involvement with that instead of your play. I would love to see your play, but want to make sure you will be performing that Saturday night, February 26. Will you be performing that night?

  13. My husband and I just got our tickets in the mail today for the Feb 8th performance. I am so excited. Can’t wait to see you!!! I hope you are there that night! No stand-ins please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi Jane, I’m writing you from Peru, I admire your great quality as a human being and your professionalism. This article further supports my opinion and admiration for you. I am a Sagittarian and gives me joy to find in you what I find in me: there is no limit to what we can do professionally and what we can become as human beings. Grow and grow. The spirit never stops growing. God bless you!

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