Carol and her husband, Jack Nichol, and their two sons, the age of my daughter and son, lived with my husband, Tom Hayden and me in a modest two-story clapboard house during the Vietnam War in Ocean Park, California. As controversy, some violent and disturbing, roiled around us (around me, in particular), Carol always had my back. She and my other women friends were my sustenance and support. She was in the room with me during my labor when I was birthing my son, Troy. I learned a lot from her and her ready giggle lubricated many a rough passage during those years.

After the war, she ran 9to5, the National Association of Women Office Workers based in Cleveland, Ohio. We have stayed in touch in the subsequent years and I am so looking forward to seeing her tonight backstage. No going out to dinner, though. I need an extra long night’s sleep so I can ditch this cold once and for all. The show tomorrow isn’t till 3pm.


Carol Kurtz (photo: Michael Rudd)

See you tomorrow.

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  1. So far, I have read every post since sometime in March.
    Each post only makes me respect you all the more.
    I was not the least bit surprised to read that the inside of the throat looks like a vagina or that you used that word “in public”. (“Vagina Monologues” is really great and valuable!) I know you say what you think. And you probably never deliberately insult or judge people. I cannot imagine you trying to lower someone’s self esteem. You are always actively involved in something creative and productive yet you have time for family, rest, sleep…and anyone who does not like you, Jane Fonda, is probably politically reactionary against Freedom! The world needs 100 people with your energy and vitality who will each in turn find still more people with the ability to make a real difference…We could solve all the world’s problems in a single generaton if we could coordinate and unite all the people trying.

  2. Hello Ms. Fonda, Mr. Hanks, et al.—

    You moved through this play with the same grace, dignity, and playfulness that Beethoven has woven into these variations. Thank you for a beautiful afternoon at the theatre.


  3. Oh Jane, I hope that you can get rid of that cold. It must be hard to go on stage every night with a cold. I had a role re-written for me at Uni so that I could stand up throughout the whole play because I had an accident with my back. I had two injections before the play and had pain killers on top of that. Somebody gave me a glass of champagne afterwards because I got a standing ovation and silly me had it! Oh boy, I had to go home and write a Greek History assignment. I think that I ended up writing it in Greek! It is good to have friends like that. Great test of friendship with they stick with you through bad times and good. Must be hard in your world to have genuine friends.

  4. It’s time you get better. Go to bed!
    Oh, and whats up with this “See you tomorrow” ?
    What happened to your regular, “See you next time.”?
    You really must be sick.


  5. My Dream of World Peace involves far more than a world without wars. It is a world in which we make ecologically sound decisions, teach chiildren to love and not be afraid to love or risk vulnerability; indeed, to not even think about vulnerability–and defensiveness! It is a world in which violence against women and children is shunned just as all violence is shunned. And “violence” includes emotional-psychological-spiritual violence; not just the physical kind. It is a world in which “gun control” and “sex education” are dealt with wisely, honestly and humanely just as all issues are. It is a world in which Religion is not used as a justification for war and the oppression of women. It is a world in which the past history of our world is shameful for its many many forms of violence. It is a world in which the past history of our world is also a matter of joy because so many people made a concentrated effort to achieve this Dream that it became reality.

    Part of the Key to World Peace is indeed to shun all violence. And that can only happen if we shun all forms of violence against women and children. And this can be achieved if we allow ourselves to understand that Women are not property, not created to be subservient, not at the bottom of a hierarchy with “God” at the top, “Man” in the middle, “Woman” at the bottom, under “Man” and in need of “Man’s” guidance and leadership.
    When enough people grasp this and it penetrates deep into our consciousness and awareness and we allow ourselves to feel awe and respect for women, then we will be well on our way to achieving a world without violence. The same with children who are indeed the light and hope of the world.
    When we understand the value of life and feel reverence for life, then we can understand the need for humanism and respect for humanity as well as all life. Further, when we understand all of this, we will also be aware of the beauty of Love and the value of Love. For it is Love that is behind such insight, awareness, consciousness.

    I know you understand this, Jane Fonda, as do the many people who work with you on your many projects.

  6. Jane, I’m coming to see your show today and can’t wait…have loved reading your blog these past few months and loved your Huffington Post today:

    “Our young people are clamoring for sex education. Time and time again, we hear from high school students saying the sex education they receive is inadequate, it comes too late, and it does not teach them the skills they need to act responsibly.”

    I speak frequently in high schools and I will simply say–you have your finger on the pulse–as you have your entire life! I’m a big fan and look forward to soaking in the show.

  7. I consider myself so fortunate as I was lucky enough to enjoy your show Saturday night. It is definitely a night I will forever remember. The story was so entertaining and the performances were excellent. Okay, so I’m not a professional critic but for me, it was wonderful moment I’ll always remember. Driving in from Jersey was a nightmare though, it took 2 hours just to get through the Holland Tunnel and I missed everything right up to intermission. The gal to my right brought me up to speed and from the moment I sat in my seat till the very end I had the best time. Thank You!

  8. Ms Fonda,

    I have a question…will you really stop blogging after the show is over? bcoz that would really suck! I love this blog…..


  9. Jane, friends who never turn their back on you and are there through thick & thin are indeed precious.

    Please take care of your cold and feel well soon.

  10. I too will miss this blog…perhaps you can continue it in some what after the show??

    • Oops…in some ‘way’..after the show…!

  11. Your energy inspires me so much. This blog is a blast, very much enjoying your musings about the show and being back in New York. (I just left, for Denver, still adjusting…uuggghh) Can’t wait for the new book, the last one I read cover to cover, three times. Artists like you make me search for the best in myself. Keep shining! Your energy feeds….

  12. Jane, how is it that you know all these wonderful people of such Quality?? I can’t find a decent person to even have a conversation with! You seem to have the most wonderful assortment of truly incredible people who are genuinely caring and giving. Is there some secret formula? And yes, I try to be all the things that I am seeking – it’s just slim pickins in a very narcisstic world – so, HOW do you manage to meet people of goodness? You are sooo blessed and fortunate!

    Continued good fortune –

  13. Jane,

    It’s always nice to put a name to the face of someone who has done so much good for women. Plus, it’s great to read that you still have so many wonderful friends attending the show. I hope it stays that way throughout the entirety of the run.


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