Holy Cow!!! Only three weeks left for me in the play. It has gone by so fast. It is hard to believe it has been three months. I feel I am just getting started, just getting inside my character’s skin. Seriously, it doesn’t feel like acting any more. As I said the other day (I think), even the scenes I didn’t like and sort of dreaded and am feeling at ease with now, enjoying even.

I just agreed to attend a UNESCO gala event in Germany in November and have decided to make a detour to Bonn so I can visit Beethoven’s birthplace and his archives, just as my character does. It is almost impossible to get permission to enter the archives but last week, the man, Dr Laudenberg, who allowed our writer and director, Moises Kaufman, into to archives saw the play and invited me to come. The UNESCO gala has provided the opportunity—and they pay the travel!

Right now I am about to leave for a reception for the Drama Desk nominees. I hope the others will be there. Some of them I have seen and I want to applaud them. What competition! “9 to 5” got the most nominations and I hope those three actors will be there. And, maybe our set designer, Derek McLane, will be there. He was also nominated and is sooo brilliant. Maybe there will be photos to put on the blog.


photo: TMZ

See you next time.

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  1. congrats on the drama desk nom!

  2. Wow Jane,

    Twenty-nine years and you wear it well!
    Three weeks left to see you, miss you already.
    There will be the Tony’s , and your new projects.
    What an honor,and experience Germany will be.

    Feel The Love

  3. Cheer up Jane, maybe the play will become a movie. I’d love so to see it, and I know I’m not alone. Many of us haven’t (so far) gotten to NY to see the play. Wanna bring me up? I’d love it. Delighted that it is such a success and that you can share Dolly’s great moments.

    Love, as always,


  4. Like the comparison pics of you 9 to 5ers. You all still look great. It is a bit scary when someone channels Dolly! Love her though, she’s a great all rounder. Hope our Geoffrey will be ok.

    You will have to bring your play down under!

  5. You all look GREAT! Its…amazing.

  6. I haven’t seen your play living in LA, but I did see “Monster in Law” on the tube last night. I thought it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Great energy between you and Jennifer Lopez….I’ve never seen you with more committment to a role. Well, I did love “Electric Horseman”. But Monster certainly showed your great timing for comedy. Fearless!!

  7. All three of you are as gorgeous now as you were back in 1980. You ladies always seem to have so much fun together, which is awesome, and rare. You all were perfectly cast in your respective roles, and the film was just so epic.

    I just love you guys!


  8. Hope you fly Lufthansa and I get to work the flight. 🙂

  9. Re: Your Dad.

    Hi Hi Hi Jane^^

    I still feel your Dad across the years. Even in far-away Australia he projected a kind of big-brotherly feel; strong mind, capable, kind, and caring, like a big brother. His acting had an authenticity to it, as if he was just being himself. (In ‘Young Abraham Lincoln’ he totally convinced me he was Lincoln!)

    You still sound touchingly-close to him. You inherited his features, and your life and surroundings also echo something of his feel, but your Mum must have had a womanly look-in too. Iam sorry that I don’t know anything about her. Who contributed most to your sensibilities, Mum or Dad?

    Kindest wishes,

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