Michael Rudd works for the production company, Production 101, that handles this play. At night, he petsits Tulea and he played my assistant in the winning Broadway Cares skit. I adore him and have asked him to be my assistant on my next film.

There has been hearing assistance on one or two shows when groups of hearing impaired had planned to come in advance but, as a day to day rule, there is no signage or captioning.

I am not going to stop blogging when the play ends. As I said in an earlier blog, I made the decision to continue for as long as I feel I have something interesting to say. Right after the play, on May 23rd, a large group of us, that will include my family, leave Atlanta for the Galapagos for 8 days. It is a fundraising trip for my non-profit, G-CAPP, but, as always, it will be combining fundraising with fun-raising. I have found out that I can blog from there and so I will. My daughter, Vanessa, will also be making a video log of the trip. She is a very talented photographer!!!!

See you later today

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  1. HI JANE
    Thank you.I am looking forward to your blogs from the Galapagos.I can just imagine the photos!
    Will you be able to take Tulea?I cant imagine you being without her for 8 days.

  2. I don’t think you know, well I shouldn’t say that because maybe you do, how AMAZING this blog is to your fans. There are so many people who admire a certain celebrity, but the Jane Fonda Fans are lucky enough to be this close to her. You really care about us, just as we care about you. Thank you for doing this! Its a wonderful thing. You are the best!!

  3. Michael Rudd has the coolest job ever. I’m jealous!

    Can’t wait to read all about your trip in May!


  4. So glad to hear that you’re going to continue blogging. You are a natural in this medium! Sad to think of you ending your Broadway run…AND…looking forward to reading about the next chapter in your life.

  5. Glad Michael is staying on with you, we’ve all got a bit fond of him out here in blogger land. He seems very devoted to Tulea and dedicated to you.

  6. So glad you will continue blogging – you are inspiring.

  7. Thank you Jane for continuing to blog! Following your life is fascinating to see how many similarities we (noncelebrities) share in the ‘routine’ part of your life; your thoughts, responses & feelings really ‘speak’ to me.

  8. Hi Ms. Fonda,

    You and Ted Turner are fascinating individuals and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both of you in Atlanta. (I shook hands with him in the lobby of the Fox during the Monster-In-Law premiere.)

    Because I’m a fan of your writing style, I wanted to share my entry in the “Ted’s Montana Grill Burger FANatic” contest. I didn’t place in the top three but I did qualify for a free burger! Anyway, I think my poem is creative and I’m hoping you will like it:


    By Christopher Myers

    Ted’s burgers are like an apple tree
    Whose limbs are bent with succulent fruit;

    Ted’s burgers are like a singing bird
    Whose song is filled with a hearty toot;

    Ted’s burgers are like a vivid rainbow
    That emerges over a great Montana plain or a sparkling sea;

    Ted’s burgers are unlike any burger in the world
    Because of their sumptuous flavor and consistent quality!

  9. Jane,

    So happy to hear you have someone like Michael Rudd
    to assist you and Tulea. What a blessing for you both not having to start all over with someone new.
    G-CAPP is a great cause, and I was extremely impressed with the sites innovative approach, and unique design. It drew me right in to power the grid, and being able to leave a short message personalized it. GO G-POWER! Every community should have such a program empowering, educating,and promoting abstinence for our teens. I would like to start a chapter here in our town, any suggestions how? I will pray you receive all the funding needed on your trip. Look forward to all the wonderful stories to come.

  10. I am so happy you will continue blogging. You have something to say, and an direct, yet artful way to say it. Your blog is one of my favorites, and I’ll be a fan as long as it exists.

  11. Dear Jane,

    Please keep on blogging. I am new to your site and I find it quite interesting. I was with you during the Vietnam days because I thought you were right then, and I still do!

  12. Glad to hear you will continue to blog.

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