My son, Troy Garity, plays a disturbed porn star on Monday’s episode of “House”. Check it out.

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  1. Hi Jane!
    Huge fan of House. Even huge-er fan of yours! I’ll be watching!

    I recently described my daughter as “brilliant”, when talking to a friend. Then, I thought about it and said “maybe I’m biased.” My friend said “No. You are correct. She’s brilliant and has a mother who tells her so, which will make her more brilliant!” No shame in promoting our kids! We’re just being good moms!

    Thanks for blogging,
    melissa g

  2. I try to promote myself any time anyone will let me . Your son is lucky to have some one promote him other than a payed agent. I sure most mothers do think there Son’s are the best, human nature at it’s most interesting state. I’am sure Tom must take a interest also.

  3. A disturbed porn star? You must be so proud! Your family doesn’t need any promotion or introduction….their talent speaks for itself!

  4. I’m so pleased to see this today! I’ve been looking at some “House” episodes hoping to find Troy!! I wasn’t sure when he was going to be on the show! Now, finally, I can watch him on “House”!! I was looking at some channels on cable yesterday, and I found the movie,”Lake City,” with Troy and Sissy Spacek! I thought he did very well in it! Sissy is good in anything! I’m not a “movie critic”, but I can recognize good acting. Troy is not only a good actor, but he also has charisma! I wish him well with his acting career!:)

  5. I’ve gotta see this!!!

  6. Oh Jane–you’re such a good mom!

  7. There is nothing shameless about being proud of your son!

  8. Hi Jane, I agree, there is absolutely nothing shameless about cheering on your son’s accomplishments. I will be watching. Are you coming to Avalon anytime soon? Have not seen you since Jimmy’s funeral. Would love to see you. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  9. Jane-
    I’ve been a fan of Troy’s since “Soldier’s Girl”. Thanks for letting us know when that episode airs. Don’t tell Troy or Simone….but I have a little crush on your son as well….oh, well…..

    Back to real life….I’d just like to remind your readers to contact their elected officials, about the Stupak/Pitt Amendmemt, attached to the healthcare reform bill. If we want real reform….it must include all… not those we think deserve it, for the reasons we think they should use it!!

    Also, if any of your readers from New Jersey would call the Senate Judiciary Committee, to voice their support of same sex marriage rights in our state when the bill comes up in committee. We need to work fast before our latest threat, (the new Governor) takes office. The numbers are as follows:

    Senator Paul Sarlo (Head of the Judiciary Committee) (201) 804-8118

    Senator John Girgenti- (973) 427-1229

    Senator Nicholas Scutari- (908) 58700404

    Thank you. And everyone in New Jersey…please make these calls this week…everyday!!! We can make this happen!!!!


  10. great!frederique dhenein

  11. Jane-
    Wanted to correct one of the numbers I posted earlier:

    Senator Nicholas Scutari (908)587-0404


  12. How great is that!

    While we’re on the subject Jane, I’m reading your autobiography “My Life So Far” and it’s truly inspiring and enthralling! One suggestion: I’ve recently come upon a DVD copy of the Jason Robards / Mildred Natwick version of “A House without a Christmas Tree” – its a great story, …and its ripe for a re-make – with you in the Millie Natwick role, and your son Troy in the Jason Robards role – please please please do it – but do a modern, updated version – the version they did was classic – but spoke more to OUR generation, and the story needs to be re-told to the new/next generation – in a way that they will recognize…its important – and I know you and Troy will do it more than justice!

    All the Best!

    Jeff Jancarek

  13. Hello Jane !

    Greetings from Troy, NY. I have a townhouse directly across the way from Emma Willard Girls School. Small world, huh ?

    Was Troy named for the school’s hometown.

    Also, I am sure you know that one of Troy’s most famous natives is actress Maureen Stapleton. She was one hell of an actress. I had the great fortune of spending an evening with her a few years back – adored her.


  14. I liked “Lake City” too, glad it is getting some play.

  15. Dear Jane,

    I love watching “House” and I can’t wait to come home after work tomorrow night and see your son Troy on there. I can only imagine just how proud you are of his acommplishments with his acting career. He must take after his mom!!!

    Sincerely, Melissa

  16. I caught the House episode tonight with your son. He was great! He certainly inherited those great Fonda acting genes.

  17. Hi Jane! Your son is an excellent actor! A Fonda, through and through! I look forward to seeing more and more of his work. Thanks for letting us know about House. Take care, Mary

  18. I saw House by accident and was thrilled Troy was on the show. To be honest, I don’t care for House, but watched it since one of my favorite male actors was on. As usual, he was great. What a brilliant actor he is.

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