Well, first 2 show day in two years and I am 2 years older, so we’ll see how it goes. The matinee went really well. A very appreciative audience. I am pleased that word of mouth is good and that ticket sales are robust– good word, “robust”!

I will now try to sleep for a couple of hours till it’s time for tonight’s show. I have friends coming tonight…my wonderful hair stylist, Matthew Shields and his also wonderful partner, Alfonso. Also coming are 3 couples with whom I was very close in the ’70 s and ’80s. I will take photos of them all tonight to go with this blog.

Matthew and Alfonso

The other day, Marlo Thomas told me that if you grew up in LA, doing a play here is like old home week– people one hasn’t seen since kindergarten know where you are and come to see. For the most part, this is good. I am excited about seeing my friends tonight.

Bill Zimmerman and his wife, Joan Anderson, lived right next door to my family and me in Ocean Park during the Vietnam War. They were part of the anti war work we did then. Jack Nichol and his wife, Carol Kurtz, lived with my husband, Tom Hayden, and me and our children in the house on Wadsworth Ave that my father called the shack! Well, maybe it was a shack then ( i bought it for $40,000. The area was redlined back then, meaning no bank would invest in its development. All there was were bars, laundromats and thrift shops back then. I remember once all my clothes were stolen from the washing machine in the laundromat when I went to grab a cup of coffee. ( we did not have a washer/ dryer or dishwasher back then.) The whole area has been, totally gentrified since. That house of ours sold recently for almost $3 million. Those were challenging, scary years and Carol, in particular, was a stalwart support for me. I have written about them in my memoir.

left to right, Carol Kurtz, Jack Nichol, Jesse Kurtz-Nichol's fiancé, Bill Zimmerman, Jesse Kurtz-Nichol and, in front, me and Joan Anderson

Here we all are. With Carol and Jack is one of their sons, Jesse, and his fiancé. Bill has written a book, “Troublemaker,” that will be published in April by Doubleday. He says it will chronicle his emergence as an anti war activist and the many historic and unusual things he experienced (and some of us with him) during those tumultuous years, it” s so interesting seeing people you have shared so much with in times gone by– deep and complicated things– and then seeing them decades later– still together, looking very much the same. I could send weeks catching up. But I have an early show tomorrow so there was little time.

Tomorrow being Super Bowl Sunday, we have but one show.

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  1. Dear jane~have no doubt, your energy is very clear now – and coming thru loud and perfect. Good times for you, affirming. Enjoy every second of this journey. You’re home. Love, m&lb

  2. Hello Jane,
    Looking well, a OUR FIRST 2-SHOW DAY that wont happen , and maybe light viewing because of the Super Bowl Sunday. Jack Nichol’s book sounds interesting , happen to be at a national re-union of Old SDS members a few years ago, was almost a sur-realist painting. I was reading the play by Bertolt Brecht “A Man’s a Man” and recalled the film “Touch of Evil” with Marlene Dietrich line “He was some kind of a man” I just got line about Orson Welles, it was Bertolt Brecht’s play “A Man’s a Man” Bertolt Brecht group has 33 members . Connected artists include Marlene Dietrich . Brecht was in Hollywood from 1941-47 and would have been in contact with Dietrich and Welles. Welles even ushers in the influence of Bertolt Brecht on film acting. Dietrich’s line: “He was some kind of a man”. Anyways it make a way of viewing the film a new ,seeing Welles in Brecht’s view in his play in mind, Welles becomes the Man.I see the film in a new light.

  3. Jane,
    I have always followed you and I have read all your books. You have much to share with the world from your life experience and you do this so well. Incredibly, your beauty becomes even more outstanding as you age! Perhaps, it’s because it comes from within…
    Thank You for having the guts to share it,

  4. I love that you open your life to us. Thank you for being so opaque. Best wishes fir a succesful run…

  5. My husband and I were at the Saturday matinée and just loved the show, your performance, and everything else about it! This is theatre for thinking people!! It was emotional and uplifting for both of us! And imagine our delight to come here and find that you could feel our appreciation! Thanks to you and the whole company for a wonderful Saturday afternoon that we will long remember!

  6. I can’t believe you folks don’t have two shows because of the Super Bowl! That is one powerful football game. I would much rather sit in a theatre and enjoy a play . . . . of course I live in Detroit where our team is the Lions. The Super Bowl is not in the near future for us. I bet if you guys would have put in a few funny commercials during intermission your play would have easily sold out for the evening show! Anyway, I’m glad you are able to see old friends and get into the full swing of the show! I look forward to reading your future blogs.

  7. Jane, I was at your 1PM show today 2/6 and I was incredibly moved by your performance. You are a right on role model. You have inspired me to write a new play.

    Gracias y buena suerte,

  8. Jane, I took my friend Francie to the matinee yesterday (2/6), and you were captivating and moving. Your voice was clear and energetic, as always. And you looked fabulous. From performances to set and lighting design, everything was brilliant and first rate. And the house was packed. We were the anti-super bowlers! As an actress and life-long fan I wouldn’t have missed seeing you in “33 Variations.” http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/photo.php?fbid=10150090156439576&set=at.80500059575.81762.529394575.529394575

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