Jane Fonda’s Workout Book

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Paper) (March 1984)

The most popular book on its subject. Launched another kind of revolution, whose influence and impact remain unabated to this day. Text by Jane Fonda. Photographs by Steve Schapiro. In pictorial DJ with color photographic reproduction of Jane Fonda and black titles on cover and spine, as issued. Presents “more than the best exercise program for women. It offers a whole new approach to health and beauty. Jane Fonda’s philosophy of physical well-being, which she has incorporated into her own life, will change forever the way you think about and treat your body. This is a program that will not only make you look and feel terrific, it will also give you more energy and endurance and enable you to cope with the stresses and demands of the world around you” (Publisher’s blurb). After years of being ostracized as “Hanoi Jane” for going to Vietnam and speaking in their political struggle’s favor, Jane Fonda stunned everyone by reinventing herself as a fitness guru, finding what can only be described as phenomenal success with her Workout Regimen, which approached the problems of the female body (from beauty to health to aging) from a more holistic standpoint. This book sold millions of copies and spawned hundreds of imitators. None of them has equalled much less surpassed Jane Fonda’s pioneering example.

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