We all went out for a drink after rehearsal today. We always have a blast when we socialize together and we made plans for more of the same. Always lots of laughter and inside jokes revolving around the play and others in the bars or restaurants where we gather seem to think we’re all nuts. Let’s hear it for being nuts!!

Samantha Mathis rehearsing with Greg Keller

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  1. Hello Jane,
    One thing about Theater is Traditions, this I find warm and nice about people in general.As much theater lore and the superstitious in nature.The theater can be that give a sense of comfort and camaraderie for those working together in that theater. It’s only natural that the people are becoming more enthusiastic about the play. You have a good story and good people what more could a actor hope for? One of my favorite films is “The Legend of 1900” 1989 film by Italian filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore Starring Tim Roth.There is one line in the film `You’re never really done for as long as you got a good story and someone to tell it to’. With love and care to you Jane

  2. Dear Ms. Fonda,

    I am delighted to send you this note and tell you how much I enjoyed watching your performance in the movie Georgia Rule…I loved your character!

    The script was quiet good! More than twice, I was moved to tears because of the strong emotions and really the realistic scenes between the three women. You must have enjoyed playing the part of Georgia! You were excellent.

    I too love the Lord Jesus Christ, as I’ve read some of your testimony of His grace in your life.
    You are in a key position to touch other’s lives for Christ.

    God bless you, and the creativity He unleashes in your life. I look forward hearing the greatness of your journey with Christ. God Bless you for your boldness for His glory.


    Mrs. Julianne White

  3. Here Here- for being “nuts’ the world needs more people prepared to see the funny side of life.

    Loving your blog Jane- thanks and happy 2011- lets hope it is a good one for everyone.

  4. How many days a week do you rehearse?

  5. How exciting that you are doing a play for the first time in L.A. It looks like a fantastic ensemble.

    I know the music director is really good.

  6. My daughter & I are coming Wed. Feb 2nd!!! I am so excited to see the show!!

  7. Tulea,

    You’ve got to have a talk with your Mom. I know she’s busy, busy, busy with the play and all, but she’s not been updating your blog. So I’m writing on her blog hoping my message will get to you!

    You’ve got to check out my new greeting cards starring, who else but me…and since you and I are so much alike, almost identical, in my humble opinion, I know you are going to want some to send out. (I’ll even give you permission to say the pictures are of you.)

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    You’ve got to go have a look both on
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    Roxie xox

    Maybe someday we can meet. I think we may have a few friends in common…you know the whole ’9 Degrees’ of separation thing…works for us dogs as to you know…and I imagine that, there are ’33 Variations’ of that as well. &:)

    • Roxie, do you know that my mom’s last dog before me, a golden retriever, was names Roxy?

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