View from the room where I'm writing. You can't see it here but the window gives a full view of Los Angeles (which right now is smog-free!)

View from the room where I'm writing. You can't see it here but the window gives a full view of Los Angeles (which right now is smog-free!) *click photo to enlarge

I am so excited to be writing again. The interruption was also fun and necessary but it’s good to be back. I’m also back with the remarkable physical therapist I go to—Shannon Harris at Body Reform in Beverly Hills. It’s not so much for problems with my knee but related pain in my lower back which he has helped alleviate before. I hope he can do it again. I can’t remember ever being in L.A. under quite these same circumstances—usually I’m here for work, but to be here, in the summer, just because this is where my companero is —well, that’s new and it feels good. It actually makes L.A. an okay place to be. Who knew.

Troy and Simone are celebrating their 2nd anniversary by driving up the gorgeous California coast, through Big Sur, to San Francisco and back. I know that drive well and it is super romantic. They’ve invited me to have lunch at their house this coming Thursday and that’s another good reason to be in L.A. I am blessed.

See you next time.

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  1. T and S MUST go to Post Ranch for lunch (preferable) or dinner. Sit out on patio. Watch the condors fly by (with big transmitters on their wing).

  2. Dearest Ms. Fonda,
    Blessings to you,

  3. i currently write, paint, dream & blog from the same room my cousin succumbed to cancer in…yet the vibes are positive?

    YOU are now linked to a novel i wrote whilst in Sacramento…sunshine and New Yawk decadence–and like the Grateful Dead i’m giving IT away for free just because sometimes you just NEED to get your ART out;)

  4. Glad to see you blogging more frequently. Gives me something to look forward to.

  5. You are indeed fortunate. I can’t imagine choices of cities and properties to live in, which all belong to me (us) 🙂

    We have a beautiful home in our city, but too love other cities and would love the ability to rent, or own a second location. Just going on vacation and affording a decent hotels is so costly. We just don’t go often.

    Although…this was the year for a trip 🙂 My oldest son happens to have Down syndrome, and he wanted to attend the Nat’l DS Conference. So he and I went to Sacarmento (conference rate hotels 🙂 and then flew down to LA to visit my middle son (husband / dad didn’t go get to go though), and our 22 yr old daughter, new summer university grad – YEAH!, flew out to meet me (mom), and 2 brothers. The LA son (graduated from univ in 2004 – also yeah :)lives in a studio apt! We all stayed in the studio two nights (Hollywood), then two nights in a hotel (to feel like we had a bit more room) and then back in the studio for 2 nights, then home. We had a great time. My son w/DS so wanted to see celebrities (pop culture fan – smile) but we didn’t see anyone out and about – we did go to the Jimmy Kimmel Show (it’s free 😉 In my dreams a small LA home to go to bring the family together 😉

    My friend, you do have a blessed existence, the freedom…..I have been poor, and I have been comfortable…..and comfortable is better 🙂 I haven’t experienced more than frugal comfortable 🙂 If you ever want to switch homes for a quiet vacation in the middle of America in a university community, call us!!! LOL!

    Your LA home looks beautiful, as well as your ranch, and the apt in NY 🙂 🙂

    By the By, I go to DC for work meetings, but I have never been to NY City!!! Someday!


  6. Dear Jane,
    Forget 9 to 5.
    It’s time for a sequel to Electric Horseman. If everything fell into place, (ie: $$Columbia/Universal), Rising Star may be gone, but Willie Nelson is still here and so is the open ended bittersweet love story and all the possibilities to write a beautiful sequel. You still have two stubborn characters who allowed themselves to be parted by circumstances and time. Sonny is still as principled as ever and Hallie still thinks she’s seen a rattle snake roundup, but they are still supposed to finish life out together and the “Electric Horseman” left its audience without a satisfying ending. No. I’m not suggesting a “chick flick”, but rather a tragic, beautiful ending for two aging lovers. Sonny can still bring a horse and Hallie can wear her boots from Bloomingbirds. You or Redford write it. (or I will…for free/points/whatever…..YES I CAN BTW) I just want to see it done. PLEASE JANE. Think about it.


    Linda Finch-Wright
    [email protected]
    Twitter: Fruitcayke

  7. Some friends of mine are in L.A. now. I’d love to go sometime, I hear its something to see! I’m glad you’re back with your book. I know it isn’t exactly a book for someone my age, but oh well. Hahaha.

  8. As a huge Streisand fan (and Fonda fan) I loved your tweet, about visiting Babs and listening to her new album! Love you both..would have killed to have been a fly on the wall!
    David Altieri.
    P.S any book signings in the future?

  9. Beautiful view

  10. Did I tell you I love my Jane Fonda T-Shirt? I do! It seems you are staying in the moment and enjoying every moment. Good luck with the new attitude about LA. Personally, I can’t stand the smog, makes me sick. Hope your clear days continue. I live in Houston, TX and it rains here most every day now. The rain keeps the air clear and it is very green. Very humid and hot also.

    Take Care and good luck with you back!


  11. Howdy Jane!

    I really enjoy reading about your adventures at the ranch. You always seem to be discovering more about yourself each day. I hope to be that way all through my life.

    Wish me luck also today is the first day of my junior year! Can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.

  12. What a awesome view, thanks for sharing. I truely enjoy your blog.

  13. Drving to San Francisco from LA that is a trip I have enjoyed in the past. In 1966 after going to a concert I just took off to see what San Francisco was about it was in December cold and I ended up on the berkley college compus . I was only 16 and wanted to learn about the Free speech movement and ended up living about the campus. I make it to that Summer and than headed back to Long Beach CA and my family.That experience did get my interest in going on to University. I ended up spending the last year of High School working in what was called a head shop. I would make a trip to San Francisco from Long Beach often ,driving in 8 hrs up to buy San Francisco sourdough breadbread and than drive right back just for the fun. That is a fun drive and have found a lot of nice places on that trip, I found that you can drive right past Pismo Beach, located on the Central Coast of California in the fog . Pismo Beach is a interesting place to rest on that trip. I belong to a Published Authors Network,might give you some ideas on shortcuts many interesting writer belong all published.

  14. I am reading “My Life So Far” and what a fascinating life you have had! It’s great that you share what you do, then, and again, now.
    I just started the Vietnam chapter. I am married to a “Vietnam Veteran Against the War” and we have always been grateful to you.
    Keep on, Jane. I love your writing!

  15. Happy Anniversary to Troy and Simone!

    Wow, that view is really beautiful. Looks like a comfortable place to begin writing once again.:D


  16. Jane, L.A. is happier with you here. So is the Pacific. fyi: With your communication & information venues increasing exponentially, you’re becoming even more ubiquitous. You’re also creating up a great teaching model for distilled networking. Leading the pack as usual.

    With love

  17. You lead such an interesting life. Many people, like myself, have lower back issues. Would a blog about ways to alleviate the pain be possible? Thank you for all you do.

  18. I hope your back feels better soon, Miss Fonda! You’ve been through quite a lot in the pain department!

    • Yep, Ardy. But we can choose to be defined by our pain or acknowledge it and get on with life. Guess which choice I’ve made?

  19. Hi Jane, your writing area is beautiful. What a gorgeous view when you need to take your eyes off your page. I just finished the first draft of my first novel yesterday (38 chapters) and I’m over the moon happy, fulfilled and relieved.

    Look forward to reading your book when it comes out.

    Best to you in L.A.

  20. Jane, I am a fan. I am also from an industry family and now retired after a long broadcast career mostly in sports. I remember sticking a mic in Ted’s face in the Braves locker room in San Diego and having champaigne burn my eyes when they celebrated winning the division in the early seventies. I have always admired your ability to stand up for your beliefs and at the same time enjoy a successful career swimming against the stream. Now I am really enjoying reading your blogs.

  21. You sure get around on your replacement parts. Love reading about what goes on with you. What a Great American Family you have.

  22. Hi Ms. Fonda,

    I recently came across a 2005 Time magazine article (“Being Jane”) for which you were interviewed by Josh Tryangiel. In the article you mentioned you had consulted a psychic. Your quote is as follows: “She told me with a great deal of certainty that a man was going to come into my life who would be my soul mate and be with me till the end,” says Fonda.

    So naturally, I’m wondering if this may apply to your current dating situation. It sounds as though you are having a marvelous time with your new friend! Thanks for offering your dating insights. At 44, I’ve never been lucky in love but your entries give me hope that maybe someday things will work out for me.

    Based on what I know about you, I think you probably prefer to be known for your individualism and for your many accomplishments rather than as a famous celebrity. I thank you, however, for your delightful entries that give me a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous.

    Take care and have fun in LA!

    Chris in ATL

  23. Wow, that is such a gorgeous view Jane;-) California still seems like a big alien planet to me…though I thoroughly enjoyed San Francisco while I was there–had a blast. I will likely be applying to phds out there….oh the wretched process….but more to discover. Hmm.

  24. This view is beautiful!! I love the tree outside the window…..and to see LA too…..WOW!! What a neat place to write!! So glad you’re happy to get back to writing again! I wonder how you got interested in writing? Did you enjoy doing it in school and/or as a young girl? Has it always been easy for you to do?

    Your physical therapist sounds very good!! Hope he can help that pain in your back. I wonder since you’ve been recovering from knee surgery, if you’ve changed anything about the way you put weight on the leg with the replaced knee? Any change in how we walk could affect our back muscles!! I’m sure he’ll take care of you!

    Thanks for for the picture! So glad you can see your son and his family again!

  25. My Dad’s ex wife is a friend of yours, Leni Cazden. Do you stay in contact with her? Stupid question but I had to ask something. Ok. Thanks,
    Michael Cazden

  26. Jane: Loved the photo of your view. I have only been to California one time, but it was fabulous!!
    I live on the east coast and I wish that I could build a retreat in the Catskill Mountains of New York to write and do my artwork, the views are awe inspiring. Especially with the coming of fall, the views will be breathtaking.

    Glad your enjoying your time in LA. What are you writing?

    Your friend on the east coast,


  27. I’ve been fighting recurring lower back problems since 1998, so I identify with your problem.
    Physical therapy, and yoga have worked for me throughout the years, I hope it works for you this time too.
    Have you thought about exploring Reiki?…
    I’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally decided to take Reiki I in September and Reiki 2 in October.
    Take care of your back and knee and get better.


  28. The rest must have been new to you. Back with renewed energy to write. It will be good to spend time in L.A. with your partner. The view is wonderful! The save it for my pc. I like to travel to USA to go to San Francisco. Some people told me that is very close to the town where I live, Montevideo, mainly because there are steep streets. xx from Uruguay.

  29. SO COOL!!!

    (from the 42 yr old star struck teenager:-)

  30. Hi Jane, I am glad your getting your book done and have a great physical therapist to see too. I know how difficult lower back problems can be. I once read that Jimmy Stewart would grab on to a bar and hang in order to stretch out his back, so I started doing that, and it really helped a lot. Well, I live in San Francisco, so if I see Troy and Simone drive by I’ll wave! It’s a beautiful time of year up here.

  31. Jane,

    You have the most beautiful views wherever you are,and I know how important your surroundings are for the creative process,as is the essence of his love flowing through you.The book will surely exceed our expectations.
    I will pray your back pain is alleviated quickly.Favoring your knee could have caused alignement issues. Does your therapist do strain counter strain and myofascial release technique? It really does wonders in conjunction with the other treatments.
    It seems to me Troy and Simone aren’t the only ones that will be sharing some romantic evenings:)
    Sending you Healing Love & Blessings.

  32. I love writing. I conduct writing workshops at the library for the kids, and I get a real buzz out of what they come up with. Tomorrow night, we are having our local Mayor coming to the library to present awards to our young writers in our Winter Writing Competition which I helped instigate and I am very proud of. I could not write as well as these kids at their ages (4 to 15) it will be amazing to see where they go with it. I am not a big time writer, but it would be equally great to inspire young kids to become big time writers! We give a certificate to all of the kids, and we have as many encouragement awards as we have “winners”. Can’t wait to see their reactions. L.A. is a crazy town. Loved the Hollywood stuff and the old part of L.A. but it is a bit too big for me! Enjoy your writing!

  33. If you haven’t already seen it, or know this couple, you might find this of interest regarding aging:

    • That video was truly amazing. Very inspired. Thank you!

  34. I saw Troy and Sissy Spacek in Lake City DVD last weekend – loved it!

  35. I can’t believe I didn’t know (until yesterday) that you have a blog, Jane!

    I have been an admirer of yours for over forty years, and your father as well. One of my favorite movies is “On Golden Pond.” I can certainly relate to your struggle for your father’s approval. I grew up with a distant father, but, thankfully, I became closer to him before he died in ’92.

    I read “My Life So Far” a couple of years ago, and found it a very compelling and honest book. I look forward to your next one.

    Bless you, Jane. You are an inspiration to women everywhere!

  36. Thanks for sharing your ‘Room With A View’!! May the view continue ‘smog free’ too. Good luck with the knee and back pains!…what next??? From your earlier blog it sounds like you are able to experience it without ‘giving in’ to it (or something like that). Good Luck!

  37. Hi Jane
    Regarding the chapter of your book on sex, did you ever hear of a German film called ‘Wolke Neun’ (Cloud Nine), Directed by Andreas Dresen? It got the Coup de Coeur at Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. It’s about a 60-year-old happily-married woman having an affair with a 76 year-old. The sex scenes between them were unbelievably authentic and explicit. It was a huge topic here (and a tabu one at that!) when it was released last year, however, one critic said:
    “the explicit sex scenes, which, in no way comply with Hollywood’s esthetic demands, are absolutely necessary because the film wants to show its protagonists as authentic as possible”. (rough translation). And it really did that!

    If you google Wolke Neun then you can see some clips and pictures. Truly astounding stuff.
    Best wishes from Germany

    • That’s a great idea, Jason, and i am ordering the film now. Can’t wait

  38. Have you seen the German film “Cloud 9”? What did you think? Perhaps it might inspire something for your book. xx

  39. Any Chance you stopped in Bozeman to visit with Ted on Sunday the 23rd? I swear we were on the same flight out of Denver.

  40. I have admired you forever. One of your best products was the non-electric treadmill. I do 4 miles a day and that treadmill gave me a better workout than the expensive ones. Are they still being sold anywhere? Thanks!

  41. Hi Jane,
    Tina Sloan (NYC actress) is performing her one-woman show she co-wrote about aging. It’s mostly (all?) autobiographical and I think it might be of interest to you re: your book.
    Her next performance is in Atlanta so perhaps you can see it if you’re in that city in Sept/Oct.

    “…a chance encounter one night with an old pair of shoes, sending her on a journey she never planned to take. Join Tina as she searches for the answers to life’s ultimate questions in the bottom of her closet and finds reasons to celebrate rather than to give up as she ages.”

    ps. I don’t know Tina so I’m not doing advertising for her or anything other than I think it sounds great and might be of interest to you. 🙂

  42. With a view like that anyone would feel inspired!

  43. I’m so sorry about your back pain. Ask your doctor about Cymbalta, the fact that it’s now used successfully for back pain. I’m 73 years old. I have spinal stenosis and was told I needed surgery to open up the narrowing in my spinal canal. My nurse practitioner suggested I try Cymbalta for the pain. It’s been four years now and I haven’t had any pain in all that time. I would be so happy to hear you’ve tried it. PLEASE don’t even think about back surgery!

    I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I saw “Period of Adjustment.”

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