Yesterday I went with Nathalie, her daughter, Victoria, and Nathalie’s mother, Helene, to see the matinee performance of a comedy, “Drink, Smoke, And Drive Fast”, that Christian Vadim is in and it was absolutely wonderful. Although there were some very French insider jokes that I didn’t get, I found the play really original and hysterically funny. Clearly I’m not alone. It’s a big hit. And Christian is just perfect in it. He has a great stage presence, tackles the role of an irrepressible, lovable, playful, silly drunk with enormous talent. I was so moved to see him up there, the little baby whose diapers I used to change, grown into an accomplished actor.

After he finished his 2nd show for the day, he joined us at the still popular club, Chez Castel, —along with his wife, Julia, his brother Vania and his companera, Olivia. (Both Julia and Olivia are major TV hosts on French TV), Daniel Bruhl and a friend of his, joined as did Jason Sellards—the lead singer with the immensely popular Scissor Sisters group. They will be performing in Paris July 4th and all of us are going to the show. Jason has been in town doing interviews to promote their new album which be soon be released. Jason told me that the other day when he was doing a widely watched TV show here, they unexpectedly showed a film clip of him on stage working out with me the World Fitness Day in Atlanta on May 1st. (I did my warm up to one of their songs, “Comfortably Numb,” and invited him to join me).

We had a good time. I had not been to Chez Castel in 50 years. Vadim and I used to practically live there. After dinner (the food was delicious) we all went downstairs and danced.

Roses on Nathalie’s balcony across from the Jardin de Luxembourg

A view from nathalie’s Balcony

One of Nathalie’s cats

More roofs of Paris. I’m obsessed

Victoria with her mother, Nathalie –Vadim’s niece

Julia, Christian (Vadim) and Olivia

me and Jason (Scissor Sisters). He is in Paris to promote their new album, "Night Works"

Rascal Thomas, trying to stay cool (he’s very cool. A fine and prolific French film director. Victoria is his daughter. Nathalie and he work together)

Olivia, Vania and me

Looking down the table from the other end

Today I will concentrate on my book!

See you next time

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