Tulea with Carole on plane en route to
Los Angeles awaiting our reunion.

My knee was replaced Tuesday morning and it’s now Thursday morning and it’s been pretty smooth going. I started physical therapy yesterday and there was a lot of pain after that but they shot some morphine into the IV and that took care of it. The worst part of it all is how the pain meds make me itch. They give me something for this but it doesn’t seem to work. Guess I’m unusually sensitive to narcotics. I’d make a lousy druggy.

The nurse took the wrappings off just now and I saw the knee with the long line of staples. Oh well. It’ll be fine. The staples will come out and the scar will fade some and the swelling will subside and I’ll be stronger than ever. As you can imagine, I will be a regular soldier about doing the rehab. Everyone says that you must follow the procedures faithfully so the knee doesn’t get stiff. I have too much I have to still do to allow myself to get stiff. Fortunately I went into this quite strong and flexible and that makes it easier.

Another fortunate thing is that I had a spinal rather than general anesthetic. What a difference that makes. I was clear-headed almost from the get-go except for the pain meds. I was given a cocktail of pain pills and relaxants before they did the spinal injection and I don’t even remember them doing it. It didn’t hurt that the anesthesiologist was a pretty woman with a great wit. Always try to go out laughing.

Here’s the best part of it though: All my friends sending me good wishes and prayers. My new blogger and twitter friends as well. Feeling surrounded by love is such a blessing it makes me cry with happiness. I feel so lucky to have such loving, generous friends. As I’ve said before, when you get older you realize more than ever the value of friendship and you learn to be intentional about acknowledging and protecting it.

Another good thing is that, for the first time in quite a while, I am motivated to start writing my book again. This is the book about aging that Random House asked me to do. I’m calling it “The Third Act: Entering Prime Time,” Performing the play eight times a week absorbed all my creative juices and then, when that ended 3 weeks ago, there’s been so much pain (and so little time). I like the feeling of being drawn back into it. I have nine chapters already done and about 9 more to go, although who knows, the book, much more than my memoirs, seems to have a life of its own and chapters appear that I didn’t initially think of. I honestly don’t know if that’s good or bad but it’s interesting to me. I’d gotten blocked with the chapter about sex but help is on the way. Or maybe that’s just the meds kicking in.


My last night in hospital, reunited with Tulea.

See you next time.

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  1. So I guess this means no more high heels at least for awhile?

  2. Well wishes for a speedy recovery. You’re an inspiration to so many young and old.

  3. Like you Jane I was an avid aerobic exerciser/borderline addict in the ’80’s and 90’s. Knee and hip replacements are now the bane of existence for baby boomers. I love my new hip and the absence of pain has been worth the grueling challenge. Please continue to spread the word about joint surgery. Many need it and are afraid or have other reasons for not doing it. Prince comes to mind. Good luck in your recovery and rehab!

  4. Your doggie will help you get better!

  5. sound like the surgery went well. Hang in there with the therapy.I was very happy to see that you would be writing a third book. I will look forward to reading it.Hugs
    to you and Tulea and a speedy recovery.

  6. Hooray! You’re doing OK. You were in my prayers, but I haven’t been able to check out your blog for the last couple weeks – I developed shingles. If you ever have any suspicion that you might have them – get help immediately – they are VERY painful.(Read up on them sometime) I’m glad to be back to enjoying your writing and adventures. Love & Luck – Helen Eve

  7. Glad you are recovering well.
    Because….you are just one hellova mesmerizing human to have on the planet Earth!

  8. So glad to hear the surgery went well and that you’re looking ahead to finishing the book.
    Can’t wait to read it!
    Best wishes,
    Joe Meyers

  9. Get well soon!

    And great to hear you are being diligent with the physical’ll be dancing around the house with Tulea in no time!

    Can’t wait for the book…I absolutely loved the first one. Read it all in one sitting (I called in sick to work to read it..haha!)

    All my best wishes.


  10. Hi Jane, speedy recovery.

    Great about all your friends, on Twitter & Facebook. I’m curious how your life has changed, if at all, with this two-way communication you enjoy now with your fans? What was it like before when it was one dimensional — you putting out products (books, movies, videos) with little instant feedback in the “old days”?

    From our end, it’s so rewarding and wonderful to get to know you better. Fun and cool for us to be heard/seen too by you. Lovin’ technology these days.

    Peace & Good Health

  11. You’ve got a lot of “spunk”, Jane! You seem to be the type of person who faces life’s challenges by accepting what you have to do, and then getting right back on track with going forward with your life! Good luck with physical therapy!! Love seeing photos of your darling dog!

  12. I always thought you were beautiful. Loved watching your father act as well. As a former world class long distance runner, I really love my knees and decided to cut my career short to prevent some long term problems and allow my legs to heal and last longer. I fear in the future I may have the same issues. Hopefully not. You are a brave person and have a great attitude. I wish you well. You set a wonderful example as a person.

  13. I had the same exact surgery on June 2nd. The surgery went smoothly – I also had a spinal and rehab is going along fine. I, like you, am determined to do everything I am told to have the most successful outcome. I do have a question because I am not a fan of the narcotics that they say you must take in order to get through the pt. Did they send you home with dilaudid? I take as little as possible but am somewhat afraid of it. I have no doubt you will sail through the next few months and have a solid strong knee to do all the dancing you want!

  14. Dear Jane,
    I am german, and in the eighties a friend of mine and I were doing aerobics in front of the tv along your aerobic lessons. We admired you so much! Now I myself belong to the group of peole who need their knees replaced . I just made the appontment for the first one in october. Redaing your blog and the comments helps me to prepare for it. Your writing really is fun to read – I like your style!
    I wish you all the best for recovery – and thank you that you share your experience so generously with us!

  15. I’m so very happy to read that you are recovering and that the surgery went well. Sounds like your doctors were all fantastic!

    I’m really looking forward to reading your next book. I’m not even in my third act and I’m fascinated by some of the topics you’ve mentioned.

    Here’s to a speedy recovery, Jane!

    All my best,

  16. Sitting here in Sweden reading about Two Days Later I love you just as I have reading your books. You are so brave, positive and inspirational. Affirmations “I ‘ll be stronger than ever” are potent and important. Big hug and thank you!

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