Yesterday my grandson turned ten and we had such a fun dinner with cake and toilet paper decorations that the other kids on the boat made and hung. Malcolm stuck his whole face in the gooey chocolate cake, then used his hands to mold the cake into various shapes. It was disgusting and funny and then my son, Troy, did imitations of sea lions and land iguanas that included snorting out salt water which the iguanas do–rather loudly. He did a great imitation of a dancing blue-footed booby and topped it off with the male frigate bird with the red pouch all inflated. It was totally spontaneous and had us rolling with laughter. Check out my pictures to see what animals I’m referring to.

A professional videographer has been filming the trip and when I get back we’ll post it on this blog.

See you next time.

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  1. For Malcom it will be an unforgettable birthday. Not only for being the 10 but for the experience of fulfilling them in a trip that is the whole adventure. I hope anxious that you raise this filming.
    From Uruguay with love

  2. Haha, sounds wicked funny! And a Happy Birthday to Malcolm. Can’t wait to see the videos and pictures.

  3. Hi Jane
    The group photo crossing the Equator is just priceless.I can only imagine what each person was feeling inside.
    I look forward to the video.

  4. Nice to see that the trip is now a fun and spontaneous event.
    I feel that you using this trip as a place to start a new part of your life, nice to have that as a view of change, good to share.
    thanks for that.
    My trip has been something of a change of self,new or renewing a reward to the self. I said in my last comment that I was on the plane to Ireland with the President: Mary McAleese she is a interesting person, member of the Council of Women World Leaders, sounds like something you find of interest also.
    thanks for sharing, jane

  5. I’m jealous of how much fun you’re having! I wanna be able to play with chocolate cake

  6. Sounds like a fun party! I love birthday parties.

  7. Yeh who needs expensive toys, and fancy video games, give em some gooeee cake and a few good people with imagination! it will be a birthday he will remember…oh yes and a trip to the Gallapagos islands…..well you know 🙂 I hope he remembers it! he damn well better!

  8. Fabulous, fabulous photos. Sounds like you are all having the best time. What a great way to spend time with your family and raise money for an important cause. Creating memories is so important.

  9. Happy birthday to your grandson Malcolm. What a magical place to turn 10! Jane, how is your knee. I noticed the cane. did you have knee replacement surgery? I also use a cane — but it’s due to Multiple Sclerosis — diagnosed in 1988 — was in a wheelchair for about eight years – but since moving to the Mendocino Coast of California (in 1997) I’ve only had to use a cane — I think it’s the fantastic climate we have here — and the people! Your photos are fantastic. Having fun and a fund-raiser at the same time, that’s great, and to be with your family. Enjoy your adventure. Debbie

  10. Thank you, Jane, for sharing those wonderful photos of the Galapagos with us. You have opened up another part of the world for me which I didn’t know much about. And it’s so great that you’re spending this special time with your family.

  11. Your grandson is cuter than cute! I want to eat him up! Or at least nuzzle him to pieces. I also thank you for sharing your trip. A vicarious vacation is better than none at all. Lol!

  12. i assume Troy is Malcolm’s dad…in 3 years when Malcolm becomes a teenager, dad doing the blue footed booby dance at the birthday party will take on a whole new meaning for Malcolm!

  13. I can’t think of a better way to spend your 10th birthday–Malcolm is a lucky kid! He has now successfully entered two-digit numbers, and hopefully he’ll have many, many more happy birthdays just like this.

    Can’t wait to see the video and other photos!


  14. 10 is a big birthday, and what a way to spend it!

  15. Jane, Glad to see you enjoying those special times
    with your grandson…building memories for the both
    of you to last a lifetime!

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