Kvelling On My Days Off

We had Sunday and today off although I had to get up at 5am today to get ready for the Today Show. The interview went well, I think. The feedback makes me feel it was good. I like Meredith Vieira.

So, even though I didn’t have a straight-through 2-day break it’s been close to it and it made me think: Just as silence makes sound meaningful and death gives meaning to life, so work makes free days meaningful.

Because I make my living as a writer, speaker and actor, I don’t work regularly. There are days, even weeks, when I stay home. Those days don’t make me want to rejoice. But today and yesterday felt like special gifts. I kvelled all day long, basking in the unscheduledness of it all.

Still I miss Moises and the cast and crew and am looking forward to getting back into it. I like getting notes (from the director about the previous performance), trying out new cuts, new lines. I’ve already email some proposed cuts to Moises.

Tomorrow night will be our ninth show. I am off to Pilates. Days off are the only times I can workout during previews because we rehearse during the day and perform at night.

See you next time.

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  1. I emailed you a little while ago, but I thought you might read this note sooner because it’s a reply to your most current blog. There is only one pilates teacher in the city, who is any good. Email me if you’re interested and I’ll give you all the information. I will be in the audience tomorrow. I better get my $126.00 worth!! lol

    All the best,


  2. You looked incredible! It was a really good interview. And thanks to your “tech guy” James Andrews for bringing you online!

  3. Hi Jane!

    After reading your book a few months ago, you instantly became my personal hero. Recently I found your blog after “googling” 33 Variations. I love to check your blog everyday just to see what you’re up to. I hope you write forever!

    I saw, you on the Today show this morning. You look GREAT!!!


  4. Ah…who said (or was it from a play?) “In the absence of what is not, that which is, is not! In the absence of darkness, light does not exist. In the absence of sorrow, joy does not exist” I think it was Neale Donald Walsh, but I’m menopausal, so it’s all a guess at any given moment!!
    Still LOVING your blog and looking forward to seeing the show Wednesay evening!!! (front row…I’m blessed…even though my raging hormones may erase the memory 48 hours later!!)

  5. I’m proud that you have the energy to work at 71. I’ve been sick and can’t. I saw you on the Today Show and you look great. Have fun. I’ll keep up with your blog.


  6. Saw you this morning on the Today show – you are stunning! My husband and I will be seeing the matinee this Saturday and we can’t wait.

  7. Can’t wait to see the show – it sounds emotional and amazing. Would love to come up from TX to NYC. Go Jane!

  8. Hi Jane! As a life long fan I can’t say how privileged I was to see you live on Broadway in this fantastic production! We were the one’s shouting “BRAVO” on Friday February 13th in Row J !!! The show is so artistic and layered, and your performance so classic that you should move those Oscers aside because “Tony’s” are Comming to Town !!!!! You show such emotion through your eyes, that’s why I’ve always loved you. Colin Hanks and Samantha Mathis and Zach Grenier and Susan Kellermann were also standouts! And Eric Steele as Anton Schindler was supercalifragillisticexpialidocious!! I grew up in Port Jefferson, Long Island and moved to Greenwich Village 30 years ago. My first job was a movie theatre usher and I loved seeing you on the Big Screen in “Julia”, “Coming Home”, and “The China Syndrome”…and “Fun with Dick and Jane”too for your comical side! Went to NYU Film School and worked while in College and afterwards at “Windows on the World” at the World Trade Center. Was very excited the night you filmed scenes for “Rollover” at the Trade Centers!” I use to call the World Trade Center my two Big Girls! I was in the lobby of One World Trade Center during the first explosion on February 26th, 1993…as a Doorman for Windows on the World’s elevators. Glass hit me from the Vista Hotel’s lobby across from me but I was not hurt. Now I’m a photographer and cover the arts and theatre scene. Keep up the great work! Enjoyed seeing you on “The Today Show” this Morning with Meredith Vieira. Break a leg…..and thanks for bringing real excitment back on the Great White Way! PS. Meredith Vieira sat right next to us on Friday the 13th! What Luck! It’s a small world!!

  9. Jane,

    I had to chuckle a little when you ended the interview with, “Now the is the time to really do things!” Wow, inspiring does not suffice. Your book has made me live more intentionally as I enter my 43rd year (mid second act I suppose). And I intend to get my parents to come see the play with me. I simply can’t explain properly how well and high you continue to set the bar. You’re showing a whole new generation how not to get “soggy!”
    Hey real men can gush too!

    Break a leg,

    Matthew DeCoster

  10. You’re amazing in so many ways!

  11. You looked fab on The Today Show, Jane.

    Are you planning on doing Charlie Rose’s show anytime soon? I’d love to hear you talk about the play at length.

  12. Alternate title suggestion:

    “Barbarella Contemplates Navel”.

    Looking forward to seeing the show this week, should be interesting.

  13. Dear Jane Fonda,

    In a recent post for my blog — which I’m writing because my agent told me it is the only way to get a book published — I used your beautiful face and wonderful haircut as an example for women of a certain age (I live and write out of France and am trying to explain how and why French women do everything so well). That is how I discovered your wonderful blog.

    Hate to be one of those “I’ve been a fan and an admirer of yours forever,” but it’s true. Also, when you were stopped at the Cleveland airport all those many years ago with a carry-on full of vitamins I was there working for WWD. You looked gorgeous then and still do.

    Didn’t mean to turn this into a major essay. Wish I could get the Today show here.
    Best regards,

    Tish Jett

  14. Dear Jane Fonda,

    In doing a post for my blog afemmeduncertainage.blogspot.com I used you as an example of a gorgeous hair cut and in so doing discovered your fabulous blog. (I live in France and the whole idea is how French women do so many things better than we do and I figure you fall into that category.)

    I was at the Cleveland airport, working as a correspondent for WWD the day you arrived with your carry-on full of vitamins. From the moment on I’ve always thought you were extraordinary in every way.

    Best regards,
    Tish (Jett)

  15. You were great on the Today show. The description of the play makes me wish I lived in NY and could see it. Would it make a good movie? Maybe then we could all enjoy it. Take care.

  16. You are an inspiration!!

  17. Great interview Jane!

    I agree. Keep the adventures alive!

  18. I look forward to seeing your show, Your authenticity as displayed here and in your book is such an inspiration
    As a former Wall Street Journal reporter who once pressed to cover you in 1993 I have followed your multi-faceted life, appreciating the focus on honesty and growth and warmth
    Thank you

  19. I am so happy to have the opportunity to see the play tonight and grateful for this blog. Ever since I read your autobiography I’ve wanted to hear more from you. I admired the honesty with which you shared your experiences in the book and, through your example, I’ve become more aware of and engaged in many social causes. You are a wonderful model, a beautiful and smart woman and a talented artist.
    Thank you,


  20. Hmmm, I sent a comment but didn’t see it posted so I’ll try again. I wanted you to know that I grew up next door to your dad and Shirley on Chalon Rd. I saw you on the Today show and saw your eyes light up when you spoke of your father, and I wanted to let you know what fond memories I have of him. He’d show me and my sister his “farm” and we’d pick berries with him and feed his “livestock”. He’d invite us to swim in his pool and, whenever your brother and his kids were in the guesthouse, they’d include us with them to see tapings of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Odd Couple.” Your father was even kind enough to be the star of my sister’s 5th grade film project where he played a theif stealing a bag of jewels. I adored your dad, his gentle nature and generous spirit for two pre-teen kids who just happened to live next door.

  21. Dear Ms. Fonda,
    You were a vision on stage last week. I told all my friends I came to NY to see them, but it was really to see you.

  22. I appreciate this blog. I’ve always admired your work and it’s a real treat to hear your voice through this medium. Keep blogging!

  23. Jane – I saw you on the Today show and am so glad I did. I like and respect you so much. I have been wanting to tell you how very much I enjoyed your book. I am really GLAD that you are writing another one and I think the title you are thinking of is perfect!
    I will read all your blogs starting with the first ones as I didn’t know about them until I heard you talking about it with Meredith. Thank you for doing that. Joan

  24. I’m so glad this play is getting more attention.

    I saw it last Friday and was thoroughly amazed by your performance, and the play as a whole. I think this work is very important, and as you say “inspiring and powerful”.

  25. Dear Ms. Fonda I did see the interview and you were great. There was no need to bring up your last interview on the Today Show where you accidently slipped on that word(????). It was quite obvious your intentions were not malicious. If Meredith would have spend less time on that topic she might have had more time for more questions on the play. Which by the way I am seeing this Sunday at the matinee. I have been looking forward to this since I found out you were performing on broadway. I have also read your autobiography two times and hoping to bring it for you to sign on Sunday (If I am lucky to see you at the stage door). It was a great read and helped me understand more that part of our history, so thank you for that. Break a leg! Hope to see you after the performance. PS My daughters loved watching “Georgia Rules” with me. We bought the DVD and have seen it several times.

  26. I saw the show last Thursday night. It is so rare to see such a thoughtful and provoking show. The ensemble is mesmerizing, and I am really struck at what a difficult part you are playing. The show is full of special moments that trigger very personal feelings about the people in our lives. I am already making arrangements to see the show again when it has been locked in. I sense that a person could see or read this play many times and get something very different from it each time. Your willingness to share your experiences through this blog offer such valuable insights to the creative process. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for being part of this show and making it accessible to Broadway audiences.

  27. Dear Jane,

    Saw you on the Today show. Wish they would have given you more time. So great to see you. You look so beautiful. I saw your play the

  28. first night and am taking a friend to see it Wed night this week. My friend is bringing an entire group of Hotel Concierge group Wed night as well so they can spread the word to tourists staying in their hotels. She works through MVP-NY, publisher of Time Out New York. I can’t wait for my friends to see your show. And you are exactly right–the way it sneaks up on you with an incredible poignancy to it. I see A TONY in your future. I so appreciate you bringing this to Broadway, I can’t tell u.
    Thanks again

  29. Hello Jane, I am your admirer, you’re always beautiful, congratulations for the blog.

  30. Great interview, Jane!

  31. I turned on the Today show just at the right time to see you. I was happy to hear about your blog. I like and respect you so much. Glad to read that you are writing another book! Loved the first one!

  32. I saw the play in 2008 at the Arena Stage in DC and loved it. When I heard that you were returning to B’way to appear in it, I quickly bought tickets. I’ll be there on the 25th cheering you on!

  33. WoW this is great to see a celebrity blogging and on Twitter.

    You are sure to start more of your fellow peers following in your footsteps and as a creator of technology that is awesome for our businesses & the adoption of new technology!

    Thank you!

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