Last weekend I flew to Paris for the week to promote my book PRIME TIME, visit with family, and visit on of the L’Oreal factories. Took lots of picture so this blog will be in three parts.

I flew on the Air France Airbus 380. So big it looks pregnant.

I stayed at the Hotel Lutetia on the Left Bank

Hotel Lutetia with it’s beautiful deco lobby

I’m in the “Bear Suite” where I stayed 7 years ago when I came to promote my memoirs. This time it’s “Prime Time”, also published in France by Plon.

View from my window.

On my first night in Paris I had a family dinner. Here with Vania Vadim, my first husband Roger Vadim’s son with Catherine Schneider, Nathalie, Vadim’s niece and Helene, Vadim’s sister.

With 2 other of Vadim’s wives. My friends Catherine Schneider (left) and Marie Christine Barralt (right).

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  1. WOW Jane these pics are AMAZING! I have often wondered though….i know you are a big animal lover (i’m a HUGE animal lover, vegetarian and only but cruelty free products) however Loreal tests it’s products on animals. Is this something you are aware of? Maybe you could help them realize how barbaric it is and convince them to change their ways.

  2. Looks like you had a blast. Smiling away, and why not. You are in Paris. Salute

  3. Thank you for taking the time as always to take photos and share your trip. They are beautiful.

    Loved the photo of you and the other ex wives. What fun!

  4. I love how the outside of your hotel looked. Can’t wait to see more pictures.
    I finally saw “Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding”. I enjoyed it. Does the town of Woodstock really still have that hippie type feel?
    Enjoy your Halloween and lets hope for victory come Election Day. I sure do hope Bo, the first dog, can spend another 4 years at the White House.

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