I wrote Vanessa yesterday saying how proud I am of how she has raised her kids to eat healthily. I felt so bad when I ordered them Shirley Temples and she had to send them back. I should have known better. The red dye in cherry juice is very very bad. Here is what she replied to me today: “I’m amazed by how good they are about what they eat. Not that they wouldn’t drink a shirley temple if offered, but if they knew it was Sprite or some other Coke product, they’d have said “no.” Parents are always telling me that my kids ask what’s in something before accepting. And what other kids ask for seconds of broccoli, and will leave half a desert uneaten? ” I am so proud.

Here’s what else she wrote today: ” Just read the blog to kids and showed them photo from dressing room. Viva says, “it’s weird…in a good way.” She also said it was snowing in Atlanta and now here, this morning!!!

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  1. So great and REAL! I would have done the same thing with the same results. My daughter, Trea Caitlin (Vanessa’s age), has a PhD from Yale in Molecular Neuroscience and is so conscious and wise about how she’s raising my grandkids, Sasha, almost 5, and Patrick, almost 3.
    Sasha asks, “Mom, is this a Superfood?”
    I, too, am so proud, and perhaps many of our generation could take just a mite of credit for having birthed and raised such wonderful children in the 70s, so that they are now raising their children even more consciously! Yay Evolution! Revolution from the Cradle!

    • Cindy Clark: where are you? Francie and I wondering. You have 2 grandbabies???? holy smokes, that’s awesome, write me back, I’ll tell F.

  2. My kids are so funny…the second they are full, they stop eating, no matter what it is. If it happens to be desert, they put it in a Baggie with their name on it. You wouldn’t believe how many tiny bits of cupcake I find in little Baggies because they don’t want to waste the food, and want to save it for later, but will not eat past the point of fullness. I have learned amazing things from my little people! I agree with the red dye fear…when I was a nursing mom, if I myself ate something that had red or yellow dye, somehow it affected my children through my breastmilk and they would projectile vomit. I learned early on not to eat things with the horrible dyes in them. Of course, that was the early 90s and you couldn’t even find Baby Tylenol without Red dye in it. Now you can so people are finally becoming aware.

  3. Jane,

    Your grandchildren are not only adorable, but it’s refreshing to see people at such a tender age being mindful of their diet and health. Vanessa is clearly a fantastic parent! This goes without saying, but you should be very proud of your family.

    All my best,

  4. I remember when we were kids, we were only allowed soft drink (soda) on our birthdays and at Christmas, and even then it was monitored. We always had a good feed of vegetables and fruit and Mum would make a lot of homemade treats which were just that – treats. We appreciated them more when we had them and we grew up healthy and happy. I am sure that the kids will appreciate Vanessa’s care as they get older even more so. It is nice to be a kid sometimes and have an icecream or a chocolate as a treat.

  5. Jane! Tonight I am going to see your show for the second time- first row center this time! Last time I was in the mezzanine but nonetheless, I loved the show. My mother and I have always been huge fans of yours and have to this day, kept your entire aerobics collection. Looking forward to tonight!

  6. LOL. You’re their grandmother…you are supposed to be ordering them Shirley Temples!
    One would think you raised Vanessa and Troy to make healthy food choices as well…was that the case?
    The organic apple doesn’t fall far from the organic tree.

  7. YEA for VANESSA!!!…wish I had known better!!!years ago! It’s never too late to learn though (I hope).

  8. Yikes! Surely the occasional populist treat won’t hurt those children! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this blog with us. You have touched my life..thank you.

  10. Viva is a beautiful name!! I love it. She’s very cute too. So is your grandson.

  11. Jane,

    Hope your vitamin C’s helped.
    Your right, most children do not ask what is in something, enjoy vegetables. It is like anything else, if we teach our children at a young age, everything becomes second nature.
    With your family tree, I am sure you will be continually amazed and bursting with pride.
    Hurray for great parenting!

  12. I worked at a movie theater when I was 16. I used to change the bags for the soft drinks and sometimes they’d break open. I was so disgusted by the black syrup that I have never drunk Coca Cola or soft drinks since. To me, a Coke is just fizzy syrup-water. YUCK!!!!! I won’t mention the “butter flavor” and how disgusting that stuff is!!!!

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