The L’Oreal shoot is over and it went well despite the pain. I never imagined I would be so looking forward to surgery.

I found out that the cream I promote for L’Oreal—Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium— is sold in pharmacies like CVS and Walmart. By the way, all my L’Oreal commercials have been directed by women. The first 5 by Nicole Garcia and this one by Anne Fontaine. She has directed 10 feature films including most recently, “Coco avant Chanel” (“Before Chanel”) with Audrey Tautou that will be released soon in the U.S.

Coincidently, a photographer whom i had not seen for 45 years–turned out to live right next door to where we were shooting and he came by and brought me photos and even video footage from those days with Vadim. They were taken when I was making “La curee” with Vadim. That was before Vanessa was born. My stepdaughter, Nathalie, spent a lot of time with us and it is bittersweet to see her in so many of the pictures–a beautiful, long-legged gamine, so much like her gorgeous mother, danish actress Annette Stroyberg (now dead), but with Vadim’s exotic Slav eyes. I can see in some photos in particular how in love Vadim and I were. Other photos were taken while Vadim was shooting “Helle” with actress Gwen Wells in the swiss alps. Vadim and I were no longer together and Vanessa was about a year and a half old. I wish I’d been more gifted at marriage.

We just arrived at the Paris airport–Charles de Gaulle.

So–a la prochaine.

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  1. I’m reading your biography on my Kindle…I am at the point of your pregnancy with Vadim. I have to thank you so much for this blog. It opened me up to your beauty, your committment , your beautiful writing. I am enjoying the book so much and can’t really put it down.
    Again, thank you.

  2. Safe trip home. Good luck on the knee surgery. Is it terribly painful? What are you doing for stamina? Eating well I hope and good solid rest.
    Please let us all know how the surgery goes. Miss you in NYC!!!!

  3. Nice post Jane, C’est trop aimer quand on en meurt. I wonder what is is like to have a marriage that lasted a lifetime,or I should say a love that lasted. Ce que femme veut, Dieu le veut.

  4. Hope all goes well with the surgery. Remember that in marriage it takes two to tango. It is not all one sided! From what I have read you did not have it easy. Hope you can have a decent rest after surgery and that someone looks after you. Take care. Can’t wait to see you on the big screen again.

  5. Hi Miss Fonda,
    Thank You for sharing a bit of your trip with us. Wow, what a flashback for you. It’s great that you got to run into an old friend after 45 years! Mixed feelings for you about the wonderful bonus on your trip ♥

    I hear ya on the marriage thing. . . I will be 40 in Sept and have yet to be married. It gets to me sometimes, pretty emotional about it. But I know I have work to do within myself to be ready for someone. I have trust issues and family drama issues! 🙂 (don’t we all HaHa)

    TY again for posting your blog updates on Twitter ♥
    Take Care, xoxo,
    Karen Falcon
    Mom to a beautiful 13yr daughter, Scarlet Falcon and our critters, 4 cats, 1 dog & 1 chatty parrot

  6. Why did i dream about you last night…Mmm lovely…Roy (uk)

  7. Hi Jane, I do not remember if you share with your blog followers of the date of your surgery. I once read that you had a very nice relationship with Natalhie. Should have surfaced many emotions in you to relive those years. Kisses

  8. aw it was kinda sad to read you wished you’d been gifted at marriage, hey ever thought it might have been the other way round and it was the men that weren’t so gifted?
    After all ive read your autobiography and reading about your marriages it seems like on some of the issues it was them that weren’t exactly good at the marital stuff.
    By the way you look amazing on your photo’s i hope i’d love to look that good in the future.

  9. instead of working some days, my coworker and i talk about marriage. most of the people we know who have stayed married for their entire lives put up with many, many years of misery. the lucky ones survived the misery and grew closer. the unlucky long term married folks just stayed in the marriage in spite of the misery.

    anyway, the conclusion, in my opinion, is that the length of a marriage is not an indication of the happiness or success of the marriage.

  10. It’s nice that you have happy memories of that period of your life. Important for your daughter to know that her father and you were very much in love.

    Happy and safe travels.


  11. You say you wished you had been more gifted at marriage. Forgive me but Vadim didn’t sound like he was especially suited for marriage himself. I don’t think you should blame yourself for that one .. or any one really.

  12. Thank you for putting my fav photos of you working out the L’Oreal camera. You are magnifico in black and in white. And Tulea is the dearest doggie ever and the luckiest in your arms.
    So glad to see all the great woman working on this project with you. You got the powwa.

  13. Your shoot with L’Oreal sounded like you had fun even though your knee was bothering you! It was great that you could see some old pictures that brought back some fond memories!! I can understand that it was bittersweet for you!

  14. After you blogged about it last week, I saw it in an Ulta store.

  15. Can’t wait to see the commercials! I’m really glad you’re still blogging!!!

  16. I used to be one of the Prof’s d’Anglais at L’Oreal in Clichy – and thier companies Helena Rubinstein and Lancome. When I left to go back to London, they gave me so many products that I had to get a taxi back to Montmartre, where I lived, They were incredibly generous, very classy and as an organisation, totally committed to an ethical existence, including that of treating thier staff with respect. I still shop L’Oreal.


  17. Just curious – do you get paid for every time you say L’Oreal?

  18. That must have been amazing, meeting that photographer again after 45 years and seeing those old photographs and video footage.

    I am sure you are not alone in wishing to be more gifted at marriage. 🙂

    Then there’s the question, is marriage necessary? Especially when people end up raising the children separately anyway.

  19. Have a safe journey home and I’ll be sending good thoughts/vibes/prayers your way for your upcoming surgery. I’ll be at a family-reunion getaway trip for the next 11 days up on the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington state — it’s a beautiful area, so will check in here on my return later in June. I’m stopping off at Walmart somewhere along the way to see if I can find that cream.

  20. looking good. You still got Jane. Not that you ever lost it.Good luck with the surgery. Hugs to Tulea

  21. Can’t wait to see the commercial!

  22. speedy recovery, jane

  23. In reference to L’Oreal of Paris, I read on a web site that researches toxins that are used in beauty products and the L’Oreal skin creme I used to use was founded to have a very very high level of ingredients that cause tumor growth, and oddly enough I had a uterine fibroid that grew very large during the time I was using this product.
    I trust that perhaps this new president will be looking into the added ingredients his company uses and perhaps start leaving those that are dangerous out. The name of the web site is, and I first learned about it on the back cover of MS Magazine, so I am going to assume it a legitimate organization. Check it out and let me know what you know about this. I used to love that produce but I immediately stopped using it when I learned about how the ingredients in it could cause tumor growth.

    Take care, and I hope you heal quickly!!


  24. I just posted a comment about L’Oreal and made a mistake. The web site I mentioned is, not Safe Cosmetics claims that L’Oreal of Paris uses harmful chemicals that cause tumor growth.
    Perhaps L’Oreal is going to make some changes in these products based on this. This web site was advertised on the back page of MS Magazine, so I am assuming it is a legit org.

  25. Maybe someday the photographer will let you post a clip of that video footage on your blog. It would be lovely to see you and Vadim together from those days.

  26. Those new photos of you on the front page are absolutely GORGEOUS!

    You just keep getting better with age! You go Jane!

    Best of luck with your physical therapy..keep at it and you’ll be dancing in no time.



  27. Your spirit is so lovely, the pictures from the shoot=Divin!!! You are like a fine wine growing MORE beautiful and graceful with every year. And the memories from the early love with Vadim… not bitter, just bittersweet. Is how it must be with all love lost. I’ve been married to my best friend and soul mate for 19 years, am 43 now and lemme tell ya it takes two and it is HARD to be gifted at it- but he’s a gentle man that I love deeply that helps to forgive…being best friends makes it easy/natural in the tough spots. I see you ARE gifted at being passionate this is something many Americans struggle with… and sustaining passion is fickle indeed. It would be hard for any man to keep up with you- your the total package. Am delighted to discover this is YOU writing…and that you are a gifted writer as well as an actress!!

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