Today is my grandson’s birthday. I will have to wait to call him cause he’s in school.

I am waiting to start another rehearsal here in the apartment with Daniel Bruhl and Christine Dejoux, the dialogue coach who is really wonderful. This time I’ll take a photo.

Daniel Bruhl

The dialogue coach, Christine Dejoux

Rehearsing with Daniel Bruhl who plays a young ethnology student studying the aging population in Europe

Rehearsing with Daniel Bruhl

This morning I took Tulea to the French dog groomer. Didn’t they do a terrific job? Very Francaise, n’est ce pas?

Tonight I am having dinner with Richard’s brother, Andrew. In the 1940s, their mother, the feisty Sylvia Perry, started a company called Peripole, that makes musical instruments, especially percussion instruments like drums, tambourines, triangles– for school children. I remember them well as a child growing up. Sylvia cares about young people learning music, how to play it and how to appreciate it. She is 91 now and still runs the company out of her office which she created in the garage of her cottage in the retirement home outside of Portland, Oregon, where she lives. Andrew, one of her four sons, now lives close by and helps her run the company. The factory that makes many of the specialized instruments, Bergerault, is in France, in the Loire Valley. They have been partners for 37 years . Every year for many decades Sylvia would come to visit the Bergerault factory and it’s owners—Colette and Gilbert Fergeau. Colette’s father founded the company and was a hero when, while a prisoner in a Nazi camp during WWII, made his unique percussion instrument out of cans and rubber. She will receive the French Légion d’honneur in August for her work in protecting the ‘patrimoine’—the family name and skills. Now Andrew Perry comes each year to visit the factory. This year he comes with his daughter Erin, 16 years old (and featured previously in my blog), and Cak Marshall, the educational director for Peripole . We all had dinner tonight at Brasserie Lipp.

We had a good dinner and a good time.

Colette and Andrew

Colette and Gilbert Fergeau

Me, Tulea, Erin and Cak

See you next time.

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