• Hello miss Fonda
    I wanted to give you some feedbacks on Grace and Frankie. The series is very good, i really wanted to see you and Lily. The series feels a lilltle bit sitcomy, its has if the actors are waiting […]

  • If you want to show Rachel and Daniel a clip of your scene in newsroom, just tell them to go on youtube and write…jane fonda newsroom, the scene is there….always available to watch!

  • Hi Jane!

    Can you give us a glimpse of your schedule…You seem to be doing a lot of movies and tv show. What month are you doing what for all projects? And is there more to come?

  • The Butler….I was hoping to see the scenes you did portraying Nancy Reagan, in the special features section, to see some of the scenes that were cut from the film. I saw it on the silver screen, then i rented […]

  • Not from the film of course, but from the special features. I was hoping to see your scenes that weren’t not in the movie, in the special features dvd deletes scenes….Are you disapointed that will never get to […]

  • Hello miss Fonda! I just rented the Butler on dvd to see your deleted scenes, very disapointing that they were not added….why? do you know?

    Glad to see you have many projects, love they lonh hair. Busy busy Jane…