I drove into the city from Woodstock. It’s supposed to take 2 hours. It took me 5 hours. I won’t go into why. Suffice to say, I screwed up. I have never driven in the city and I never will again. But it was worth it cause today Jeanette Jenkins and I took a 3 hour Yoga class with an amazing 92 year old teacher at Tara Stiles’s studio. Felt great even though I can’t do what I used to. When I have time I will write a whole blog about this.

Jeanette is here with Richard and me and we are going to dinner. I am in Tribeca—the Woodstock of Manhattan.

Enjoy the pix.

Tao Porchon-Lynch, 92 year old French Indian Yoga teacher who taught us for 3 hours

The Strala Yoga Studio of Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles

A new role model. She's French Indian and marched with Gandhi in 1938!!

I photographed Tulea from the downward Facing Dog pose.

Jeanette Jenkins and unknown fellow student

Jeanette, me, and Tara

There she is, all 92 years of her, demonstrating getting into shoulder stand

Jeanette in some outrageously hard pose.

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  1. Sounds wonderful, I took yoga courses in college , was taught by a founder of the Yoga Institute of Huntington Beach. That had to be in about 1973-4, something that has stayed with me, for the rest of my life. The Hatha Yoga Instructor , give some real insight at the time . It must have been worth that drive, I would be sure.

  2. WoW now that’s impressive, 02 and still teaching yoga. I look forward to that blog. Maybe you can give me some pointers on yoga for fusion patients.
    Sorry you had such a terrible ride in to the city but I’m glad it was worth the trip.

  3. that photo of Tara Stiles in front of the window is pure New York

  4. I was also at this workshop… on the other side of the floor from you and your over the top, cute pooch. As you witnessed, Tao Porchon-Lynch is crazy inspiring, plus I got to practice in the same room as you, the woman who got me started to think and care about my body with your first workout video. I am now 44 and have not stopped since, so thanks so much!

  5. Wow~!a new role model for me too!..92 years old without sagging upper arms???….her face and neck are also in great shape!…can hardly wait to learn more!!!…and…your driving alone to NYC???…even thinking about it scares me and makes our CA freeways seem like country lanes! Thankful you made it safely and hope your blood pressure was under control. xo

  6. Loving these pictures,Jane. Thank you so much for sharing these special moments of your life. I look forward to your post about your yoga class with Tao Porchon-Lynch at Strala. She seems like a fascinating woman!

  7. Tao Porchon-Lynch is my new role model for how I want to be at age 92! Thank you for sharing photos–also the Woodstock photos are most fun–peace march totally authentic-looking–Tulea is a hoot watching everything, love your gray hair, Sheila

  8. Nice pics. Somehow I pictured the studio differently. Would love to drop in but the odds of me being in NYC again are long. Flying is such a hassle that I avoid it unless time is an issue (and it never really is).

    There is a local yoga teacher whose in her eighties and amazing. Didn’t take my training with her but she takes on a group of apprentices every year and I am considering it for the coming year.

    Five hours for a two hour trip? You are either a worse driver than I am or getting ready for the remake of Gilligan’s Island.

  9. Before sat nav came onto the scene I would lose my way all the time (im dyslexic). Reading maps? blah forget it – I would like to take this moment to thank the sat nav gods I love you all!

    Never throught yoga could hurt till I tried it lol. I rather cycle for excercise!

  10. My 83 year old aunty has just given up teaching yoga, she still practises it, but she says that the teaching is too much. When we are all together she still gets us involved!

  11. She’s amazing!…Sure yoga will do it for you. The flexibility is soooooooo very important as we get older.
    She looks fantastic, look at that figure!
    Way to go!

  12. I hope I can do that when I am 90 years old. How wonderful to see.

  13. I was looking for a clip of the scene in Julia, the I am Paris, and I am a string of beads on a hot dancer scene to post on my blog. Cannot find it so will just run with the quote that is one of my favorites…
    But in the process of searching for the clip I found your blog — Jane Fonda’s blog, and it seemed an amazing thing to me. Quite a wondrous find. I’ll subscribe, most definitely, as I so admire you and always have.

    Now, about yoga. These are inspiring shots and make me really want to get into a class again. I’ve been practicing at home with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden tapes (yes, VHS I’ve had them for years!).
    I’ll think about this post when I do yoga in the morning.

    Truly happy to have found your blog (I don’t tweat).

  14. What a wonderful blog post! I can only hope to be practicing yoga at 92. Thank you for the inspiration, Jane – I’ll be visiting this blog often, for sure.

  15. a postscript: I did find a clip of the scene in Julia that I was looking for. 🙂
    The particular blog post is here, should you want to read it.

    Have a peaceful day.

  16. Jane,
    Tao Porchon-Lynch is a true gem in the Yoga world, and as NY locals we are happy to haver her as one of our own.

    While you are in Woodstock, be sure to visit the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

  17. i checked into your blog because i waitressed @ the rosendale cafe on and off for, well, about a decade and wanted to see it all gussied up. if only the parking lot.

    i write a blog about yoga (, however, and this post caught my eye. i was wondering if i could link to this post? if not, no worries.


  18. Hi Jane! Just saw you on the Scissor Sisters News Report! That was funny! Feel the burn 😀

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