My Dad

With dad on the set of “On Golden Pond”

3/29/1982-Beverly Hills, CA-Henry Fonda holds his Oscar in his Beverly Hills home after it was delivered to him by his daughter, Jane Fonda. He was named “Best Actor” at the Academy Awards presentation for his work in “On Golden Pond.”
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  1. I remember that Oscar telecast. You accepted the award on your Father’s behalf and told him that you and the grandkids were on the way to deliver his Oscar. It was very moving and authentic.

    I reconciled with my Dad after a 15 year estrangement. It was difficult but some bonds can never truly be broken.

  2. Lovely to see the two of you together so happy.

  3. You and your father=two of my favorite actors ever! You are loved!

  4. I also remember the Oscar telecast the year your Dad won. I recall at the AFI Awards his words about you – “she was right” – regarding the war protests. As a man of few words, I imagine this was very significant for you and I was so glad to hear him say it.

  5. My favorite movie is Golden Pond for so many reasons. I loved your dad and Katherine Hepburn together but mostly I loved it because it was so honest. Relationships between parents and children are complicated and painful and I thought you portrayed that so well in the movie. I have a strained relationship with my mother and
    father who is now deceased. I did not expect to still be trying to reconcile my feelings for them at this time of my life I am 55 yrs old. Sometimes I resent it why can’t it just be easy? I really do know the answer to that people are not easy.
    Anyway, thanks for that performance I saw myself in you and it helped me heal.

    Congrats on your broadway hit too!
    Sally Oldham

  6. I loved the show On Golden Pond, I still sit down and watch it all the time. I always feel like I`m there with all of you guys when I watch it. Do you know if that home is still there, and do they give any kind of tours in the area of where the show was filmed?
    I love how you talk about your dog all the time, thats me also I dont know what I would do without her. My cell phone is full of her pictures. I talk about my Abby all the time. All the luck in the world on your knee surgery.

  7. You two remind me of me and my father. I never can see the movie On Golden Pond without crying.. every time it touches me, I thank you for making that movie, simply beautiful.

  8. You and your dad were so wonderful in On Golden Pond. I saw it in our little movie theater in Chestertown, MD and took my husband to see it the next night. The entire cast was exceptional, the story was funny, poignant, sad and the setting was lovely. I was so happy for you and your dad when he won the Academy Award (he gave so many Oscar-worthy performances!). Your speech was amazing – a very caring daughter.

    A Fonda Fan,

  9. I love watching your dad’s movies!! He was so talented. His films have helped me get through many dark moments in my life..whenever I am feeling low, I put on one of his films and just admire his talents….thank you…..and God bless!!

  10. LINDAS !

  11. Bonito o “MY DED” ! Poucas palavras expressam muito

  12. At age 17 (1979) looked at “My Darling Clementine.” Crashed into the memory of the filmstar. Since then, remembering, not knowing that it was Henry Fonda.

  13. Hi Jane..I just love these pix with your dad,,I too struggled with my relationship with my day and it was of comfort that you were able to make some peace and have some meaningful times before he passed..I recall watching that movie in my 20’s and it giving me hope (not just from the movie story but with your own dad) that maybe I too could mend some rough patches..We both worked through some tough times and can now say that I am at peace with my dad and our relationship, he 75 and me now 46..That movie was also very reminiscent of our relationship; demanding perfectionistic father and me the daughter wanting to please, striving for attention and easily hurt by his criticism..I suffered for years with an eating disorder and depression but have overcome them and have gone on to have a great job, family and kids..Thank you Jane for all your inspiration, courage and positive role model for women..You are such a talented actress and beautiful woman…All the best..Amy

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