James and his daughter Skye on the horses

James and his daughter Skye on the horses

James and I took and hour and a half walk early this morning and I got caught up on the progress of his new business which is called== Everywhere.” He only recently went out on his own. He works with corporations and individuals on social media marketing and content development—His clients include Georgia Public Broadcasting, Citadel Media, Sanaa Lathan, The Bermuda Music Festival, Jermaine Dupri, Macy Gray, me, and others. Given that he comes from Atlanta I was impressed that at 7,000 feet he kept up with me. It takes some getting used to—like the high altitude flatulence we call “alti-toots” which afflict new comers to the ranch.

After our walk he, Sherrelle and their daughter Skye went riding. Then we spent 2 hours on a blog/twitter/facebook tutorial. Many of you blog friends have said nice things about my new tech-abilities but I am just a beginner and James has taught me a lot—like an easier way to reply to my Facebook and Twitter followers which I didn’t know how to do before. The Andrews family and Matt Arnett leave at 4am, tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon my sweetie, Richard Perry, arrives for 6 days. I’ve got lots planned for him. You gotta understand, this will all be totally new to him—ATVs, fishing, wilderness, etc. Stay tuned.

James Andrews on my horse

James Andrews on my horse

James and his daughter Skye on the horses

James and his daughter Skye on the horses



Sherrelle and James

Sherrelle and James

See you next time

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  1. Geeze, Jane I thought you were the twitter queen! But, I guess with a little more help from him you totally will be!

  2. Be careful my friend on 4 wheeler ATV’s. Many hurt each year on these. Protect that knee!
    Hope Richard likes the horses, how fun that sounds.

    I enjoy your writings, hope you continue; I read in bed just before lights out (puter off), a night owl, hubby asleep…. so I read Jane’s blog! I read Rosie’s blogs some and the Huffington Post. What else do you find interesting to read? I am always looking for things to read.

    Have a great visit w/Richard (my husband’s name too 🙂


  3. Wonderful pictures! I hope you’ll have a great time with Richard. Let us know 🙂

  4. Dear Andrews Family,
    All the BEST with your new business adventure.
    Don’t I wish I had the pleasure of dear Jane’s company. And oh her beautiful 4 legged’s and the
    pastel colored adobe structure’s I would die for.
    Life is good eh?

    Oh dear Jane?
    Is there room in that adobe for the earthwomon? I will gladly shovel the manure. I’m very practiced and don’t take up much room in the stall. I enjoy the four-legged company.
    And I would love the challenge of a hike with you too. I’m a lean and sturdy 57.

    Wishing you all the best with the sweetie in the wild west. Be easy on the city slicker.
    Ask him to take a hike? (I mean that in the most
    positive way :):)
    Wishing you miles of smiles…………..

  5. Dear Jane,

    May I ask your horses name?


  6. Hi Jane, what a beautiful ranch you have! I love that you’re able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of NM but still be active outdoors in fun ways. Isn’t fishing cool? You’re horse is a beauty. Looks like a great place to be for you and for your friends & family.

  7. Sounds interesting Jane, A new outlook for social media and a new personally to contend with and no behavioal or temperamental and emotional characters for considerable study, at this time.

  8. Beautiful pictures ! The horses are gorgeous and in such good condition !

  9. WOW, your ranch looks like something out of a movie, so AMAZING!! Love the horses, they are so beautiful!

    This is a life long dream to actually communicate with you and to know what’s going on in your life on a daily basis….TOALLY AWSOME! You have helped shape who I am today (at almost 42 years old with 11 yr old triplets).With an “absent” mother (in emotion and spirit not body) you helped fill that void when I was about 11 yrs old. Your strength that ALWAYS came thru in every movie I saw, no matter what character you were,was so evident and convincing especially to a “lost” girl looking for that strong motherly figure.Even today my Jr. high and High school friends as well as college friends remember how important you were to me.

    Ok, enough babbling on my part. Thanks SO much for doing the blog and for being so honest….this really is a dream come true for me….HOLY MOLY!!!

    (feeling like a star struck teenager)

  10. I am, and will always be, a huge fan.

    Just wanted to mention, my employer is also a lover of NM; he owns a home in Tesuque on El Nido Lane. I’ve yet to visit the home *but* NM is definitely on my list of must-see places.


  11. Beautiful photos! Beautiful people! …and the sky so blue and so clear, beautiful! You’ve inspired me (at our ages) to hike and just finished a 2.7 mile, up and down the hills; how great I feel! Look forward to reading about your outdoor influence on ‘urban dude’ R.P.

  12. Hi Jane,
    Have really enjoyed watching the visit unfold. Good job on blogging. Hope to join the blogging world soon. Have a great next 6 days. 😉

  13. All sounds good. It would be great to escape to the country right now. How’s the knee holding up? They had a picture of you recently in an Australian magazine and they said: “This is the way that you dress with class and style no matter what age you are.” It was at the Tony’s.

    Take care,
    Karen from Downunder.

  14. Jane, your Blog, website,Twitter and Facebook presence have made you relevant to an entirely new generation. You’ve done a wonderful thing for yourself and your fans!

  15. Surely, we expect 6 beautiful days. I suppose you will have little in the blog, but it is OK, you have to dedicate to your love. Kisses from Uruguay.

  16. Glad to see you are working with James – he’s brilliant and a guy of great integrity. Sherrelle? Smart, tuned in and would walk on fire for her family. They’re great people…true blue…and, as one of my friends says, ‘of your household.’

  17. I love the colors you choose for your house; dusty rose and sky blue. I am a house painter so I notice those things. They jump out and blend into the country side at the same time.

  18. Hi Jane. Some sites on the Internet and you are “married” with Richard. What you read? Kisses from Uruguay.

  19. Your ranch is amazing. Your life is full of natures riches…
    You truly enjoy life. Love your blog and thanks for sharing your life with the blog buddies.

    ps: Rehearsing for Death, did you ever read the book
    “The Shack” by William Young. I loved it, Its a short read, makes your think about Life after Life, which is what I think Living is all about!

  20. Beautiful scenery, good friends, happy horses….life doesn’t get better than that!

  21. Love the beautiful horses. Are they all yours? How many do you have? Got lots of questions. How DO you handle the rattlesnakes? You can’t be all that casual about them, can you? Can’t wait to hear about Richard’s “ranch experiences!”

  22. Buckskin…my favorite kind of horse. Pretty.

  23. Hello Ms. Fonda:

    I’m writing because you encouraged your readers to do so. Otherwise i was too intimidated.

    I discovered your blog (via CNN link on Michael Jackson’s passing). I was taken aback by the authenticity and veracity of content. And there is something elevating and enobling in much of the content. I’m inclined to conclude that your blogs ultimately aren’t about you, but about a larger message to live a more abundant life in service to others…(which is scriptural too.)

    p.s. I met you at a book signing in LA a few years ago when you signed books for my mom and girlfriend. I ended up reading your book and enjoyed it immensely. You and your publisher assistant(?) laughed when i said that the movie “The Morning After” was one of my all time favorite movies. The funniest line in that movie is when your character asks Jeff Bridge’s character: “What are you, the Klan anthropologist?” Very funny line.


  24. oops. maybe you should change the line to “I was delighted by the authenticity of content…”

  25. My sweetie just left to take our granddaughter back to Atlanta. Meditation time for me.
    Have a wonderful week.
    I am trying to get past how bitter I feel about the lack of support for our president.

  26. Fun Fun Fun, I don’t suspect we’ll hear too many details when your honeys around 🙂 Happy Having a Honey around. Midway through your book and *sigh* I love you even more. Being an intuitive I always knew we were alot alike. And now I know why and how. And your book is helping me heal and find myself more deeply as you do with each chapter. So fun to come back to “present time” to Janey at the ranch, in full bloom the happiest perhaps you’ve ever been save the summer with Goey? xxoo Namaste’.

  27. Dearest Ms. Fonda,

  28. I LOVE to read about your recent fun with your friends, but was sad to read about it ALL in today’s UK Daily Mail ( in London) at 7am this morning! Please be careful, people are not as good, kind and trustworthy as you are.
    Meanwhile have a lovely time with your Sweetie!

  29. Looking forward to reading about your sweetie’s immersion into life at your ranch. Don’t know how he could help but love NM. Hope you’re having a glorious, romantic time.

  30. My mother is 61 and doesn’t understand how to write on her friends’ Facebook walls. So, Jane, I honestly think you are like 10 steps ahead of that, and seriously, mad props to you for taking the time to learn about all this social networking technology. Many people try to avoid these things, but you dive right into it, and I applaud you for that.

    Keep on blogging and being tech-savvy!


  31. Jane,

    What wonderful pictures of the Andrews family.They all look right at home riding your beauties.
    Your ranch looks, and sounds like a little piece of heaven tucked away just for you, and loved ones.

  32. bonjouur,

    l’aventure que vous vivez au ranch doit etre super !!
    j’aime tellement la nature et surtout les cheveaux, que je vous envie !!
    vous comprenez le français ??????????????????
    j’espère que oui !!

    amicalement !!


  33. What a great vacation, and since he builds your Jane Fonda Website, and it works so very well and conveniently, James deserves it. I love staying in touch with one of my all time favorite stars, too. Just the other day, on New Hampshire Public Radio, a radio program called “The Exchange” mentioned your academy award winning film shot on the lake here: “On Golden Pond” and mentioned how tourists want to visit every set location and Jane Fonda related spot. Squam Lake. That film holds up well, but then, so does Barbarella. Heck, so do Henry Fonda films.

  34. Now I have a thank you letter from WMC. they go t my oost! So you need not post my (now 3) comments unless you want to. Thank you!

  35. I want to see the old Jane, the Jane in the photo on your twitter profile. Reading your comments and going through all the rest, I believe that you are still that woman.

    Today at work while listening to WBAI, I heard your promo for the station twice. I agree totally! I have been a listener and supporter for a very long time.

    We all call ourselves progressive, or whatever other handle. i want to know why we are not supporting, En mass, the president? He cannot do everything alone!

    The health care bill is sooo important to sooo many! How come i only hear about the “Mobs” who show up at these town hall meetings doing every thing they can to stop this important legislation?

    What do think Jane? Any ideas on how we can organize a strong opposition to those who disagree?

    If we blow this, we will lost the best opportunity we have had in a century!



  36. Jane here is an essay I wrote and posted on facebook. I have now posted it on my blog. You can read it if you like.

  37. Hi Jane
    I dont think you’ve posted a photo of yourself on your horse.Those are beauties.

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