Jane Fonda has announced the re-release of her five most popular VHS workout programs. Re-mastered and available on DVD and Digital Download for the first time, the release includes the Original Jane Fonda Workout, which is the best selling home video of all time, Jane Fonda’s New Workout, Jane Fonda’s Easy Going Workout, Jane Fonda’s Low Impact Workout, and Jane Fonda’s Complete Workout.

Collectively the Jane Fonda Workout series consisted of 22 titles and smashed home video sales for over a decade selling over 17 million copies. The Workout ushered in a new era in Home Video, and completely changed the Health & Fitness landscape.

In 2010 Fonda returned to Fitness with the launch of her PRIME TIME series after noting that the home video market had largely neglected the boomer and senior population. PRIME TIME includes the New York Times best selling book, PRIME TIME: love, health, sex, fitness, friendship, spirit; Making the most of all of your life, as well as five best selling fitness DVD’s including: PRIME TIME: Fit & Strong, PRIME TIME: Firm & Burn, and PRIME TIME: Trim tone & Flex.

Her high engagement with fans, through personal encounters, social media, and her website, brought her countless stories of loyal Workout practitioners who had worn through their original VHS tapes or no longer had a working VCR.

“People always tell me how the Workout changed their lives and ask why we never released the original titles on DVD. Even recently Michael Strahan revealed that he used the workout tapes to, as he said, literally work his butt off, and credited them with his becoming conscious of the importance of working out. I am thrilled about the re-release of these programs and hope that they will continue to have an impact for those who are committed to improving their health and fitness.” said Fonda



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