I went out to get a bagel from Starbucks and forgot my money. (They were out anyway) I came back to get my money and went somewhere else for the bagel and forgot my Blackberry. I took a nap and forgot to set the alarm. But I’m not nervous. Oh no, not me.

There’s almost no room for me!

I’m glad I got to the theatre early to open all the gifts and cards. I feel so surrounded by love and protection. The production 101 company even sent gifts for Tulea (it’s also her 4th birthday tomorrow). Oooooh I am so happy. Will I ever party tonight. I’ll twitter during my breaks.
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  1. Always a good sign…..HAVE A BLAST….YOU WILL ROCK!!!!

  2. Break a leg, Jane!

  3. I saw yesterday’s performamnce and can’t stop thinking about or talking about it with whoever will listen. I laughed and cried. This is a play that lingers long after the performance is over. Thank you all!
    You have nothing to be nervous about!

  4. Dear Ms. Fonda,

    Thank you for bringing your gifts to the Broadway stage. This season is brighter because of your wonderful performance in 33 Variations. Your nerves will work for you, and you will give the most memorable performance of the season. Best wishes for an amazing opening night.

  5. God bless you and keep you in His care. My thoughts and my love are with all of you tonight. There is no cast better than this one!! Leslie (Erik’s mom)

  6. What kind of coffee shop would have refused Jane Fonda a bagel?

    It’s not like you’re not good for the money later. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Break a leg, Jane!

  7. Break a leg, Jane! Have an awesome opening! Enjoy and revel in the fact that you are doing what you absolutely have loved your entire life (never mind that you do it brilliantly!).

    From one thespian to another!

  8. You just made me laugh out loud- VERY funny blog entry. And I so appreciate and admire your self-awareness and ability to laugh at yourself. Have a great opening and enjoy- you deserve it. Both your performance and the play itself are terrific…

  9. Saw last Saturday’s matinee performance (Mar 7). I enjoyed it. I know nothing about music, I just know what I like (Beatles, Bach, Pink Floyd). That’s why I was surprised by how much I learned about Beethoven and the Variations. It was a delight to see you live after many years of admiring your work (my fave film is China Syndrome – it still sends shivers up my spine at the end).

    Good luck on this your opening night. Looking forward to hear how it went on your blog and twitter etc.

  10. Awww Jane, LOL. Good to know that I’m not the only one who gets discombobulated when its show time!
    You know I’m sure you’ll knock their socks off. My wee ritual while I’m in the wings is to say a wee prayer for a friend who watches over me, his name is Daniel – I’ll pray he watches for you too!
    Break a leg, and hope all goes well,
    Love Ashleigh

  11. You’ll be great tonight. I saw the play already and LOVED it. I think that AUGUST OSSAGE COUNTY proved that theatregoers (even visiting tourists) are willing to see and appreciate something dramatic and challenging. So, I think you’re going to be a hit.

  12. It happens to the best of us , wait you are THE BEST!
    I know your light is shining.


  13. I wish I could see it

  14. It is reassuring to know a Pro like you still gets nervous. I know you will shine tonight!

  15. BREAK A LEG !

  16. You really don’t sound nervous to me…oh no, not at all! Your secret’s safe with me! :~0

  17. Quick question do you remember the film Rollover? Could this be what is happening now?

  18. I still think that the labors, anxieties,and trials that people think about is what keeps them alive or feel alive.
    Characters themself start out that way to keep interest real life and real persons are to be the same cloth

  19. Aww Jane, no need to be nervous I’m sure your gonna do great.

    wow a day of forgetting things, ha it was the same for me too.
    take care, and good luck.

  20. BREAK A LEG, but only one, and NO whistling!!

    with love,
    glynda bennett

  21. Well Good Luck!. You’ll do great

  22. Well, I cant be there, but am sending you good thoughts.
    Cant wait to hear all about opening night!
    Love your blog!

  23. Nope, you are not nervous, just excitedly scared :)) You are fabulous! xo
    Cheers, Shelagh

  24. Wish I could be in your audience tonight for what I’m sure will be an opening night to remember — but I will be there in two weeks, and I can’t wait. Break a leg!

  25. Jane,
    Congratulations on all the positive reviews 33 Variations is receiving upon its official opening.
    I also want to thank you for the highly engaging way in which you are sharing so much of your uncommon life both here on this your blog and also on Twitter – where I first learned of your blog.

  26. “Break a leg” as they say…can’t wait to hear back!

  27. Happy almost birthday to that cutie Tulea! If I could give you a million congratulations on the show, I would. It makes me so happy to know that things are going well. Besides forgetting things. Haha. You’re are, was, and forever will be a success. Congrats (again) and all my love!

  28. Congratulations! And great thanks for taking us back stage on this great night. It’s a thrill to see your gorgeous flowers. You are my hero! V


  30. I wish you only success in the run of the show!

  31. Congratulations!
    I just read ben brantley’s review–sorry but being from new england the times reigns supreme–i am SO happy for you and all of us older girls.
    have fun!
    all the best,
    leigh wt

  32. Dear Jane and Tulea,
    Lucky and I wish Tulea a Happy Birthday. Wish you had been here on Lucky’s B-day. He was 2 2 weeks ago and we celebrated. Keep up the great work. Will be in NYC on the 31st just to see the show! I’m sure it’s great.
    Susan Levy Atlanta, Ga
    The Zen garden just isn’t the same without Jane and Tulea.

  33. Congratulations Ms. Fonda. Your performance is one for the history books. And thank you for your blog. It’s honest and immediate. My dad’s been struggling with Parkinson’s for the past five years, and seeing your performance, and this play was very cathartic for me. Thank you and bless you.

  34. Oh Jane, congratulations on your opening night! I really wish I could have been there to see the performance, but since I wasn’t, I thought about you and the rest of the cast and crew all evening.

    I was actually thinking of sending you flowers, but I figured you’d be receiving a ton of them, and from the pictures, it looks like I was correct. So instead I’m sending you virtual hugs.

    I’m just so happy for you! I hope the night goes splendidly and I look forward to your Tweets about the after party.


    All my best,

  35. Brava!!!!!!

  36. Big congrats on the NYT review. I hope I can make it to NYC to see the show. It’s so great you’re having fun and bringing your acting talents to bear!

  37. My family and I hope that you had an absolutely marvelous opening night, Ms. Fonda!

    The next best thing to being there is havin’ your blog & twitters. We get big smiles every time we read. Your twittering & blogging rocks!

    Tulea dear, may you have a delightful birthday! Yappy birthday to you . . . and many more! ^.^

  38. Congratulations, Ms. Fonda! Saw the show last week- you were simply marvelous. All the accolades pouring today are well-deserved.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gifts on Broadway! Welcome back.

  39. yeah – i agree – you rock!

  40. I thought the play was great! It is also great to see you on Broadway. You have been away too long. My friend and I are thinking about seeing it again.


  41. have a great day off. i can’t wait to get back to work on wednesday! love.

  42. Congratulations, Ms. Fonda, on the opening of 33 VARIATIONS from all of us at the OMAHA COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE! I’m personally so excited to finally see the play next week when I come to New York! You have given us all an incredible gift by sharing your experience through this wonderful website – THANK YOU! I’m addicted to your blog and read it daily!
    The Omaha Playhouse is approaching its 85th Season and we are planning several tributes to the legacy of your father as we present both 12 ANGRY MEN this spring and MR. ROBERTS in 2010. Both productions will coincide with 2 film tributes to Mr. Fonda at Film Streams, Omaha’s non-profit Art Cinema. Henry’s footsteps still resonate inside this theatre and we are delighted to celebrate him and his remarkable family.
    Thank you, Jane, so much, for sharing your magnificent stage adventure! Much love from the Omaha Playhouse!

  43. Congratulations on opening night!!…the light and power are within you ..keep letting it shine Jane…..all the best!

  44. Oh, to be in NYC to see the show. Your work both public and private has always been terrific.


  45. Knock em dead Jane!

  46. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman and actress. You’ll be great as always!

  47. Just read a review of opening night and as I anticipated your performance was labeled Fantastic! YEA!!!!!!


  48. Hello Jane,
    You are one of my favorite actresses. I am 54 yrs. old
    and I have loved you since I was 10, and you were in
    France; a young actress, doing films with Vadim. I always knew you were very smart. You were not beautiful in the Catherine Deneuve or Bridgit Bardot
    way. Their beauty always had a vacuousness, kind
    of vapid aura that always squelched my curiousity before it began. Your beauty lay, yes, in your physical
    self, but also in your persona and in your performance
    as an actress. You were intriguing, mysterious, meticulous in your concentration and curious about
    everything around you which made me want to
    know more about you. You disturbed the status quo.
    Your sexuality was intriguing because there was a smartness , an eagerness; an edgyness to it. A twist. It made me say, even as a young girl, “Who is this young actress,
    Jane Fonda. I want to know everything about her.”
    When I was 14 and saw, “THey Shoot Horses, don’t They”, it was a revelation to me as it was the first time
    I saw an actress of your generation be raw and available
    in a modern way (it was the 70’s, after all). And then
    KLUTE was a mind blower. Just had to tell you this.
    Anyway, other suggestions for Museums are: The Rubin
    Museum of Art (Asian, Indian, Tibetan culture) really –
    an exquisite museum off the beaten path. Also, the
    Tenement Museum on Orchard St. on the lower east side. (unfortunately, it’s not the ‘lower east side’ anymore.) WHile you’re down there, stop at Yonah
    Shimmels Knishes on East Houston St. next to the
    Sunshine Movie Theater (Fabulous film showcase for
    independent films). Oh, and ‘Break a Leg’. You’ll be
    wonderful opening nite. I just know it. I follow your
    life with much interest and maybe one day I’ll meet you.
    You have been an inspiration to me in all your journeys
    and explorations in life and I only wish the best for you.
    Best, best regards,
    Stefanie Vinopal


  49. Oh, those flowers! Beautimous! As are you!

  50. i am sooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you! I tell you, my heart actually beats fast BEFORE I read your blog. It has been so refreshing to follow your journey to this opening night.. Your blog entries would make a wonderful book ( for one of your charities??) so many celebrities yammmer on about nothing, YOU have something to say… you words matter! thank you so much.. a huge fan, break a leg!! rog

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