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    I know this probably sounds silly but given her schedule and prior commitments it’s a shame that Jane can’t be cloned to fill what should be a prime slot in Biden’s Cabinet. Recalling her and Ted’s unparalleled and courageous work, since the early ’80s, for educating communities and the world against the highly destructive environmental and…[Read more]

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    Jane Fonda is sadly one of the very few world notables who for decades has done much to enlighten communities, institutions and governments against the insanity of the population birth rate, though which has gone unchanged since the early 60s. I’m old enough to recall when Jane and Ted Turner had boldly discussed the consequences of this “last tab…[Read more]

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    Hi Kayla, Thanks for reaching out to be friends. The first quarter of the year always very busy for me, plus I recently moved when the family sold the house, so it’s been very uncomfortably hectic all around. But when I heard of Jane’s arrest in NYC I wanted to stop make what I think is a very important, if perhaps controversial post. I think it…[Read more]

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