August 18-19

Another fun day on the set of “Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding”. The last 2 days we’ve shot nothing but peace and love. The day before was the major misunderstanding. It was too intense to take pictures, but really good, I feel. Mark Schmidt did an amazing job moving through the whole house, out the porch and across the road all in one scene with the steady cam. Whew! Glad I’m just an actor.

Catherine’s beautiful standin…getting her PHD in Criminal Justice.

Our very talented, handsome, preppie production designer, Carl Sprague

The big reflectors they use to bounce light off of

Mark Schmidt, the amazing steady cam operator. You gotta be strong and good for this work. That camera is heavy!!

Bruce waiting for the shot to be ready with Lori Hicks (she does my makeup) walking up behind.

Nat Wolff, my "grandson."


Aaron Quarles getting my hair ready

Me and Nat

"Grace" using her crystals to heal "Jake’s" headache while daughter and granddaughter look on

Another nice outfit thanks to Johann Stegner

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