Tulea Makes A Broadway Debut!!!!!

OMG! I kid you not and I twittered about it earlier but, no kidding, during curtain call Tulea escaped from her (new) dog sitter and came out on stage. The timing was kinda terrific. I cannot image what it would have been like had she come out during a scene. It’s even possible that there were those in the audience who thought it was planned. But no! I had to scoop her up as I left the stage. Anyway, here’s what I wrote before the show started:

I was happy to get back to the theater and the cast for rehearsal today. I really missed everyone. Susan Kellerman (plays Gertie) isn’t feeling well so she went home to try and kick whatever it is and we spent much of the day rehearsing her scenes with Caitlin, the understudy for Susan and me. What a challenge it is to have to come on and play a role on such short notice but clearly, Caitlin has been paying attention and knows her lines.

Obama’s signing his stimulus package into law as I write. I prayed this morning that it will do what’s needed. Like many people, I wish he had just gone and asked for all that he really wanted (and what may well be what’s needed) rather than concede things to the Republicans (the tax cuts) when they didn’t support him anyway. I bet we won’t see that mistake again!

I’m glad we had the chance to run so many of the scenes (because of Caitlin because I noticed that with those 2 days off my brain is a little noodle-like. The body feels good but the mental alertness is lacking.

A friend from the days of my marriage to Ted Turner, Siobhan Darrow, is seeing the show tonight and will come backstage with her journalist husband, It was Siobhan who made Ted’s vision of The World Report into a reality and it was amazing. Any country in the world no matter how small could send in a national report that would be aired on CNN. The only requirement was that it be in English. There was an annual World Report Conference that brought the reporters from around the world to Atlanta to network, to learn more about TV journalism and how a large newsroom works. Many of them came from newly created democracies and had scant experience of what free press could be like.

So I am writing this now, after a few glasses of wine and I am back home after passing a wonderful hour with Siobhan and Shep in my dressing room. I felt bad about keeping Demitri, our stage door manager, there late but he says he has to stay till midnight anyway. So no harm done.

Siobhan and Shep backstage with me after the show.

Backstage after the show with a dear friend from decades ago, Bobby Zarem, on the left; the famous and wonderful casting doyen, Bonnie Timmerman and screenwriter Scott Prendergast (“Kabluey”).

I wrote earlier that my brain was like a noodle after 2 days off. Well, what I feared (and twittered about) happened: I totally forgot some lines in the first act and riffed while all alone front/center stage but managed to give the right cue for Colin and Samatha to enter. Then I forgot my cue in the next scene with Samantha—that was weird. And again in a later scene with Colin and San (that’s what we call her), I got to thinking about not being able to move cause of my illness and forgot to react to a pain that Sam thinks she’s caused so Sam and Colin just kept going with the physical therapy they’re giving me. Sam later told me she could see Colin’s neck turning red as he panicked, till I finally realized the arm therapy had been going on for many minutes in silence and FINALLY jumped in with my line. I almost burst out laughing.

STILL… the very savvy people who came back stage said they found the play to be powerful, inspiring, moving, thought provoking. Moises brought some friends back and when I apologized to him about screwing up his lines he said, “If you keep rewriting my lines I’ll have to pay you royalties.” What a mensch Moises is. I so love working with him.

To sleep. And yet to dream.

See you next time.

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  1. And what a mensch YOU are, Ms. Fonda, for sharing with us about the flubbed lines and such. As someone who tends to worry a lot about my own goofs, it’s helpful to see that even creme de la creme make mistakes. The best one can do is focus on the moment and move forward with grace.

    I’m so enjoying your blog. Thanks you. Keep on going!

  2. A real snapshot of the day .

    Interesting comment regarding Obama’s stimulus package . I was going to twitter and see what peole’twitts’ thought of it .

    I am a lawyer and on occasions ‘whilst I dont have lines as such ‘ cant think of the right word when I ‘ on my feet in front of the Judge and I remember really struggling once when I had a migraine .Scary stuff .

    Find it hard to ke up with reading your blog . Still enjoy it .


  3. life happens… thank God.

  4. As a younger actor following your journey on this blog, I must say.. your treading the boards again, after all those years away is a real inspiration!. It reminds me yet again, that age has nothing to do with acting. It fills me with the feeling, that it can only get better with time. And out of all the things that come and go in life, over time. The joy of acting is a pleasure that can remain constant 🙂

    What a gift your giving audiences, sharing your talent with them. I just wish I could afford to come see your show! 🙁 – Bring it to Vancouver please! haha :-p

    Here’s hoping.

    All the best Jane! and wishing you continued much deserved success.

    Victoria, BC Canada.

  5. I have followed your accomplishments since I was a little girl, and you are a major part of the reason I moved to LA to make movies when I graduated college in 1988. You NEVER cease to disappoint me…a true inspiration for how to live one’s life. Your ability as an actress has NEVER been in question–and I’ve always admired your ability to stay in the moment when it’s not your line! This talent coupled with your bravery and honesty is unstoppable…GO FOR IT FONDA! I plan to come see you on Broadway (glad you finally got over seeing Geraldine Page on stage!) this March or April…can’t wait. Such a gift! THANKS! Xo, Bonnie

  6. I enjoyed this post.

    Seeing what goes on in the mind of an actress as they play out their role. I’m so used to seeing the perfected/edited flawless movies. It’s nice to be reminded that we’re all human.

    Take care!

  7. Every aspect of the play was phenomenal. My friends and I were next to the piano last night. Having experienced ALS as the caregiver for my husband, I was very impressed with your performance and the thoroughness of the research/preparation. Giggling fits are not uncommon and sex is always desired!

  8. It was the cutest thing to see Tulea onstage after the actors bowed. I loved the play, I loved to see you act and thought Amendola and Kellermann were also amazing. Thank you so much,

  9. Is this Scott Prendergast from Kabluey?

  10. Of course I am bias and love everything
    that Jane does but the play was truly
    spectacular. It had that Zen quality of expressing so much complexity in a simple moment. It deepened my understanding of music and how it can express the nature of our existence and be a reflection of our relationships. Bravo Jane and all the cast for bringing us this moving and thought-provoking experience. Love, Siobhan

  11. Jane,
    Your dog is adorable! How cute is that! Sounds like the show is going great! Your screwing up the line story was pretty funny. Especially picturing someone bursting out in laughter while they’re getting physical therapy. Good thing you kept it in. Or maybe not, maybe one night you should do it just to throw the audience off! Haha!


    P.S. I’m loving this blog, how cool I get to keep up with Jane Fonda!

  12. Oh, Jane! Look what a success your blog is. And fabulous comments about the show. Hope I get a chance to see it in April. Maybe a birthday present to myself, and would love to meet you.

  13. I saw the preview last night and I totally thought that the dog was a part of the show! Until of course you smiled and picked her up! That was brilliantly funny! I am a film/theater student at NYU and my friends and I came to the show because we had recently watched (AND LOVED) Klute. Amazing performance. And we LOVED the show. The choreographed moment at the end is inspired. I also thought Colin Hanks was perfectly charming. I found your blog this morning and was so tickled to see that you mentioned the dog! Again, we had a wonderful time. Looking at the pictures now and wondering if you are making a film with Scott Pendergrass of kabluey??? Will you be onscreen again?? thanks again – we loved the show. A brilliant play! Cheers!

  14. Is that Scott Prendergast from Kabluey?

  15. You are WONDERFUL, Ms. Fonda! I love reading your adventures. How terrific that you’re keeping us updated. I hope to get to NYC before the end of the run. Enjoy, enjoy!

    All the best,
    Gina in L.A.

  16. What a find your blog must be for new actors…that you share the little blips and bumps along the way. Love the backstage photos…and the backstory you provide on your friends.

  17. Jane,

    I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s so interesting to read about what it’s like being on stage and all the surprises that can occur during a live performance. That’s what I so thoroughly enjoy about the theater: every show is different, and it’s often more personal than film. I would have loved to have seen your pup make an appearance on the set. What a great story!

    Can’t wait to see the play!

  18. Jane, was THRILLED to see you on “The View” today! Have always loved you and admired you. Continued GREAT success! PS: You are SO beautiful. (Inside and out.) Keep on keeping on!

  19. Jane, Saw you tonight at TIMES TALKS. You were so smart and funny — and a trooper – coming in with that nasty cold. Loved what you said about dying without regrets and constant reinvention. Also, having read your autobiography and realizing the ambiguousness with your father, and then thinking of Katharine’s character — I imagine you must channel your father each night to create this role. Like K, he was emotionally detached and incapable of expressing his feelings – AND he treated you the way you (as K) treat Carla. So, my question is, have you been able to resolve your issues with him in this role? Do you understand his icy silences and lack of approval better now that you have to be that person yourself? Is that why he is there with you now? I wanted to ask you that tonight, but they’d already pulled the mike (after the wacko guy wanted his second question), so I was unable to.
    I hope you feel better.

  20. This story really made me chuckle. I’ve never been to New York or been to a Broadway play, but that curtain call would have been wonderful to see.

  21. I know that Tulea will do everything to be with you. Nothing can make her afraid of things because you are always there ….

    Give her a tommy rub for her “debut” in Brodway

    Tulea’s breeder

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