It’s always hard to leave this place and it’s been especially beautiful these last weeks. We’ve had plenty of rain so it’s very green. One can never use the word ‘lush’ when speaking about the high deserts of the south west but it comes close right now.

Richard’s been here this week and it’s been weird getting emails from our friends and family saying the NY gossip rags say we’re getting married. Ted even emailed me to say that Martha Stewart (who was at his ranch in Montana doing an interview about bison) told him Richard and I were marrying. Let me say right here that this is not true. Okay? You heard it from the horse’s mouth. If I ever get married again (which I doubt) you’ll be the first to know (after my family). Marriage aside, we have had a good time here. Richard seems to love the ranch, the house, the river. He didn’t seem to love fly fishing all that much. IT is very hard until you really get the hang of it which requires lots of practice and it’s unlikely Richard will get lots of practice. Guess he’ll just have to like to watch me fish cause I really love it. I’ve caught some big rainbow and brown trout here…26″, 28″!!!

Yesterday I listened to 4 radio programs done several years ago for the BBC Radio about the span of Richard’s career. It was narrated by Patti Labelle. It was interesting to learn more about the enormous diversity of talents he’s worked with….having top albums and singles in every possible category from pop, to R&B, to country western etc with stars ranging from Streisand, Carly Simon, Diana Ross, Fats Domino, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Randy Travis, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Art Garfunkel, The Temptations etc. No one, I don’t think, has ever had such success with so many different kinds of talent.

Tomorrow we go to LA where I am committed to concentrating on my writing, and seeing Troy and Simone and other friends like Sally Field, Carrie Fisher, Elliott Gould. Gotta save time for the writing, though.

See you next time.

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  1. Are you sure about the size of those fish?

    You know, Atlanta is very pretty in the fall.


  2. One of my favorite things about this post is you saying that fly fishing doesn’t seem to really excite Richard…but oh well, he can just watch you do it. 🙂 Sometimes when we enter new romances–no matter how strong and smart and independent we are as women–we let go of things we truly love just because our new mate doesn’t share our passion for it. Sounds like you’ve been having a wonderful visit. May the (writing) muse be with you in the City of Angels.

  3. Hello Jane,

    I really enjoy reading your blogs. My partner and I used to live in the mountains above Pecos on Cow Creek. It was a special place that was wonderful in the summer and cold and cozy in the winter. We are now living in Merida Yucatan and miss the Pecos area very much. Thanks for the blog and reminding me of many good summers in the mountains.

    Say hi to Anna Belle at Adelo’s for me!


  4. Here in Northern New England, it is hot and unusually humid, or muggy, today, August 21st, and for the last few days. Rain thunderstorms have finally moved in, and folks with air conditioning are happy about having it. Me, I am in my sweltering 3rd Floor apartment which, normally, stays cool with a nice cross-breeze through open windows. Some of that now, but not quite enough. Nights usually cool off, and it is nighttime now. Summer ends here soon, like a curtain dropping on a stage, at the end of August so, we only have a few more days of this Summer weather here. President Obama and his Wife, Michelle, are visiting the Cape – Cape Cod – in Massachusetts, this week, where I hope they have a few more ocean breezes. Even Portland, Portsmouth and Boston experience moderating effects of nearby North Atlantic Ocean, compared to us here in Manchester, one hour inland.

  5. Thanks for this update Jane. I was sure that we’d hear about any ‘breaking news’ from you directly via blog, etc., so was easy to ignore anything contrary. Will miss photos of your NM abode and happy times. How is the knee progressing?

  6. What a lovely, calm, fun way to spend your time at the ranch. Sounds like a wonderful place to recharge your batteries and enjoy life. Idyllic comes to mind.

  7. Soak it up! Someday I am going to NM to Pecos Historical NP. Convergence of so many things on one place–Civil War, Native American. Catholic, and old Hollywood history. Curiously fascinated by Garson. One day soon….

  8. Dearest Ms. Fonda,
    Blessings to you,

  9. All good things seem to end faster. There are some websites that provide news to take from your own blog. It is very serious! That’s not journalism. I think none of your followers of the blog, we take these rumors seriously. It is logical that if that happened here then you tell your family and friends.
    Richard and I like him for having produced Ray Charles! From Uruguay with love.

  10. Hope you get to return to your ranch soon ! I love my home on the cape but if I had the choice to have to homes the second would be where you ranch is !!!

    Care to share your plans for the up-coming Fall ?

  11. Jane-

    Please – very curious to know when and if you are to start filming the Widows film with Diane Keaton?? I have heard that the two of you are doing this film together…?

    Perhaps you could (if you are able) let me/us know?

    Cheers, Dan

  12. Jane,

    I haven’t commented in ages but I read your blog all the time. You have such a fascinating life and I love reading about it. Anyway, I hope you have found happiness with your new boyfriend. I would love to have a ranch like yours. Lots of love.

  13. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy this magical time.

  14. You visited my sister’s raft/ fly-fishing shop in Wyoming a couple years ago so I’ve heard of your fishing prowess. Keep casting cowgirl-your beau can just enjoy your work!

  15. Hi Jane,
    Yes, even the German newspapers said recently you were getting married. Good news travels fast. Thought, though, that you would let us know first 😉 (after your family!).
    Will try and listen to the BBC programmes if I can find them, maybe online. If not maybe my ex-colleagues (used to work for the BBC) can send them. Would be interesting to learn how one single producer copes with different personalities, especially in such creative surroundings. I’ve had a few of those celebritites you mentioned on my flights and boy do the personalities differ! And that’s just on board a plane…! 🙂
    Take care and best regards from Germany

  16. Dear Jane:

    (LOL! … I’ve never written a dear jane letter before.)

    Anyway, I’ve been a huge fan or your work and I also admire you as an American. Truth to Power!

    You truly are a great American heroine…

    As Americans, I think it’s fair to say that it’s okay to agree to disagree and we learn & grow from our sometimes heated conversations as.

    In closing, “Hey Jane, when are you going to make another movie?” Some of the crap put out today wouldn’t make the B move list in the past.

    God Bless,



  17. By the high desert you mean ’round the Colorado/New Mexico border???

    WOW, ain’t technology great?

    When i first came up from Jamaica as a child one of my favourite memories was staying up late and sneaking into the living room, turning the tv on–LOW–and watching YOU on the “Late Show”(CBS) in “Barefoot in the Park.”

    And then i saw your dad in “Grapes of Wrath” and developed a Tom Joad complex that i’ve yet to get rid of:)

  18. Jane how amazing it must be to catch a trout that big on a flyline!
    I’ve never caught a fish that big.
    Not sure the fish stay in the water that long around here for them to get so big.
    I remember reading in your book about your love of fly fishing.
    I have experienced it and its a beautiful thing.

    Here’s wishing you many words flowing….


  19. That was very nice reading about your ranch. What is Richards last name? I loved your book, and admire your spunk lady!

  20. Loved your blog. I recently started my own blog. Hope I can figure out how to sign up to get notified of ur future blogs.

  21. I was glad to hear that you had such a special time at the ranch and that Richard was able to join you. I love in a small area (Mendocino Coast) so I understand how word gets out and the so-called truth is spread quickly — amazing how our whole world (these days especially) is such a small town, thanks to the world of the internet, of course.

    Have a lovely time in Los Angeles with your family and friends, and your writing. I’m attending our local musical company (Gloriana Musical Theatre)production of “The Pajama Game” tonight. I review it for our two local newspapers, the Fort Bragg Advocate-News and The Mendocino Beacon. This is opening night. Should be a fun night.

  22. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for clearing up the marriage issue. I also heard the rumor on TMZ but didn’t given it much credibility.

    Have fun in LA! I can’t wait to read the new book so keep plugging away at it.


  23. Checked out Richard’s website, very accomplished and interesting man Jane. I’d never heard of him, of course, we regular folks usually only know the entertainers, not the men and women “behind the curtain” who use their imaginations (and I’m guessing a lot of hard work) to bring out the best in a performer. Keep writing!

  24. So glad you had a wonderful time at the ranch, and that Richard liked it. It’s always great to hear from you. Did anything happen on the movie with Diane Keaton? You would be great together.

  25. Enjoyed listening to your continuing social action via Pacifica radio ad campaign at WBAI broadcast from New York City. Also your blog. Thanks for all you do.

  26. Some big big rainbow and brown trout for your area, sounds like you did have a jun week.
    There is the Women convention in Long Beach CA, in October, good place to get yoiur books out and meet people on the subject of aging. I do have a vision problem at this time , a little problem typing will try to get back , I have a lot to comment on .
    LA is LA there is no place like it.

  27. I find your blog intelligent, generous ,
    courageous. What most impresses me is
    the amount of things you are able to do.
    Private life,work,blogging, writing,social
    commitment,it is a great talent of yours
    to manage all that.
    I have just seen Stanley &Iris shown on
    an Italian Tv channel. It is such a very
    good film,with a beautiful female character
    and your excellent acting.
    Esteem and appreciation from Italy.


  28. Hi Jane,
    Too bad that you have to leave the ranch. I spent about a month in Santa Fe and Taos 20 years ago and loved that area.
    I’m wondering what has happened with the movie you were thinking of doing with Diane Keaton. Anything more you can tell us about that? You two would be great together.
    Richard sounds like a fascinating guy. You’re lucky to have found him!

  29. Have fun writing. Love Rainbow Trout. Don’t worry, we don’t all believe everything that we read in the papers. When are you going to start filming with the great Keaton? Take care.

  30. Why was my last comment not posted?

  31. who is Richard?

    Did you see the new Michael Moore movie trailer? Larry King had a link on Twitter. It looks funny but not funny……Marilyn Rau [email protected]

  32. Jane,
    I must say I miss it when you don’t write, it’s become such a joyful part of my life.
    Not surprised the gossip rags are all the buzz over you, and Richard. Your just so popular, and have the best blog ever!I didn’t think you would take the plundge so soon,besides,I only beleive what you write.Just continue to enjoy the purity of love without measure.
    I’ve heard how hard fly fishing is,26″-28″ inches is quite impressive.They say it is extremely relaxing.Did your dad teach you?One of my all time favorite movies of yours is On Golden Pond.
    Richard has produced some of the greats for shure.Boy what I would give to learn from such talent.Barbara has influenced my music greatly.
    I’m glad you had the time to refresh, relax at home, though you never seem to stop working in one way or the other.
    Safe travels, stay well, enjoy your beautiful family. You are blessed.Hi to Sally, we love Brothers & Sisters.
    Thanks for the joy.

  33. Fly fishing soothes the soul….it is a beautiful sport.
    I can be on a stream and loose all track of time, hours go by like minutes.
    And while I love that moment when you know your fly is going to work and you set the hook and the fight is on….I would still be happy if I did not catch one fish.
    Fly fishing takes you to some of the most beautiful places, it is a serenity you can’t explain!
    I simply love it, it has a rhythm unlike anything else!

  34. I know you’ve enjoyed your time on the ranch! It must be very hard to leave such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the pictures you took there! So glad you and Richard had some time together at this special place! I’m impressed with your fly fishing skills! It’s not a sport everyone would want to do though especially, since it takes a lot of time and practice to do it well. I couldn’t believe the size of the fish you caught! I hadn’t heard any rumors about your getting married, but even if I had, I don’t believe everything I hear on the news or read! There’s so much “junk” out there about celebrity news! Hope that knee is continuing to heal nicely. Good luck with your writing! Take care! 🙂

  35. So many untrue statements are spoken and printed about famous people like yourself, and people believe those falsehoods to be true. Is there a way to stop this from happening? How do you cope with people believing lies about you?

  36. Jane it must be awesome to actually know someone that have been part of so many wonderful talented people. Enjoy your time with your family and friends and good luck with the commitment to concentrate on your writing. Reading your blogs makes me feel like I am in slow motion and you are on warp speed. Heaven knows where you find the time for everything

  37. Wow….Elliot and Barbra….here’s for the old days! lol. I think Jason is cute…I certainly wouldn’t mind being Barbra Streisand’s son in law!

  38. Fly fishing is wonderful! I LOVE to fish anywhere, anytime! Have you ever participated in Casting for Recovery? A wonderful program for breast cancer survivors to learn fly fishing. Maybe you could be an instructor…?!

  39. Glad you remembered “Never say never.” It’s up to you two if you marry or not, but I advise my students not to say they won’t ever do something when they write papers and such. Who can predict? If it does happen I believe the consensus will be “What a fortunate man.” But Richard already is. As for Martha Stewart, I think she’d like to be involved. It would make a great TV show like the one where she gave the lunch for President Clinton during his rough time and hugged him publicly. You aren’t having a rough time–you’ve having the best of times, so the result would make an even better TV show. Who can blame her for wanting to help produce something wonderful. Live your life the way you want, as you always have. But I will cheer if you two marry because I adore you and think marriage is great.

  40. Okay so, yes…i’ll admit it. I heard too that you were getting married. BUT I wasn’t sure at first. I thought, well hey maybe she is, but why didn’t she write it on her blog? Then I thought I missed it, but thats a dumb thing to think because, well it is me we’re talking about here and i’m always checking your blog. So no! Then I just figured, people are gonna talk about you when you’ve found love. I’m sure next week the websites will say it’s over between you two when in reality you two are fine. Oh well. ANYWAY, too bad you’re leaving so soon, but on to the next place. Happy writing!

  41. You are so fortunate to have the greatest people in your company. I mean SALLY FIELD…she is amazing!

    You seem to appreciate all of them, which I find very admirable. They have to love having YOU around too of course 🙂

  42. Hi Jane. Due to personal schedule stuff, I haven’t had a chance to log in for a while. I’ve also been a little busy rehearsing for my death. Oddly, I’ve found myself identifying with your trout. The 28″ one. It’s nice knowing your energy and presence are back in LA. for a while.

    As always, with love,

  43. Hi Jane;

    I admire you and look like a great person. I want to ask advice;

    I have little money and live away from gyms, I like doing exercise videos and I love yours as ” complete workout”, “lean routine”, and ” kane fonda´s personal trainers series”etc, but I read that your videos are bad for health and are contraindicated. I love your body and to do exercise in muy home with your videos, but now, I’m afraid. Please tell me your opinion and help me.

    A hug;


  44. Jane,

    I guess the upside is that it is nice to be in ones 70s and recovering from knee surgery and still be fodder for the gossip rags. I guess they still see you as a sex kitten on the prowl. You are a good looking woman so in some strange way it is nice to be talked about. But I too dislike this type of reporting and thats why I try to avoid it. Always seems like bottom feeders are trying to tarnish one’s happy times. I blog now beacuse of you!

    Salem, MA

  45. Jane, enjoyed Richard’s website. However, he really needs an editor and proofreader. I’d be happy to do it. My email is attached. Take care, Melissa

  46. Jane …..I carry you in my heart….much love kp

  47. HI Jane
    You are such a wonderful writer and it’s so clear how happy you are.A few replies have asked about the movie you should be starting soon,and i hope it is still on.Please let us know.

  48. You and Richard started dating not that terribly long ago and the press/media already wants you married.

    Aside from the rattlesnakes, your ranch sounds magical.:D


  49. Hello Miss Fonda, My name is Leonard and I felt compelled to write you. I came across your blog purely by accident and I was intrigued by your writings. You stated in one of your blogs that (It’s hard to leave this place) referring to your ranch in New Mexico and I can understand how you feel. You see, my family is from the Village of Pecos N.M.. I was born in 1956 and I was separated from my older brother and sisters when I was 1 year old by my parents divorced. My mother remarried and moved with me to Phoenix Arizona when I was 5. My older brother and two older sisters stayed with my father in Pecos. They were much older than me. When I was 8 or 9 years old my mother put me on a greyhound bus in Phoenix, all alone, and sent me to Pecos to spend the summer there and also, I think to protect me from an abusive stepfather. I spent many summers there from 1965 until 1973. The bus would drop me off across the street from Adelo’s store. I remember, when I got off the bus the beauty and the greenery overwhelmed me, coming from a desert state. I would walk down to the meandering Pecos River and stop to pick green apples and listen to the river. The area was a generation or two out of time. It was a wondrous place for a young boy to spend his summers. Old barns and corrals, horses to ride, chickens to chase and enchanting forests to explore. It was very difficult for me to leave that place every summer as well because that area was a very magical place for me that hold a lot of memories. I stopped going there in 1973 when I moved to southern California. I did find out all those years ago that my father owned a 500 acre ranch in the Pecos wilderness. Somehow he lost that ranch. I don’t know the circumstances. My brother and I often talk about the “what ifs” about that land. A dead dream. I also heard that he worked for a time before I was born, at the Greer Garson ranch. I also have known for years that my brother’s brother in law Rudy works for you and his late father also worked for you. My father, who was known as Track down passed away last month at age 87 and I attended his funeral in Pecos. When I got out of the car and smelled that fresh air and the pines and felt that breeze, all those childhood memories came flooding back to me. Catching my first fish, riding, even seeing my first horse. Sleeping in the beautiful Pecos wilderness with only a sleeping bag and the millions of stars as my tent. The darkness of night. Seeing hail for the first time. Hiking to Lake Katherine. Attending my first Saturday night dance at the now closed rainbow club in Pecos. My first kiss. When I was there for my fathers funeral my brother and I took a drive up to bull creek and I told him that I wanted to be cremated and have my ashes scattered in that area. When I got back home to Phoenix I told my wife my wishes. I guess I too was rehearsing for death. Anyway, Miss Fonda, as I stated earlier, I really enjoy your writings and your photos. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life. Enjoy that New Mexico ranch, share it with friends and family, please don’t ever develop it, Keep it as nature intended. If it were a bed and breakfast my Wife and I would be there every year. Regards, Leonard Quintana

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