Thank heaven I am over the cold. As usual, the homeopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum by Boiron did the trick. But you have to take it at the very start of something, when it’s just a whisper.

I did Pilates yesterday with my wonderful trainer and feel divinely sore today. I so like that feeling. It makes me know I am working my body properly. When you’ve done as much physical working out as I have over the years you learn the difference between good pain and bad pain. The “pain” of muscles that have been challenged is heaven to me.

As I often do on the way into the theatre, I stopped by the box office to say hello to the people waiting for their tickets. One of the women told me she’s still doing my workouts (VHS) and loving it. People are so surprised that I am there and we can get into nice chats.

Partly cause I am all well and partly cause I’ve worked out, I’m so looking forward to the performance. I just heard that Garry Marshall is coming tonight. So excited. He directed me in “Georgia Rule.”


Garry Marshall and his wife Barbara (photo: Michael Rudd)

See you next time.

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  1. dearest Jane, i treated myself on my birthday last night to seeing your play. well, you are the star attraction in my eyes. i so wish i had gotten there sooner to maybe have seen you enter and have a chat. i was thoroughly engrossed in the play. i loved it’s intelligence and humor. i loved the multi scenes overlapping and the set design. i’m so happy that you chose a superior vehicle as your long overdue Broadway return. congrats to you and the marvelous cast. i wish i had the spare $400 to donate for the most worthy AIDS cause so i could’ve met you, chatted with you and had my photo taken with you. this would’ve capped my 52nd birthday beautifully.
    keep the flow of your great performance in this outstanding production. i had no clue you were feeling off. all my best with your continued run.
    with a warm hug from Brooklyn,
    Gun Roze

  2. Hi Jane,

    I can’t say enough great things about your healthy lifestyle of staying in shape and working the body!! It really is so important. I know you personally give me inspiration when I find it hard to get to the gym.

    Do you do the machine based pilate classes? I am trying to make it to NYC to visit my sister and hopefully I can convince her to come see your show!


  3. Just wanted to let you know my friend was in NY and saw your play. She said you were absolutley fabulous. Had nothing but amazing things to say about your part in the play! She brought back the cd for me and Oh do I love it. You are the greatest. Hope I can get there before may, but time and $$ may make it tough.

  4. I can’t say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. Following your rehearsal and discovery process and living the backstage life with you throughout the run of the show has been really fascinating. I can honestly say I have never been a huge crazy fan, but your intelligence, insight and way with words have converted me. I am seeing the show on Friday and can’t wait. I wish you a happy and healthy rest of the run.

  5. Hello Ms. Fonda,
    I’m so glad you are over your cold! I just wanted to share my excitement with you since I will most likely be able to go see the show on Friday (that is if hopefully cross-my-fingers I dont get called to go to work) a friend and I will be going, and well im over the top excited because…. well i’ve never been to a Broadway show….and i know I can’t believe it either that I’ve never been to one! but now I am and can’t wait to see you friday!
    Best of Luck,

  6. You have now motivated me to get my butt out the door and move- if YOU can fit in workouts with your theatre schedule I should have no excuse. But it seems to me with you your exercise is almost medicinal in that it makes you feel way better. You are indeed a wise woman- you know what works for you.

  7. Natural remedies are quite often the best. I still use one of your videos now and again. I used to use it all the time but I have become more of a walker now. My job is keeping me fit these days. Garry makes cool movies, like you he comes from a very talented family!

  8. Jane,

    I need to learn the difference between good pain and bad pain when it comes to working out. I always think my muscles are being challenged in a positive way, and then the next day I’m practically immobile from the strain. Maybe I just never stretch enough before and after. Any tips for an amateur on how to tell the difference?

    That’s super cool that you chat with the people standing outside the theatre. It’s an added bonus to an already brilliant play.

    All my best,

  9. It’s great you’re staying with staying in shape. And planning a trip to the Himmilayas? Wow.

    I’ve been following a blog written by a NYer free-lance journalist who’s living in India currently. Enjoyed how he described his recent trip to Nepal; but hearing about all that climbing, whew, made me tired just reading it.

    You’re an inspiration. Better go do some walking or something!

  10. Nice Jane, I have used Myarrh at the onset of a cold .Myrrh is used more frequently in Ayurveda, Unani medicine and Western herbalism, which ascribe to it tonic and rejuvenative properties. It saved my life a few years back from walking pneumonia, a true Herbal Source just a few drops in water.
    Seems to be overlooked this ancient herb Myrrh .

  11. Garry Marshall seems like the BEST director ever! Georgia Rule was…amazing! Beaches…amazing! He is pure genius.

  12. Try Air Born that helps with a cold have to take it as soon as you feel something

  13. Oh Jane, I know that pain very well! I started doing your 1985 aerobics workout tape (the one with the red cover) when I was 15. My father got it for my mom the year it came out and then I started using it in 2001. I am 22 years old now. But I did that aerobic workout (the advanced one) every day and it is absolutely still the best aerobic workout you can get.
    I don’t know what I would have done with out that tape, it put me on the track to being healthy and realizing how working out makes you feel like a better and more beautiful person. I did it all throughout high school and everyone always told me I had the best body. I’d say, thanks to Jane! hahaha.
    I will always remember how you got me into fitness, just by that one tape and your unique and assertive and motivational attitude. And I love monster in law. I also saw Sunday In New York just the other day for the first time, sooo cute. And what a stunning young lady.

  14. Oscillococcinum: Did you realize that this homeopathic remedy is an extract of the Muscovy Duck’s liver and heart? I used it once at the advice of my homeopathic physician. When I discovered what it was made from I could no longer take it as I am a vegan and will not take part in utilizing medications or even homeopathic remedy’s made from animals. I doubt that they can get this extract without killing the duck anyway, but even if they could what kind of an environment might they be forced into living in?

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