What a combo in my dressing room tonight

What a combo in my dressing room tonight–Kathy Griffin (who was hysterical) and Carol Gilligan who wrote the iconic book “In a Different Voice” that changed my life in 2000. Carol came with Tina Packer and Dennis Krausnick who founded and run the Shakespeare Festival in the Berkshires. Carol gave me her newest book, “The Deepening Darkness: Patriarchy, Resistance, and Democracy’s Future” that she co-wrote with David Richards. I can’t wait! If only I was able to read and absorb while doing this play. So–it’s something to look forward to. Carol’s works always open new doors, new vistas, new ideas for me. What a night.


Carol Gilligan (photo: Michael Rudd)


Tina Packer, and Dennis Krausnick of the Shakespeare Theater Co. (photo: Michael Rudd)


Kathy Griffin (photo: Michael Rudd)

See you next time.

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  1. You Are Blessed to have so many peopel who Love you add me to the list

  2. Hello Ms Fonda,

    I hope you felt bettr tonight, bcoz you look GREAT! I probably don’t even look that fabulous when im not sick!!

    Im sure the show went incredibly well! I can’t wait to go back and see it again. Altho I doubt that i’ll be as lucky again to get front row tickets…but ill def go again! –omg yeah i should go.. to bed that is, its 2am and I must work tomorrow morning–oops–
    Have a good night!

    Best Wishes,

  3. Not gonna lie, that’s a pretty bomb shirt you got there.

  4. Jane, I am just Looving your blog – read it everyday! Hope you’re feeling better – and that these little notes help. Keep up with the EmergenC (that fizzy VitC drink) – best thing for you. I was wondering, given your recent interest in Christianity – were you able to go to a church at all on Easter?? NYC has so many great churches – I hope you were able to hit atleast one, if only for the serenity.

    Continued success with the show – just plzz let us know when Liza shows up. Do you 2 know each other?? I’m a fan of hers as well.

    Be well,
    Catherine (w/ a ‘C’)

  5. Dear Ms. Fonda…aka Jane Brave One:

    Loving continuing to read your blog. Hope you are feeling better and getting stronger. When you are back on the trek to see the best of the museums, don’t forget the wonderful Frick Collection on East 70th…hopefully still quiet and private, where you can sit in the inner garden and read, or just think. It was my favorite hideaway, around the corner from my school in the 1960’s. (Tobe Coburn, on the second floor above the original YSL Rive Gauche…we were there before Yves.)

    Don’t forget The Museum of the City of New York, on Fifth @ 103rd Street, and the Museum of the American Indian.

    Congrats on your continuing success. Bravo! Brava! Wish I were back in the City to see the show.

    Warm regards,
    Lana in SFO

  6. How’s the cold, Jane? It obviously didn’t stop you from performing…show must go on and all of that! Kathy Griffin is a funny lady. Must read the book, haven’t had a view of that one yet.

  7. I’ve never posted any kind of comment on a blog before, but I feel compelled to after seeing your show with a friend this past Saturday (yes, we were part of the great matinee audience). We consider ourselves avid and critical theatergoers and we were completely moved and transported by this play, the rich performances of your fellow actors and your magnificent performance. I only regret that you’ve deprived us of your stagework for some 40 years! And as someone who as spent many years acting in local theater for the “love” of it– as an avocation and not a profession– I have truly enjoyed your blogging about this process. It’s made me realize that even the pros share the same fears, joys, insecurities, etc. as us amateurs. Thank you.

  8. Kathy grifin is so terrifically funny! I hope you feel much better, Jane. By the way, love the shirt!

  9. I love Kathy. She’s so funny. And i’ve said this before on your blog but…I want that shirt! haha.

  10. That picture of you and Kathy Griffin is classic. I adore the company you keep!


  11. Every day with you, girl (as the old rock song says) is sweeter than the day before. So glad your show is doing well. You never mentioned the pickets. Have they gone away? How many groups of so-and-sos (I cleaned than one up for your refined audience) have you defeated over the years? Well I remembered the tobacco spitting vetran–you turned around, were cleaned up, and resumed signing books. You are the very best, doing so many admirable things. Many of us love you, love your book, love your foundation and your Christian feministm. Look forward to your next blog. Will let you know when I start mine.,

  12. Hi Ms. Fonda,

    I’m a journalism student at New York University and I’m writing a story about the progress of the feminist movement. I’m a big fan of Germaine Greer and recently heard her speak at BAM. I was looking at your organization for women in the media and I was wondering if you might be available for an interview. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on the feminism of your generation, feminism today, and where you see it going in the future. Thank you for your consideration.

  13. Jane:

    Eternal love and light to you. I am one of the greatest admirers of your body of work and continued activism. There is one thing I’d like to know… WHERE in the bleeding wide world can we get that fabulous shirt?


  14. I look forward to reading your blog every day. I would love to see the play, but not possible to travel to New York. You are a great inspiration. Keep up the good work. A fan from New Brunswick, Canada

  15. I hope you’re feeling well soon! My daughter met you once & said it was the first time she’s met a celebrity & was at a loss for words. She also said she told you that I had named her after you, & you smiled & asked if she was named Jane too? She said no she was named after a movie you were in, her name is Brie. (sp change is mine) She proudly tells anyone who asks that she was named after a hooker…and then tells the story of how I loved you in Klute. She’s taking me to see you in the show for Mother’s Day. Things sure do have a way of coming full circle. Can’t wait to see you! <3

  16. So love Kathy Griffin! I so wanted to tell her Gaykin is soo absolutely gay! But he came out! lol

  17. Tell her assistant is cute too!

  18. I’m just wondering if all the vayjayjay/deep throat stuff will end up in Kathy’s next special. πŸ˜‰

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