I went out to get a bagel from Starbucks and forgot my money. (They were out anyway) I came back to get my money and went somewhere else for the bagel and forgot my Blackberry. I took a nap and forgot to set the alarm. But I’m not nervous. Oh no, not me.

There’s almost no room for me!

I’m glad I got to the theatre early to open all the gifts and cards. I feel so surrounded by love and protection. The production 101 company even sent gifts for Tulea (it’s also her 4th birthday tomorrow). Oooooh I am so happy. Will I ever party tonight. I’ll twitter during my breaks.
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  1. I am so glad I read about your play in USA Today. I can now keep up with what you are doing. You are such a talented actress. I am glad Robin told you to keep acting. We should not be deprived of your wonderful acting talents. Have a great run-of-the-play and knock em dead! Wished I was closer to New York to be able to see it. Keep us updated. Happy Birthday to Tulea! reading about the things you did while nervous was too funny.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing familiar faces in your photos. I wish I were in NYC to see your play – couldn’t you produce it into a movie so that the rest of us can see it? We enjoyed your charcterizations in your last two movies – twas good to see you again. You are such a wonderful actress; your families must be very proud of you. Did you know that there are quite a few retired actors/actresses living in Santa Fe – I’m sure some must be friends. Why not try it – we’d love to have you in N.M.

  3. Just found your site. I love it! I’ve been a fan since forever, and remember the first time I saw you in Circle of Love back in… oh god, nevermind. Congratulations on the play, wish I could come to see you. Tulea is adorable, and you of course look fantastic. Sending good wishes for continued success! BTW, is it still appropriate to say “break a leg?” If not, nevermind. Best, Penn

  4. I just found out you have a blog and will keep up with
    you more regularly. I think you are a great actress and
    activist. I was in New York last October and saw 4
    plays, August: Osage County, All My Sons, Hairspray
    and Gyspy. I will try and return to New York to see
    your play before the run ends. I am glad you posted
    pictures of your dressing room. One always imagines
    a HUGE ROOM with assistants standing by.

    Jane, I am glad you are around. You are a talented,
    wise woman, you survived Hollywood and all the
    trappings and lived to tell about it. God bless.

  5. You have spent most of your working life building up a strength and brand of identity and definately rank up there with all of the other ‘credhedz’ (i.e. credible heads). But you probably appreciate more than most how vital to sustaining your reputation and credibility that your brand does not lose momentum or its significance.

    What tips would you attribute to successfully achieving such nerves of steel?

    Thank you, in anticipation of your reply.
    Best wishes

  6. I have been a fan of yours for so long we won’t mention the number. I was delighted to see that you are on stage. That along with your activism within Atlanta is much to admire. You go girl!
    I live in Atlanta and saw you with Tulea at a local bistro. So I am writing to you about a dog site called This site is the home of Princess Merry, a Pug of no little talent, and her family. Pampered Puppy is a review blog for the most fabulous dog wear and accessories ever! I am not an employee or in anyway gaining from telling you about this. I know you are interested in supporting women in many areas and I just see how much you love your little doggy and this web site offers so much. It is owned and run by a sweet woman named Angie who lives in Canada. She puts up a new picture of her pug Merry all through the week. So I have come to know her pretty well. If nothing else you will see what a fine photographer Angie is. And get a glimpse of a well loved Pug who brings great cheer to many fans.
    Perhaps you might consider giving Tulea a blog, you know in your spare time! Lol.
    Anyway, break a leg and keep making us proud.
    Blessings and Peace.

  7. Hi, Jane…just a quick note to say how exciting it is to have you back doing live theater. Talk about a “workout!” I hope I can get East to see the show soon. We met a few years ago at a small party in Brentwood at Dylan and Shiva’s house. You were with Paula, Tom, and Troy… and telling us in the kitchen about your FIRST Broadway play when the actor portraying your father died on stage… I believe it was on opening night! No wonder it took you so long to go back to the theater! I wanted to tell you that night, but didn’t, how absolutely, unbelievably brilliant I thought you were in The Dollmaker. It just astonishing that you were able to inhabit THAT character so wholly and it is my very favorite of your many revelatory roles.

    Wishing you a great run on Broadway and many more rave reviews!

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