So glad we have 2 shows (did I already say that earlier?) It means I don’t have to think about what to do.

Robin Laughlin saw the show at matinee and came backstage. She has supposed to come for the opening but got sick. I’ve known Robin for a long time. My step daughter, Nathalie, introduced us years ago when I was looking for a place to move to since I had decided to quite the movie business and become a fulltime activist. Nathalie suggested Santa Fe and I said, “But can you introduce me one person who could be a close friend? I am too old to make all new friends.” Robin was who she introduced me to. She’s my only woman friends who can out-fish and out-hunt me. She reminded me of the days when I would tell her, despite her protestations, that I would never act again. “But then came ‘Monster-in-Law,’ and then ‘Georgia Rule,'” Robin said, “And now this! I am so happy and excited to see you performing up there on the stage.” There’s so much else I could say about Robin but gotta get ready for curtain time. She’s one person I feel close enough to to actually ask her to tell me what moments she was most moved by. OH! I almost forgot to tell you this about Robin: There is a scene in the first act where I am supposed to take my shirt off and be topless. I didn’t think this was right for me to do and I discussed it with Robin during the Christmas holiday. “You should get one of those transparent camisole tops,” she said.”That way you are partly revealed but there’s still something between you and the audience.” She actually bought me a bunch of them and Moises, when he saw the effect, gave me a thumbs up. “It’s more about vulnerability than nudity,” he said. That’s what he’s got thanks to Robin.

Jane Fonda and Eve Ensler attend the after party for opening night of "33 Variations" at Buddakan on March 9, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)
Jane Fonda and Eve Ensler attend the after party for opening night of "33 Variations" at Buddakan on March 9, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)
the curtain call--from left to right--Samantha, Mathis, me, Moises, Zach Grenier and Colin Hanks.
The curtain call–from left to right–Samantha, Mathis, me, Moises, Zach Grenier and Colin Hanks.
On the red carpet with Moises Kaufman (Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)
On the red carpet with Moises Kaufman (Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)

By the way, last night Troy, Simone and I went to the opening of Colin’s new film “The Great Buck Howard,” also starring an amazing John Malkovich as Buck Howard. A very sweet, touching film that has been Colin’s baby since he took it to Sundance.

More later for Today’s blog. Feeling rested and great. Anxious to get to the theatre for the first of our two shows. Bob Redford is coming back after this evening’s show. Much excitement…especially for me.

Life is good. Later, I’ll tell you about a new goal in my life—thanks to an invitation from Joan Hallifax Roshi yesterday.

It was a really good show though I have to confess I kept thinking throughout “does Bob (Redford) like classical music? Will he like this? I sort of figured he would cause he’s black Irish so issues of life and death and such resonate. Also, the play actually workshopped at Sundance. Moises was on the board.

So Bob came back after. I won’t have photos till tomorrow but, gotta tell you, he looked fantastic!!! Really good. And his daughter Amy was with him. She did a play with my son awhile back. We had a good talk. And hugged a lot. And it was so important for me–seeing him and telling him what it feels like–now–to be doing this play. We have so much shared history. He told me he was proud of me. I could tell he meant it and that meant so much.
Tom Hanks came again and I will have that photo with him tomorrow too.

Then Kristina Kiehl and her sister-in-law came backstage as did documentary filmmaker (oscar winner) Barbara Kopple and we polished off some good red wine and hung out till the doorman said he was about to lock up. Hey, after opening night and a two-show day, I needed to unwind with friends.

Tomorrow I start up with Pilates again after 2 weeks. I know I will be sore. I want to be sore. It’s been too long. But there was no time. Now I am back with a regular schedule again.

I’ll send photos tomorrow.

See you next time

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  1. You look SO pretty and happy!!

    with love,
    glynda bennett

  2. Jane,

    Great pics. Congrats. You are going strong and look
    as cute as u did in Klute.

  3. hi jane good luck with the show,you look great. I also think John Malkovich is a fab actor,really liked burn after reading. take care

  4. Dear Jane,

    YOU are responsible for me being on tweeter! I’m having a hard time getting things done with this new thing, I’m snatching what everyone is following and its neverending. Whew!

    I would like to say that YOU are the most beautiful Actor that ever was. Still. I do admire you, so does my sister. I wish you all the best that life has to offer, and hope that you live a long and happy life. Take care.

  5. Jane, you look fabulous!! Please come home and perform here in Atlanta. Best of luck!

  6. This is all so fascinating. The best blog on the net.

  7. Jane,

    You look fabulous with Moises,! Love all the pictures.
    Cant wait to hear about your evening,and see pictures of Mr. Redford, as well as your new goal. Your an unbelievable force!
    What hope and inspiration you’ve given me at 49 years of age.

    Bless You,


  8. Jane, thankyou so much for this blog.I read it every day.What a breath of fresh air.I’m in the theater, every step on the boards you take me along. thanks again.

  9. Can not wait to hear about your new goal, in the meantime we love to see pictures of your life’s adventures!

  10. Looks like you are having a wonderful time with the play. Adore Eve Ensler, have had the honor of meeting her several times. Best to you!

  11. Do producers allow an actress’s role to be so important that another actress does not continue a good run. Should the run continue, who?
    I think the actress here is Alexandra Stewart who does not have a Facebook page and for which reason it may be a remarkable quality of distinction.

  12. Dear Ms. Fonda,

    Congratulations for having a hit and the “must see” show on Broadway. April 14th is the day I will see your show. Thanks to all of you for providing us with a play that makes us think and feel. Enjoy your tremendous success!

  13. I can only imagine what your new goal will be!

  14. Jane, you look flawless! I’m so thrilled that Monday night’s performance went so well and that the after party was grand.

    Thank you for sharing pictures!

    Can’t wait to read about post-show dressing room time with Mr. Redford.

    All my best,

  15. Jane –

    I just found your site via our friend Rosie’s. So happy to get caught up on what you are doing.

    I’m afraid I will be addicted.

    Best of luck with the show and I will be reading!

  16. Love the fact ur back

  17. Jane, I saw you on The View. You look fabulous! You mentioned you Twitter and I’ve been reading it daily ever since.. and love it. The photos are great too. Please don’t stop blogging or twittering. I feel I’m right there in the theatre.

  18. Congrats Jane! I’m Australian and will have no chance of getting over to see you on Broadway, but I’m a 24 year old actress and a huge fan of yours. Your work has inspired me for many years. I love reading your blog and your twitter updates and I hope the show goes amazingly! Wish I could see it!

  19. Today, I opened my morning newspaper in Oslo, Norway reading about your show. I’m going with friends to New York in April – we all agreed to go see you within minutes, exchanging messages on our mobiles and doing the ordering of tickets online. We are so excited that the world has become so small that we can have the opportunity to see you live on Broadway – 8 hours and hundreds of miles away. It’s amazing! The play’s plot seems so interesting and universal for all modern human beings. Thanks for this blog, it’s so honest and heartly! Can’t wait to see you on April 9th.

  20. You look great and it’s good to know that you are still friends with Robert Redford. I makes Barefoot in the Park somehow more real.n It was very touching that you were touched by him saying he was proud of you.
    I’m flying over from Germany in April just to see the play (i.e. you!). I’m already trying to find a way to compensate my carbon footprint…!

  21. It’s so weird that I don’t even know you but because of your honesty and all your movies I feel as if I do. You’re human and that’s what makes you a fantastic actor! You put life on the stage and in film.

    How lucky that you know and worked with Robert Redford. It was the movie, The Sting, that made me want to be an actor. Then when I went to see The Electric Horseman with my mother I knew I made the right choice! Your performance in On Golden Pond with your dad I saw in TX and “that scene” had the theater crying like babies. Again, LIFE happening on film this time but you touched people, the entire theater!

    Enjoy your time in NY and the run of this wonderful play.

    (BTW the CD of your show is great to relax to and take you away for about an hour! Love it!)

    Pete Mannion

  22. It has really been fantastic reading this blog and going through the process with you from first rehearsal to opening night. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I wish you all the best for a wonderful run and I hope to see you in more films, as well.

  23. Jane,
    I will be at your show Saturday night with my husband and am really looking forward to it. Its our aniversay and you are my favorite actress, any chance of saying hi to you. Of course, I’m not famous but it would mean alot to me.

  24. Hi Jane:

    First or foremost: Congratulations to you, the entire cast and company.

    I have a suggestion for your “Day Off Field Trip” plans: There is a colorful-breathtaking-annual show in Brooklyn that’s been running longer than “The Mousetrap” in London…”Spring At Brooklyn Botanic Garden!” Do check into the upcoming 2009 performance schedule and DON’T MISS IT!

  25. What a role model! Keep going strong Jane, you are inspirational to me- past 50 heading toward????
    Thanks for putting it out there in a bold way.

  26. Congratulations………… hovering around the stage in spirit, watching you perform. Just want you to know how special you are – always.

  27. Jane, I cannot wait for your book – you’ve been a hero of mine for years. Admire ALL your work, in acting, fitness, activism. So wonderful to have found you on the net, with a BLOG no less – something to look forward to every day. You look like you are having a fantastic time with this play – looking forward to seeing a photo of you and Robert Redford here soon! My best to you always, Bonnie (a kindred spirit!)

  28. It’s brave of you to share. I’m honored to be a reader. Give ’em heck, always!

  29. Congratulations on this venture! What a blessing to realize what you have, to be upright, vital and aging gloriously. Written by one also appreciative (after dying three times in 12 hours). Hope you can bring the play to Chicago, too.

  30. The pics are great. I can’t wait until May when I’m traveling to NYC to see the play. Congrats on a great openning!

  31. How fulfilling that must be – “the show is ours” … wishing you all a successful run. In Spain it’s not uncommon to hear all involved wish eachother “mierda” prior to going on! Whether it’s “break a leg” or “mierda” while steeped in tradition/superstition, it’s also reassuring. I send you all the same! I cant even bring myself to say “mierda” to you, even though I understand the context! Too much respect!

  32. Jane, I’ve been a fan of yours since “Barbarella.” I’ve seen most of your movies, more than once, and I exercised to your tapes when I first moved to LA in ’88, and after I had my son in ’90, and I’m sure your activism had some influence on my small contribution to the planet (I wish I had the means to do more!). I’m not surprised you are twittering and blogging, you’ve always been a mover and shaker. Congratulations to your success on Broadway (still my dream). I’m loving reading about it, and can’t wait for more inspiration from you. You’re right, Redford looks GREAT, but so do you! Thanks for all you do for women.

  33. I’m so happy that I will see you in “33 Variations” this Saturday at the Matinee. I have loved the many roles you have played, missing only “Barbarella”. Loved “Barefoot in the Park”, “Klute”, “They Shoot Horses Don’t They”, and so many more. Thank you for coming to Broadway!

  34. Jane,
    you are an inspiration—–talented, beautiful, loving and you speak your mind. thank you for being so open and true to yourself. elle

  35. I am a great fan of yours. I admire your work and who you are and what you have always stood for at least for me. I just turned 60 and you are my role model. I read your book when it came out, and it wasn’t disappointing it was inspirational, how with dignity and perseverance you handled hardships and showed yourself as a real person, the good the bad but never the ugly. I have both of your newer films and love them both. Best of luck, fun and success on your new endeavor.

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