Right before red carpet at premiere of 'Burlesque.'

Want you to see the broach I wore. A crystal and diamond caterpillar designed by Vhernier jewelers. I got a lot of complements.

We went with my son, Troy Garity and Simone. I really enjoyed the movie. I was revved up because I was so looking forward to seeing Cher again on the big screen and she didn’t disappoint. It could have been done very differently, an older, former beauty and dancer who’s desperately trying to keep from losing her club to a developer. That wouldn’t have worked with Cher cause she’s still glam and can carry it off. Her voice is still really good and strong, and, as I said in the twitters I sent that evening, the two opening numbers, hers and Christina’s, were knockout!

For a brief moment, I got out there with the photographers to shoot Cher on the red carpet. By Jove, I think she saw me!

Then there is Christina. I have not followed her closely before but, wow, she was spectacular: the way she looked, the way she sang, the way she danced and the way she acted. She came across, to me anyway, as likeable. You root for her. I found her poignant. I got all teary several times. I thought there was real chemistry between her and her (really sexy, handsome) love interest.

I had a chance to hug Cher and chat a moment with Christina. But forgot to take any more photos. My bad!

Who knows what the critics will say. It would be easy to pick the movie apart for being too like an extended music video. But when you have Aguilera and Cher and all that dancing and songs, why not. It made for a good evening. A good date flick.

During the evening I sat and spoke with PR maven, Ronni Chasen. She did the PR for “On Golden Pond.” You can imagine the shock and heartbreak when we learned the next morning that she had been shot 5 times in the chest and killed while driving down an exclusive street in Beverly Hills coming home from the premiere. No one knows who or why—yet.

IT give us pause, yes? How fragile life is. We never know, so we need to make it matter while we can.

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  1. Looks like a glamorous premier for a fabulous movie! I can’t wait to see it. I’ve been a Christina Aguilera fan ever since her days on the Mickey Mouse Club. From the previews, it looks like she does a great job not only singing, but acting in this movie, and I’m glad that you can validate that.

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your long-time friend. The fact that you spoke with her only hours before her death really makes it hit home even more. I hope that whoever is responsible will be found and brought to justice.

  2. I happen to read on the Ronni Chasen story, and read about the after party and that Jane Fonda was holding court at a table after the show. I do wonder about it all, nothing new , the Hollywood after dark -Dark side of the business. Was view a old TV show of Walter Winchell for 1953, when Winchell still had power, a Dark lord of media. He did have one good quote~ Walter Winchell “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” That type of gossip monger,like Walter Winchell would be hard to put up with now,in today would. Yes? How fragile life is and it take a Winchell that could take it away with a few words. Cher still can glam carry it off. I my script , and I hope Ben Dey at CAA sent it , you have to power and PROFESSIONALISM and that are qualities best characterize in the role. The part is one of qualities that characterize duties and obligations. I found a old radio show of female detective series “Hot Copy” which premiered in October 1941 and carried through the war years until November 1944. With the initial lead of Anne Rogers, columnist and detective. Women Detective and news women-

  3. Dear Jane,
    I am very sorry to hear about Ronni Chasen. I am an Iraq Veteran with PTSD, trying to make sense of the violence I witnessed in Iraq. This is just senseless. It really upsets me when innocent people are victims of this kind of violence.

    Again, I am very sorry.
    -Stephen Crowley
    216th MICO Kirkuk Iraq, 2005

    • Thank you Stephen. I am so sorry about your PTSD. Stay strong. Love to you

  4. that caterpillar is stupendous! ….something you have in common. 🙂

  5. I found myself praying (out loud, no less) that I age as beautifully as you and Cher! I love the broach..reminds me of my childrens favorite book- “The Hungry Caterpillar”! Have a great week!!

  6. Cher is really cute grinning at you here. And yes, you are right. Life is fragile. None of us have a guarantee that we are going to be here tomorrow.

  7. One more thing. That caterpillar looks like it lights up.

    • First, I absolutely love your broach! So beautiful and unique! Second, I would absolutely love to go to a red carpet movie premier! It looks so exciting! We don’t have many of those here in the Detroit area! Finally, how sad about Ronni Chasen. How could anyone take someone else’s life away and so violently. Yes, you have to live life to it’s fullest and also treasure every moment you have with friends and family.

  8. thanx Jane 4 the gr8 review and 4 helping the movie get exposure
    ur an inspiration and truly admirable at how humble and loving u are
    I love u

  9. You know, it is always great to see a film that has embraced something different. Different style. Unexpected, etc. Perhaps the intention was for it to play as a giant MTV video. You can only criticize what you SEE…not what you WISHED you had seen. xo

  10. After reading your description of this premiere, can hardly wait to read about YOUR premieres of movies you made in France and New York this year.
    Your caterpillar broach is stunning! Love it!
    I was ‘shaken’ when first hearing about the death of Ronni Chasen and now reading that you knew her brings it ‘closer’ to home. I hope and pray that whoever committed this act of violence is found soon~for justice and the safety of us all!

  11. Jane, am a definite admirer, but I must offer some constructive criticism. You should really consider using spellcheck.

  12. Hi Jane, I was just going to comment on how great your picture of Cher is, (she looks very sweet)and how I am looking forward to seeing Burlesque, but I have to say I am very sorry to hear about your friend. It’s impossible to turn on the nightly news without seeing shootings for senseless reasons and now here too on your blog; Very sad.

  13. I have been following the story of Ronni Chasen’s murder because of the seeming senselessness of it. What I began to wonder though is if the killer thought she was someone else, someone who they wanted to kill, and it wasn’t so random as it seems only a mistake. If I was a famous Hollywood star, I’d make sure all my automobiles had bullet proof glass in them. I think we are in a time of random anarchy and famous or infamous people can become targets of madmen. Some in the media work to make those into targets and you know the type I mean. Something like bullet proof glass is only paranoia if there is nothing out there that could be dangerous. A person doesn’t want to avoid the world but taking some reasonable precautions seems sensible to me.

  14. Hello Jane. Do you still keep in contact with Lizzie Olsen? There is an incredible annoying person on facebook who blame to be Lizzie.. and I just think that she should be banned from there.. cause I know Lizzie would never expose herself and “brag” like that person does… I am sure Lizzie would be upset if she knew…

    This is the id:

    The facebook name:(Elizabeth Marie Olsen)

  15. U look GREAT….The caterpillar is very cool….How is the book coming? It is getting cold here in Michigan…in need of a good bio…Hope Tulea is well.Take care….Happy Holidays

  16. Jane,

    That pin is an amazing work of art (like you!) Glad to know you enjoy Cher as much as many of us. She’s an original and like you, has always danced to her own song something we all can aspire to.

  17. Hi Jane,

    There are so many women from your generation that I simply adore and continue to follow through their work — you, of course (!) and Cher, Barbra Streisand — all of you are mega talents, powerful voices, who have survived a tough business for decades and gracefully show the true dimensions of women through your unique artistry.

    Great inspirations to us all.

    So sorry to hear about Ronnie Chasen. That is a such a shocking story. I hope they catch who is responsible for such a heartless crime.


  18. Terrible thing to happen to Ronni Chasen.
    Making life count is important.
    What happens when your life is over?

  19. Hi Jane,
    I can’t wait to see Burlesque, thanks for the pics and behind the scenes peek. I love the one of Cher and that caterpillar is amazing! It looks like it has an otherworldly glow, really smashing. (As did you!).

    So sorry to hear about Ronni Chasen… that is incredibly tragic. I sure hope they get more clues and find the horrid people that were responsible.

    On a lovely note, I’m glad to hear you’re book is done. Ahhh – you must feel some relief, I’m guessing. Any idea how long it takes to get to market? Really looking forward to it.

    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!
    Mill Valley, California

  20. Amazing Women! My daughter, with pink hair, spoke briefly with you, at the Seattle Sea Tac Airport over a year ago. We were outside and you spoke to us for a moment and I was amazed at how much more beautiful you are in person. I want to thank you for being so kind/sweet to my daughter, FAWN.
    We love you and I am happy to hear you are having a peaceful life full of love…Pray for me because I need some Love in my life. Turning 60 New Year’s Eve 2010 and am going to get your new video’s on exercise. God Bless and Protect you always.

  21. What fun you had the night of the premier! Sounds like an exciting movie! I love Cher…she seems to have a strong spirit and enjoys life to the fullest! Can’t wait to see Christina in the movie as well as Cher!

    I have to say I thought your caterpillar was SO attractive and having it perched on your shoulder was a very creative way to display it!:)

    I had read about Ronni Chasen being shot! It’s hard to believe that could happen in Beverly Hills! It sounds like someone meant to harm her. So tragic. You’re right. Life is fragile….as well as fleeting! We all need to remember that rather than think we have so much time left to be on this earth!

    It’s great to hear that you finished your book!!:) That must be a great relief to you!!!

  22. You look so fab!! Please share your plastic surgeon. It’d so hard as a lay person it’s so hard to know. You
    Look great, so I would love to know. Seeing great results is the only way I can pick!!

    Pleaeeeeease!!!!! You could help a lot of women. Thank you for being so honest and authentic. You are my role model for positive aging!

    • Deborah, go to ASK JANE for frequently asked questions. I have given surgeon’s name many times.

  23. Hi Jane,

    you are one of the most beautiful women who ever walked on this planet.

  24. Glad to read that the book is “DONE”…any idea when it will be ready for us???

  25. Dear Jane, you have inspired me
    for years and I just received
    your new workout videos. Can’t
    wait to watch and try to keep up

    Had a nice chat with Peter a
    couple of weeks ago because I had
    found a recording he made and
    wanted to play it on my radio

    I just heard that the suspect
    in Ronni’s murder shot himself as
    he was being served. A confusing,
    dreadful ending. We may never
    know why.

    Take care, Jane, and keep rockin’!


  26. I do miss your updates!

  27. Dear Jane,

    If you are ever up here in the wine country (Sonoma County) please contact me and come to my pilates studio (in my home so private) and let me teach you what i know, you would love it. My treat. I have an unusual take on it and it fits with your vision. I am 20 years your junior but believe as you do that movement is key…..blood is the only thing that heals and you gotta get it EVERYWHERE! I am a big fan of you, your effervescent energy and desire to teach!


  28. Dear Jane,

    I happened to see you last night on Leno. I’ve been wanting to express my gratitude to you for years and finally I determined it was now time to do that.

    First, let me say that you are still so beautiful, poised and delightful. You have done so much for so many. I still use your “old” exercise videos and never miss any of your films when they are shown on TV.

    I have been a devoted fan since I was in my late teens. I am 59 now and you have been a major inspiration in my life and continue to be just that. And I want to say Thank You.

    Your activism during the 70’s made quite an impression on me and really helped me believe in myself as a woman. I grew up in traditional family that did not promote female independence.

    Your example gave me the courage to go beyond my upbringing and become a successful business woman. I will always be grateful to you for showing the world what a woman can accomplish.

    Love you Jane

    Best Regards


  29. So sorry to hear about the passing of Ronni Chasen. She has done so much to promote art in Hollywood and who would just shoot her for no apparent reason that is still undetermined is beyond me. I think our country is suffering from the excess of greed in the worst way and I hope that something like this doesn’t happen again and that people will wake up.

  30. ok, it totally cracked me up that you said “my bad”, Jane, I just watched your interview on youtube, I have always adored you beyond words, it was a marathon of joy to see you on there. Thank you so much for your amazing accessibility, that is what I loved/love most about your acting too.

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