August 18-19

Another fun day on the set of “Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding”. The last 2 days we’ve shot nothing but peace and love. The day before was the major misunderstanding. It was too intense to take pictures, but really good, I feel. Mark Schmidt did an amazing job moving through the whole house, out the porch and across the road all in one scene with the steady cam. Whew! Glad I’m just an actor.

Catherine's beautiful standin...getting her PHD in Criminal Justice.

Our very talented, handsome, preppie production designer, Carl Sprague

The big reflectors they use to bounce light off of

Mark Schmidt, the amazing steady cam operator. You gotta be strong and good for this work. That camera is heavy!!

Bruce waiting for the shot to be ready with Lori Hicks (she does my makeup) walking up behind.

Nat Wolff, my "grandson."


Aaron Quarles getting my hair ready

Me and Nat

"Grace" using her crystals to heal "Jake's" headache while daughter and granddaughter look on

Another nice outfit thanks to Johann Stegner

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  1. Hi Jane this movie seems to go on forever you all
    work very hard and deserve the good pay receive.
    Thank you for the tweet.

    Take care Myr

  2. Hello Jane,
    Interesting how “Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding” and “Eat, Pray, Love” seem to be the start of three syllable words film titles.
    Inception was actually a brilliant film; well casted and a great story with plenty of depth, but an extra syllable added may have added something.
    Three: Syllable Structure Can Vary A Lot Another reason English Grammar is so hard. I’m sure other films had three-syllable’s but just thinking on the subject one coult put a few in a hat and come up with some good ones. Some film titles I come up with , see what you think : wisdom, patriotism, and justice- */ will, energy, and self-control-*/wild, confused, and dizzy=*/waddling, perspiring, and breathless-*/unclean, shameful, and degrading=*/threats, cries, and prayers. Just to get the idea, one could go on, I’m sure we could see more on the billboards soon.

  3. The pics from the set are fabulous!! It looks like a fascinating story being filmed!! Your wardrobe for the film look great on you (esp.with your new hair style and hair color)! Hope your film does well!!

  4. very nice .. i want to be an actress. will you read my blog? MY FAT LIFE http://www.lindagallagher.wordpress.com a fat funny sad adopted girl from brooklyn, ny with issues, still .. start from the beginning ..

    love you ms. fonda ..

  5. oh, most important .. i wish you could help me to lose weight .. i have been carrying my hurt in lbs. for about 40 years now .. it is getting way heavy, ms. fonda ..

    way too heavy, wish you could help me. my favorite moment with you is in “on golden pond” with your father .. i cried like a baby. i am adopted and have no heritage. to this day i do not know the name of my mother and father. it still hurts.

    love to you, stay well with the cold and all. enjoy your craft, it suits you .. 🙂

  6. The more that is shown about your film the more excited I am to actually see it!! All of the activity on the set may be so routine to you and your fellow actors, but thank you so much for allowing us to share the experiences through your vivid explanations and photograghs…….you offer an understanding to our novice eyes.

    BTW, I would grow my hair long again if I thought it would look anywhere near as good as in these photos. But, I believe your features help the hairstyle – so the “logical” side of me says “my gray may stay, but the length must go.” Watch this be THE look for the red carpet after this movie hits the market!!

  7. Even at a blogs-length, it’s clear to me you’re having a good time being back in movies. Happiness & creative fulfilment. Back where you belong!x

  8. Hi, Jane. This looks like it will be a great film. Can’t wait to see it. You look fantastic in your hippie duds. Love the colours. And you look fabulous with the long haired wig, as well.
    Thanks, once again, for posting all the pics.

  9. Blue is your color

  10. It’s a long way from Barbarella, but you still look great. Can’t wait to see the film.

  11. I am no longer a fan because of the constant Nat “Wolffe” pimping. Used to check your website every day but haven’t been here in a week because I knew what it would be, no matter what your fans have said. Little do you care. No one saw or heard of Mao’s Last Dancer and it will be even worse for this “movie” because of the presence of the worst actor I have ever had the misfortune to watch. If you would have at least acted like you cared what YOUR fans say (not people connected with him who only come here to butter you up because of your relentless promotion of him), I would have some pity.
    The fact that 90% of your blogs are about him and not the higher profile, more talented cast only makes it all the more obvious that something fishy went on with this casting. He has even admitted himself that he didn’t audititon for the role.

  12. You look beautifull !!! I am very happy we collaborated on this movie, you are a wonderfully talented actrice to watch in the creative process. Thank you for being so kind and patient with all of us.

  13. your hair looks fabulous…

  14. i like the colors , the general atmosphere!!especially the purple one!! such a beautiful blog, it could have made a nice book, with such tremendous pics!!

  15. “Grace” is a knock-out! If I had “Grace’s” jawline I would still wear my hair down, alas…

    The movie looks great. I am becoming anxious for it. 🙂

  16. I just want to say how much I appreciate the way you give a glimpse into your world and the creative aspects to it. I think it’s a real gift that you take the time for doing this blog.

  17. LOVE THE PIX!!

  18. Hi, Jane…wanted to say that I LOVE what they did for your hair for this movie! It looks totally & utterly natural…and from me to you, (having let my hair grow out grey/white over a year ago)…it makes you look absolutely real and wise and fantastic and sexy and earthy….all of the things you actually ARE!!! So the next time you are considering those “highlights” or “redoing the color”…please consider that. Once upon a time there was no such thing as “dye”‘ nor that “youth” thing. It took that realization for me to see that this was ME….and, I am happy to report…while my husband married me when I was still “coloring” my redheaded scalp, he adores me, and doesn’t miss it at all….actually thinks its even MORE sexy! Go figure.
    I am blessed. So are you. Richard’s hair is gorgeous…and natural. These pictures of you as this character are even MORE who you are, in my humble opinion, than the ones we usually see. You are a magnificent woman, Jane…celebrate EXACTLY who you are!!! And if you don’t want to, I totally get it. Just wanted to throw in my one penny, which probably ain’t worth much! Blessings galore!

  19. Hi Jane, You look great! Hope my niece is doing a great job for a standin for Catherine, it’s a great picture of her and we are all proud of her. Take care and can’t wait to see the movie…

  20. These are great pictures! I feel like I’m right there watching all the activities! You wear such pretty outfits in this movie! Looks like you feel very comfortable in them!

    That steady cam looks like it would be heavy! I know it must take a strong, creative person to use it!

    It’s hard to believe you’re getting ready to finish another film! So glad you’ve had so much fun filming it!

    Your wig looks so natural on you!

  21. Jane, you look absolutely gorgeous with those long, Botticelli-esque gray waves! Gorgeous!

  22. Wow…..I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. I loved you in “Monster In-law”. Very funny and stunningly beautiful. Your behind the scenes photos are incredible, offering a very personal insight.

    By the way I am not the minority whip ~ though I unfortunately share his name, spelled differently.

    If you have time and are so inclined visit my friends blog Virgil Speaks.

    Suzi is quite an interesting woman an art critic for the better part of her life. If you do decide to check it out gird your loins my dear because she can be a dismal jimmy.

    Be Well

  23. Bonjour
    Vous êtes ravissante avec cette belle chevelure sel et poivre. Au plaisir de vous voir sur grand écran.

    Vous êtes une inspiration pour moi, je vous admire depuis toujours.

  24. Love all of the updates and pictures. You look great in this new role..what a flashback, huh? Looks like a great cast and crew, too. Happy Summer.

  25. This looks so much like my backyard(2) acres….this movie has made me love my landscape even more…..Im so glad they named you grace……how fitting for you…we had book club tonight….boy do I wish you could join us…..your amazing…kp

  26. Dear jane ~ last left you sitting on the floor at grand central. Where are you. Finish of shoot? We’ve lost you. Moreso, miss you. Hell+? Is everything alright? Please bring up to blogspeed soon. Xox m&lb

  27. Dear Jane, I had no idea that Eve Ensler was sick…do tell her that the whole world is rooting for her recovery!

  28. Jane How awsome what a lovely family. and I am looking forward to seeing the movie!

  29. You look sensational! I’m not that far away from Woodstock;I live in Greene County. It would have been an honor and priviledge to have met you;my cousin Dennis Ambrose was one of the editors who worked on your biography,which I love.
    I wish you continued success in your endevours.


  30. You look absolutely amazing! I am such a huge fan.
    All the best!

  31. Hi Jane
    Where are you?? I know I’m being selfish, but you haven’t blogged for ages and I miss it. And now that I temporarily have more free time on my hands, I’m back to my daily morning ritual of checking my own emails, then the BBC news, then the weather, then you!

    BTW I had a night stop in London last week and one of the TV channels showed Julia. So instead of taking my afternoon nap, I watched it. That film takes my breath away every time. Stunning. The scene with you and VR in the pub where you meet after so many years and you cry is just sublime. And all the scenes in the train. The tension is so palpable. Fantastic. A real classic. And I never tire of watching it because there are so many new things to discover each time I watch it.

    And you speak German in it…! 🙂
    Take care

  32. Love the Blog!

    Where are you?

  33. You amaze me with your grace. Thank you for all that you are. I crave seeing your work on screen and look forward to every minute. This was my first look at your blog and it is heart warming to see your humanity. Thanks again.

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