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Well, last night I experienced something new. Clive Davis invited 300 or so people from the music industry to listen to Whitney Houston’s new album. Clive stood on a stage in the Beverly Hilton and talked about what led to the creation of the album, the choice of each song, how Whitney felt about each song, and then the song would play. We heard nine songs. They were exciting. Clearly Whitney’s voice remains strong. I learned a lot about what goes into putting it all together. I met some of the people who wrote the songs. Stevie Wonder was there and Penny Marshall who directed Whitney in the film, “The Preacher’s Wife,” Whitney’s daughter and brother (from Atlanta, like me), Halle Berry, Suzanne de Passe, and many others. When we’d heard all the songs, Clive brought Whitney on stage. She looked terrific. I was quite stunned when, after calling Stevie Wonder to the stage to receive a hug from her, she then called me for a hug. Maybe it’s the Atlanta connection. Who knows. But I was surprised and honored.

I was photographed afterwards with Stevie and Whitney and Clive—a non-music person in a music world.

Then Richard and I got together after dinner with Lionel Ritchie and Suzanne de Passe (who, by the way, first signed the Jackson Fives to the Motown label when she was right hand to Barry Gordy) . I learned even more about what makes a hit song.

Tonight, The musical play that Richard has been working on, “Baby It’s You,” has it’s first premiere.

And I am just about walking without any limp. So there!

See you next time.

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  1. Why stunned! You’re just as lovable and special to Whitney as to anyone else! Everyone who passes through our lives leaves a meme of some kind. I usually like the positive ones 🙂 The encouraging ones. The ones that propel me forward or inspire me so much that I want to do better than I anticipate.

    Whitney is a wonder of the world, just like many others, including MJ 🙂

  2. Hello Mrs. Fonda! I can’t wait to have my copy of Whitney’s album, although I have to say the song that leaked (I Found My Own Strength) features less than stellar vocals. I hope it’s the sound quality of the leaked song and not Whitney Houston losing her voice.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve loved Whitney Houston’s music from her very first hit single on and I can’t wait to hear those songs and see her perform !! 🙂 This post has been a lovely written “taster” 🙂

  4. Jane Fonda, you have such an amazing, interesting life, I love reading your blog, this is truly fantastic! I also love the fact that I get your Tweets on a regular basis. I love an artist that is always reinventing themselves and you certainly fall into that category. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for sharing your Whitney experience. I think she invited you to the stage because she was so thrilled you were there. I am positive she wanted to show her appreciation in front of everyone. She was in awe for sure!

  6. You two look very wonderful together!! I’m very happy for you. I noticed something on your ankle. Is it a tattoo? I hope you don’t mind my asking. 🙂

  7. Hi Jane! I found pictures from Whitney Houston’s listening party. You might find one particular of interest. 🙂

  8. Whitney, apparently, recognized a kindred spirit in you as another strong woman thriving in the entertainment business.

  9. Jane you look fabulous! You are just an
    inspiration! And what a fun time you have.

  10. aww Jane what a lovely picture…you look so happy and I must say he looks like a “keeper” very handsome indeed.

    I am so glad to hear Whitney Houston is again singing. Power- to her. (like they say- it’s hard to keep a good woman down)

    Yay girl power! Cheers, Linda

  11. You go, girl! 🙂 So sweet to see this photo of the two of you. What a new act you’re writing for this time in your life. If someone had told you a year ago that by summer ’09 you’d be a prolific blogger, tweeter and FB’er…garnered a second Tony nom…and had a hot new romance that would throw you deep into a new industry…wouldja have believed ’em? 🙂 It’s been fun to read about some of the changes in your life these past 7 months since you started the blog…quite the ride. 🙂 I just have one request…think Richard would do a vlog with you? You know, so we can match a voice to the face. Maybe you could interview each other. 😉

  12. Jane, you look great! I mean you always do, but theres something about that picture!! I bet it’s the love. 🙂 But, honestly you look awesome!!

  13. glad to hear you’re feeling better…

  14. Just had to come and read your blog. Informative, and happy to see that you are better. I’m not much for keeping tabs on stars or wanting to know what they are doing, as I respect everyone’s privacy,but it was interesting to see what one does in the city. I live in a small town in The northern part of California, close to Lake Shasta. Matter of fact Merle Haggard lives on the next road over from me. He moves around freely in this area, as people don’t seem to bother him. That’s the extent of any stars in this area that I know of.I can see by your posting that you were truly grateful you were recognized, Not to mention Whitney must be a wonderful person too. The photograph, what a memory that will be, to look upon. You seem to be a cheerful lady and a busy one at that. Anyhow keep up the blogging.

  15. You look beautiful!!

  16. You both look so great~~~happy~~~healthy~~~must be the power of all that ~~~love. Amazing!

  17. It’s a lovely photo and I’m thrilled for you. He is so accomplished, as are you, so a good match from that standpoint. Wishing you continued love and peace.

  18. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful evening! I am so thrilled Whitney has gotten her life back together and regained her gorgeous voice.

    I am not surprised Whitney wanted to give you recognition. Your strength and reilience inspire everyone!

  19. It’s wonderful that you could be there! All of us are hoping that Whitney is back for good!!

  20. Jane you are the greatest….Huffington Post included you in this:
    Latest: RT @huffingtonpost Older Hollywood Beauties: Who Is Aging Best? (PHOTOS, POLL) http://bit.ly/13QmSO l

  21. Nice to see that your Limpless in the Beverly Hilton, funny how music and Art can come alive. I earn a degree in Fine Art in Drawing and Painting but always had a interesting music I starting working in media and found I could do computer art and music as well , have on MySpace http://www.myspace.com/timdoughertyorg been working on a few years, have created works and gives me control over it all . I am in HONOLULU FOR NOW IN ENJOYING A FEW DAY IN MY LIFE HOPE YOU CAN SAY THE SAME,

  22. Cool, just ordered my Peace T-shirt with your mugshot. I read about what you went through years ago in a biography on you, went into more detail than you did in your autobiography…nobody should have to go through that. I think that I will be the only one around Sydney wearing the shirt for a while! Good to see that the money is going to a good cause! You look happy.

  23. Great picture! There is nothing better than sharing a great moment with someone else.


  24. thanks for the update……..sounds like SO much fun! Glad that your knee AND your heart are healing. You are inspiring multitudes in so many ways. Keep the faith and your loving ways.

  25. Great looking couple. New York misses you.

  26. You look very happy! So happy for you. I finished reading your book and I can’t wait for the “Third Act”.
    I know it will be just as interesting! So until it comes out, the blog helps! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    I so appreciate it!
    When I was young (11’th grade), I joined “Up With People”. I traveled along the east coast for a few months. I got sick & went home to recuperate and wasn’t asked back…long story. But at the arclight in Hwood next week is a documentary about the beginnings of that group and I’ll be going to see it. Come to find out they were backed by the US gov’t and I was surprised by some of the quotes in the short I saw today…moral re-armament…cult…hmmm. I just wanted to sing and have fun!! Little did I know…just wanted to share this with you…don’t know why. I guess the government had it’s hand in a lot of things…

  27. Hello from the Netherlands!

    So great you seen my favorite singer of all time! Now what I’m really curious about… did you have a favorite song of the ones you heard in LA? And what’s your opinion about the rest of the songs?


  28. I love your t-shirts!.Where can I get one? 🙂

  29. Whitney Houston was flattered that you were there .

    It’s wonderful to see you happy, almost fully recovered from the surgery and getting on with this amazing journey that is your life.

  30. What a wonderful looking couple you two are!

  31. after reading the huge amount of comments, I see your blog has got a lot of admirators!! it’s deserves this eager interess! fine to see you fit and happy!! keep on that way! frederique dhenein

  32. Who is that HANDSOME man with you? Is that your man ( I sure hope so) If not he still is a good looking man. Glad to hear Whitney is back. I think I will get her CD. Take care. I’m off to my golf lesson. Judy

  33. What a great picture…..love the shirts you two are wearing!!! Thanks for sharing this! Your night with Whitney Houston sounded like such fun! That was sweet of her to call you to the stage to give you a hug…..must be that Atlanta connection!! People giving others hugs is a popular trait among people in Georgia! I’ve been so concerned about Whitney these last few years! I’m pulling for her, and I wish her the best!! So glad that knee continues to get better!! I’m so glad you’re having such a great time in California!

  34. Jane,

    Your love light is really shining! I’m so happy for you both.
    I hope my mom(70) can find love again.

  35. Tatoo or ankle bracelet??
    Are you also finding out what goes into a hit Broadway musical show? “Baby It’s You” sounds like girl version of our hit boy version already here in NYC. Hmmmm. Is the show planning an East coast destination?? My era too & if it is, I’ll be first in line at the box office.
    Keep those blogs coming Jane.

  36. Hi jane, you and Richard look so happy together — what a special time in your life. You continue to be an inspiration to yours truly and oh so many others. How lucky we are to have you for our friend. I look forward to seeing more of Whitney, a voice that should be heard. You are both special spirits.

  37. Hi Ms. Fonda,

    Greetings from Atlanta. I wanted to let you know Turner Classic Movies is featuring an all-day Henry Fonda movie tribute on August 1 as part of its “Summer Under the Stars” series.

    It appears you are enjoying yourself this summer. When will you return to ATL?

    I thought you might also be interested in knowing the June issue of AAA’s Going Places magazine featured a blue-footed booby on the cover with an accompanying article on the Galapagos. When it arrived in my mailbox I immediately thought of your trip.

    Please keep blogging! Take care.

    Chris in ATL

  38. Great progress on the knee! Soon enough you’ll be walking again without any limp at all. Woo!

    It’s great to hear that Whitney is making music again. You get to meet so many interesting people!


  39. You get to hang out with all the cool kids 🙂

  40. That sounds fab– I am glad to hear that Whitney is back!

  41. I can’t wait for Whitney’s new album myself! I’m glad you had fun.

  42. Looking forward to her new album ! She is a fantastic artist !

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