Power Down

Network power is down cause of high winds so only a super short blog today sent via Blackberry.

Today is our 5th public performance. I have some good friends out there tonight and Patti Bosworth is back again–already. It’s shorter and tighter and we’re trying some new lines tonight which I’ve been memorizing like mad these few minutes. Trying to clarify my character’s obsession with Beethoven’s obsession and the mother/daughter “issues.” I love this work.

See you next time.

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  1. I saw the show the other night at your second performance. I was prepared for some reason not to like it – but, I was totally mistaken. The first act drew me in quickly, and was exhillerating. The second act, mesmerizing. The entire cast is terrific (Don Amendolia is an old friend), and you Ms. Fonda, one of my all-time favorite actresses and activists, are truly wonderful.
    Thank you for Tuesday evening, and thank you for a lifetime of your steadfast energy and grace.
    Marc Raboy

  2. my children and i were lucky enough to be in the audience yesterday, thursday, february 12th. while the strong winds forced us to walk all the way around to a side stage door entrance, we, thankfully, made it in time. what an amazing experience this show truly is. a unique blending and paralleling of lives, stories, characters, and time periods, left my children with their mouths open. the show is phenomenally well-written, brilliantly directed, and the cast is amazing. it is so incredibly powerful that there was narry a sound in the audience from beginning to end. my son wants to come back to see the show again. he wants to bring back all of his friends. they both spent their own money and bought t-shirts. my children, who have been working in this business as triple threats for over 9 years have never been so enthralled by a performance. you are amazing. thank you for keeping theatrical performances such as this alive. we wish you well on the run of the show! Bravo!

  3. Hello Ms Fonda…Congratulations on your new Broadway show!!! I just discovered this site and I so enjoy reading your entries. I have been a fan of your work for years and am thrilled you are back on the boards. I do hope to make my way to New York before the show ends as I would love to see you and your incredible cast. Keep on wowing the people….have a blast…and keep us posted. You are a treasure and so loved…and respectd by so many!!
    Continued success…keep on blogging…;)
    Stuart..Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

  4. I saw the show tonight and was blown away…
    Your ability and in the moment presence brought tears to my eyes. I was inspired….and what i took away was that letting go will open all the doors. Thank you

  5. I saw the show tonight and was blown away. Your ability and in the moment presence brought tears to my eyes. I am taking away that letting go will open doors. Thank you!

  6. I was there tonight and was just blown away. I wonder if you have any idea what a glorious production you are involved in and how really fine your work is. That minuet at the end is so unapolagetically smaltzy and beautiful it brought me to tears. Brace yourself, Jane, this is really gonna knock them on their asses!

  7. I was there tonight and was just blown away. I wonder if you have any idea what a glorious work or art you are involved in and how fine your work is. That minuet at the end is so unapologetically schmaltzy and beautiful, it brought me to tears. This is really going to knock them on their asses, Jane. Kudos!

  8. I saw the play last night and loved it. But I wanted you to know that sometimes with the blocking I had trouble hearing and I was in the left orchestra. So people a little hard of hearing would not be able to hear. Some of the cast should projecdt more , naming Hanks, Fonda and the daughter.

    Again I thought the show was brilliant. I hope great success for you all!

  9. Jane. [if i may]
    just wanted to thank you for your astute insights.
    my friend david lander is….. lighting the show and it’s fascinating to hear your take on the creative process of getting a show up.
    I worked with your brother on a tiny film called japan, which i
    designed, and it’s interesting to see how the gene pool has played out so well in both of you. talent filtered thru a fierce intellect is a gift from the gods. thank you for sharing your gifts.
    loved your father. had a heck of a good time with peter and have
    always appreciated your fearlessness.

  10. It’s so great to hear that the show is going wonderfully. I plan on seeing it this March. I know that you are undoubtedly brilliant in this show! Can’t wait to see you perform on stage as this will be the first time I watch you live.

  11. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the show in March. This will be the first time I get to watch you perform on stage and I’m awfully excited. I have no doubt that you are absolutely brilliant!

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