Photo Flash: In Rehearsal with 33 VARIATIONS

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Preview performances began this Sunday, January 30, for the five-time Tony nominated production of “33 Variations” with Jane Fonda at the Center Theatre Group/Ahmanson Theatre. “33 Variations,” written and directed by Moisés Kaufman, opens February 9 and continues through March 6, 2011.

Fonda, who is a two-time Academy Award-winner, was nominated for the Tony Award for her role in the 2009 Broadway run of “33 Variations.” The Tectonic Theater Project production was also nominated for a Tony, as was Zach Grenier who also reprises his role at the Ahmanson for his portrayal of Beethoven, and Derek McLane for scenic design and David Lander for lighting.

Fonda and Grenier are joined by Samantha Mathis, Don Amendolia, Susan Kellermann, Greg Keller, Grant James Varjas, Diane Walsh, Scott Barrow, Caitlin O’Connell and Yvonne Woods Slaten. Additional design credits for “33 Variations” include costumes by Janice Pytel, sound by André J. Pluess and projection design is by Jeff Sugg.

In “33 Variations,” the audience is transported back and forth from present-day New York to 19th century Austria, when a musicologist Fonda is determined to solve the musical mystery of why Beethoven Grenier spent his last years feverishly writing 33 variations of what appeared to be a mediocre waltz.

Tickets, which are priced from $20 — $80, are available by calling Center Theatre Group Audience Services at 213 972-4400, in person at the Center Theatre Group box office or on-line at

 Photo Credit: Craig Schwartz

Moises Kaufman, Timothy Koch

Susan Kellermann, Jane Fonda

Caitin O'Connoll, Douglas C. Baker, Jane Fonda, Samantha Mathis, Zach Grenier

Jane Fonda, Moises Kaufman

Zach Grenier, Samantha Mathis, Jane Fonda, Moises Kaufman, Susan Kellermann

Greg Keller, Grant James Varjas, Zach Grenier

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  1. you like so nice, and your production pictures are fun, too. i hope to see your work some day

  2. Hello Jane,
    From the look of the faces on the people with concerns over “33 Variations ” you must have something special going on. Maybe it does not matter if it’s this or that that makes things work right ,it’s that it works right in the end. I have good feeling over this production , the place and the people and of course, you.
    with love and care,

  3. Jane,

    Break a leg for your opening and the full run. We all know it will be a smash and that you will knock ’em dead. You are a great actress and an inspiration to me. Just keep running those bloomin’ lines. Merde. Writing from Toronto.

  4. Jane: In 1986, I worked in a refugee camp in Thailand. After work, some of the Thai teachers and I would close ourselves in an air conditioned room and “do” Jane by listening to a tape and looking at diagrams.
    Here we are these many years later, and I have “done” Jane (Gentle Aeorbics)so many times that I actually wore out a video and am into my second. It is such a nice little workout and perfect to get everything moving. I have always wanted to tell you that…feel the music.
    Renée Taylor
    P.S. I’m not the actress, I’m the mask maker.

  5. great photos, it’s nice seeing people at work doing what they love..

    Just found your blog via your twitter, after reading your autobiography. your book really struck a chord, particularly when you talked about why/how you started to voice your social/political beliefs regardless of the fact that you didn’t know all the answers. I’m aware that i might come across as hypocritical sometimes or contradictory when i try & take a stand, but i think it’s preferable to being apathetic!

    keep up the good work x

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  7. Ah, from this I see you do have the same lighting designer that you had in NYC. It looks like the only person missing is Colin Hanks. As I read about the LA production I have a signed poster on the wall from the NYC one. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful play and if you can get some laughs, all the better. I remember the NYTimes described your performance as “gallant,” quite a lovely word. Break a leg, and all good wishes.

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