Pierre Richard is one of the most famous and beloved actors in France, known particularly for his comedies. Today we shot our first scene together. He told me he didn’t sleep well last night because he was nervous. Isn’t that sweet? It was a bathroom scene with us brushing our teeth and I lie to him and tell him that my cancer is gone–cured!!

pierre richard getting his pajamas (costume) on

pierre richard sitting by the window which is his habit in the film

Pierre and director, Stephane

In real life, a nice woman doctor came to the apartment this morning (they still make house calls here!!!) And proscribed antibiotics, sprays etc cause I am pretty sick with this cold but not enough to not report to work!!

We’re shooting in an apartment within Paris where Pierre and I are supposed to live. We’ll be here all week. I can’t resist taking pictures of interesting roofs. Roofs are so different in different countries. You can tell the class of a particular neighborhood from the roofs. This one is “petit bourgeoisie”–lower middle class. I play a retired philosophy professor and so the 2 of us live on our pensions but it’s an apartment we bought years ago when we were earning more and costs were less.

Gotta say, catered food on the set–as is always the case in france–is divine, in my opinion. They brought me a plate of haricots verts (string beans, the French kind that are thin) and brussels sprouts that were amazing. I try to have dark green vegetables every day. I also discovered that one of the best butchers in Paris is right near my apartment on Île Saint-Louis and when the doctor left I bought some steak, cooked it and it was really fabulous. I also bought a stuffed tomato (pork and lamb) that I will cook tonight along with rice cause the doc said I should eat rice. Can you tell I am hungry? Don’t you talk and think about food when you’re hungry? Also, the nearby produce shop has the most delicious cantaloupe I have ever had in my life. I bought 4!!!

I am about to shoot the scene where Jeanne, my character, having just learned that her cancer has metastasized, tears up her prescriptions and decides she will no longer try to fight. No one knows this and, as I just said, she tells her husband she is cured. Jeanne has the same attitude I have towards death:   she doesn’t want it but if it comes, so be it. She will buy a pink coffin and ask her friends and family to drink champagne and toast as they bury her. Like me, she takes great pains to choose a beautiful, flower-filled place to be buried as opposed to a cemetery.

Enough! Time to film.

Tulea, as usual, on my lap while i am in makeup

me as Jeanne

the film dog taking a liking to Tulea–who can blame him?


really persistant

many more women on the set of films these days

See you next time

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