Whew. I’m doing so much publicity for my new DVDs (which are selling really well…a great stocking stuffer, along with the Rod StewartFly Me To The Moon” album…and wrapping presents and parties and, and, and… A lot going on. Haven’t had much time to blog. BUT, I did get together again with Lisa Nova yesterday to do an online bloggers event where I answered questions. It was my first time doing that and it was fun. Well, she is fun. I gotta thank her on-line friends who practically ordered me to meet her for lunch. Okay, it wasn’t lunch, it was even better. I have already blogged about that.

Anyway, here is a photo of us together yesterday, along with a few of the dogs.

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  1. Well, it was a real joy to see the interview like event with Lisa Nova yesterday. Looks like this online bloggers event went well, with good commets across the board. Lisa Nova was a good find a real talent ,some good qualities. You might have a part in the film for her ,she would be good as your secretary at the studio. Myself in the middle of writing the book based on my script. I should say the first draft of the book. After seeing you again on this live feed, yesterday , I’m now for sure ,with the feeling that you are that person in my script, or possesse that innate field of personality for the part. Based on your age, and experience you fit the part , and I did write it with you in mind. Soneone said “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” I have never lived anothers life, than again your the actress and you have a life ,not a bad whole life when you view it from Far Far Away.

  2. I thought the Live Chat was great! I’m sure your DVDs are a HUGE success and why not! You are offering something unique to the babyboomers out there, a group of people who are NEVER recognized in the exericise field. I think the only thing geared for them is medications! Anyway, I hope you do a Live Chat like that again, and by the way, you answered one of my questions! I greatly appreciate hearing your opinion! Oh, and your dogs are sooooooo cute! I can’t believe how well behaved Tulea was! My dog, Nigel, would have been eating the camera and computer! Dogs are like family . . . . sometimes even better! 🙂 It’s nice to see that you are so close with yours . . . . both your dog and family!

  3. Have had a few more thoughts after viewing the replay of Lisa Nova interview. The topics covered that ‘spoke’ to me were: your informing her (us) that our age group is ignored and giving us some attention/inclusion is long overdue; the foods that count to help our shrinking muscles and the kind of balance re proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates our bodies need not only for muscle tone but health too! I didn’t expect to sit through the whole 40 minute replay, but found every subject so full of information it kept me glued to the screen! Having someone in Lisa Nova’s age group show an interest in our ages shows how your lessons apply to all of us! Thank you Jane!

  4. Tulea also relaxation !!!
    it’s really cool what you do.Gardez l’esprit jeune, c’est important pour le corps.
    Tomorrow is your birthday, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Jane and happiness for you yet.

  5. Dear Jane,

    Have a great birthday and Christmas! Sounds like you are very busy. Have fun and take care. All the best from Down Under! Come down and see us again, you are welcome anytime.

  6. I’m sorry I missed this. One day, we shall chat Miss Fonda. Not only as admiring fan to celebrity, but artist to artist.

  7. I have been trying to find Jane’s new video here in Ontario, Canada with no luck. Any ideas?

    And Merry Christmas to all.


  8. Your father was such an idealistic man, an example of the utmost integrity and the very best of American values in general. You definitely have that within you as well, but it always disappoints me how you also seem to have as much greed as the greediest of capitalists (the picture above tells it all). This together with your obsessive need for attention (you’d think you’d have learned a thing or two by now at age 73) makes you an enigma to me. In short, you represent within you the very best and the very worst of American values. I wonder why this is. Perhaps the good is coming from your father, and the greed is your very own?

    • Hmmm, Bill, this is a very interesting message. No one has ever accused me of being greedy before. In fact, I’be always had a hard time holding on to money cause I have so many nonprofits to support…not to mention individuals who need a little help. Curious where the “greedy” concept came from. You said “the picture above says it all.” What picture? Oh well.

      • Thank you very much for clarifying this point; it does change the opinion I’ve always had of you from self-serving to someone genuinely trying to do good in this world. I was referring to the picture where you and Lisa Nova are advertising the dvds. It is not that I find fault with people in general making money from products. It is just that I find that actors (especially iconic ones such as yourself) take away from their credibility as serious artists when they choose to be in advertisements or other such commercial endeavors. I find this particularly true for young artists who I will not name but you know who they are, who are at the prime of their careers and nonetheless feel the need to make yet more money by appearing in cosmetics advertisements, etc. Their millions in salaries already put them on the top of the global earning pyramid; can’t they make do with this enormous amount of money? To me this behavior does come across as very greedy indeed.

      • don’t worry Jane, you’re an icon and a heroine. You’re a true inspiration to us all!

  9. Yo, Bill. You calling Jane greedy? Dude, you have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about!

    • I grew up looking up to Hollywood because people such as Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, etc. made great movies that challenged corruption, greed, and ignorance both at the state and individual levels. I saw Hollywood (or at least the best of Hollywood) as a group of people that were liberals that were trying to do good and change the world. Perhaps being a kid I had rose glasses on and I didn’t see the real picture. What I unmistakenly see now though is that Hollywood is as big business as it gets. It seems to be all about the money. This comes not from a lack of material considering all that is going on in the US and in the world. It saddens me that Hollywood has turned into such a money machine that even the very best of actors have got caught up in this greed as evidenced by the fact that actors these days are all over the commercials, magazines, TV programs, etc. They complain that we’re a celebrity obsessed society, but they’re the main participants in creating the biggest marketing bonanza of recent times. Of course, there’s a few actors that “walk the talk” such as Robert Redford and Meryl Streep but they are far and few in between. It just saddens me when I can’t count Jane Fonda as one of them, and thus my previous post.

      • Bill, as you have not the slightest idea what I or any other actor does with the money they make via commercials etc, I would ease up on the judgements

  10. Dear Jane,
    I’ m from Barcelona, Spain, and I think you represent the very best of American values as well as some europeans. We are proud that you lived and worked in Europe and I think that your lifestyle is way different from what we consider the all-american-lifstyle. For good!
    And of course you never seemed greedy to me. Maybe Bill misunderstand what you do for charity.
    We love you and we apreciate this blog.
    Besos desde Barcelona!

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